Top Airplane Toys for Toddlers: Keep Them Entertained!

Keeping your kids preoccupied throughout your plane ride can help them against experiencing jetlag. It will also give them a good sleep once they got tired and after they are done playing with their toys.

Finding the perfect plane toys for toddlers will keep them entertained and busy while on the plane.

Airplane Toys


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Keep Your Toddler Entertained with Airplane Toys


What to Look Out for When Choosing a Travel Toy

Still thinking about what type of toys are you going to bring with you on the plane? Here is a quick guide on the features that you may consider before getting one.


Bring small toys that are easy to pack. They come in handy and don’t take up much space in your carry on.


Choose toys that are lightweight and easy to store. They are great for long-haul flights because they can easily fit in your carry on.


It is advisable to bring quiet toys while on the plane. Loud noises from the toys can potentially disturb passengers nearby from their sleep.

Mess Free

Opt for toys that cause minimal mess. This will save you stress and time from cleaning up. Furthermore, mess free toys are easy to manage, especially within confined plane seats.

Nil Batteries Required

Think about bringing toys that do not require batteries. This will allow kids to play and stay occupied for long periods of time without needing to worry about battery life.


The Best Travel Toys for 1 Year Olds

If you are flying with 1-year-olds, giving them a suitable toy can keep them busy and prevent tantrums while on the plane.

Suction Cup Spinner Toys

Airplane Toy Suction Cup Spinner Toys

Spinner toys can entertain your one-year-olds. They provide tactile feedback and fun experience when manipulated. These toys can also enhance the fine motor skills of small children.

These toys come in different colorful themes and designs that keep little ones intrigued.


Busy Board Activity Tray

Giving your kids their own activity tray can allow them to explore it on their own. It will keep them occupied instead of being bored while on the flight.

It is considered one of the top travel toys for toddlers during road trips and even plane rides. Perfect for your kids' inquisitive fingers.



Popping some stickers in your carry-on bags is also a good option for your toddlers. They can stick it on their seats, tables, and clothing.

Make sure that you are getting stickers that are not harmful to your baby’s skin and not too small to prevent it from becoming a choking hazard.


Pop Up Book

Airplane Toy Stickers with Pop Up

Having a pop up book can entertain your kids visually. You can also read it to them to make them sleep faster when they feel tired and relaxed. Place it in their tray table to lay it better.


Buckle Toy

Buckle toys are becoming more and more popular for kids. They help in developing cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving.

At a very young age, it is important to invest in various educational toys for toddlers that will develop their motor skills.


The Best Travel Toys For 2 Year Olds

Little girl doing jig saw puzzle on a plane

Are you flying soon with your kids? Be prepared and pack toys that will keep them engaged and entertained. It will also keep them well-behaved for the long-haul flights while kids occupied their seats.

You can pack their stuff in their own carry-on bags to keep everything organised. Try to look for toys that are within the allowable sizes as carry-on to avoid additional charges when flying.


Magnetic Play Set

Airplane Toy Magnetic Play Set

Play sets are also a good option for choosing which toys to bring on your flight with your little ones. Your little ones can play it for hours on the plane to provide extra entertainment.

Choose designs that your kids love that comes in different shapes with a carrying case.


Play Doh

Airplane Toy Playdoh

Do your kids love playing with their clays and play dohs? Packing some for your next family trip can keep them busy.

Play doh allow your kids to apply their creativity while squishing it in different shapes and sizes.

Whenever your kids need a little distraction, putting play doh in a small container or getting a new one can do its magic. You can also get a set that contains molds and fun tools like beach sets or cooking designs.



Airplane Toy iPad

Downloading their favorite songs and shows while flying can keep your kids busy and occupied.

Getting an Ipad with their own headphones will help them to focus on what they are watching/listening to. It will also prevent other passengers from being disturbed due to loud music from your toddler’s ipad.


Munchkin Catepillar Spillers Stacking and Straining Cup

Airplane Toy Munchkin Catepillar Spillers Stacking and Straining Cup

Kids love rearranging things and stacking them up again one by one. Getting a staking and straining cup that comes in various colors can be a good toy for your kids.

It can enhance their motor skills by playing with educational toys for toddlers. Also, this type of toy can help your little ones enhance their hand-eye coordination while enjoying their time playing with it.


Sensory Board

Airplane Toy Sensory Board

Bringing a board that can engage your kids' senses is also advisable when flying.

Instead of bringing heavy and big toys with you, pack a sensory board to keep them entertained while flying.


No Mess Colouring

Airplane Toy No Mess Colouring

Getting colouring books and crayons/pens that are not messy is also a good alternative for your kid's toys.

They can color images, shapes, and various illustrations such as colorful lights and farm animals. This toy is perfect while they are waiting for the plane to arrive at your destination.


Koosh Balls

Airplane Toy Koosh Balls

Include some koosh balls that come in various colors in your toddler’s carry-on bag. They can play with it while on the plane to fight boredom.

Moreover, this is a soft toy that is also called stringy balls. They are fun and exciting for your little ones including their older siblings. It is specifically created as an easy ball for small hands to grab and hang on to.


Pop It

Airplane Pop It Toy

Pop it toys are reusable and washable. You can also quickly clean them using damp wipes.

They are considered fidget toys made of silicone and have poppable bubbles. Utilizing these sensory toys is easy and enjoyable. This type of toy can help your kids relax and prevent stress while on the plane.

It is also a great gift for adults.


Threading Toys

Airplane Threading Toy

Developing motor skills is necessary for being able to draw, write, button up clothing, tie shoelaces, open lunch boxes, and other tasks. These are often developed by threading toys for toddlers and other educational activities or games.

Additionally, threading improves attention and eye-hand coordination which is good for concentration and letting your kids start to do simple tasks. As they name colors, children also develop their verbal abilities.


Keep Your Toddler Entertained with Airplane Toys

You may consider investing in perfect plane toy or an airplane toy that is both great for flying and playing in the comfort of your home.

In line with this, packing travel toys is recommended when flying with your kids to keep them entertained. You can place their toys on the airplane tray table and watch them go!

Toddlers, when they are busy playing, will prevent them from being fussy during the flight. Their comfort is your priority. Look for the best plane toys in the market today to enhance their imaginative play while onboard.

Flying with toddlers can be a daunting task but it can also be simple. For more tips, check out our article on Tips for Traveling on an Airplane with Kids

Safe travels!