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Welcome to our blog! This is where we share family travel inspirations and tips to get you traveling more with your litte ones! Through travel, kids will venture into life out of the ordinary and lead a lifestyle that is truly extraordinary.

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11 Awesome Travel Hacks All Parents Need to Know

Imagine being on the plane with lots and lots of kids! ahhh the symphony of..ermm let's just say noise. It's something only parents can understand. Going on an adventure with your kids takes a lot of planning and preparation to ensure all goes to plan. How wonderful it would be if kids could only sit still for an hour, maybe two, or how about until you land. Yes, we are all dreaming as it is almost never the case. Children tend to get bored easily and who can blame them. Being cooped up in a plane for endless hours is no fun and kids will need constant interactions and travel games to keep them entertained.

Traveling with kids means a series of comfort room emergencies in dire need of travel hacks to help make traveling with kids stress-free. 🙂

To tone down your trip's stress factors, awesome travel hacks and tips for traveling with kids are just what you need. Be it a road trip or a getaway to get some sunkissed skin. So, for parents who dare to wander the world with their little ones, here are 11 awesome travel hacks to help save you the worries and hassles of family travels.


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Pack Antibacterial Wipes

Antibacterial wipes are essential when traveling with kids. Spilled milk, pasta sauces all over their faces, and touching everything in sight are just what kids do as, as kids' minds are boundless pits of curiosity and imagination. A pack of antibacterial wipes in your diaper backpack will come in handy in keeping your kid's hands and face clean, the table free of food. It's not only for the kids but yours too!


Boarding Last

Contrary to families with little kids boarding first, another travel hack that will make or possibly shorten the "bum on seat time" is to wait for everyone to get on the plane and board last. First to board vs last to board can sometimes mean a difference of 30 minutes or more. That's a lot of seconds for a 3-year-old.


Why not take that extra time to tire your little one before the flight. While others are falling in line to board, let your kids stroll around the gate and play. In saying this, if you do have lots of carry on luggage and need the overhead space, it's advisable to board slightly earlier to ensure there is space for your carry on.


There's often a long walk from the check-in counter to the gate. Hence, bringing a travel stroller is a great idea. When you gate check your stroller, you will be able to use your stroller all the way to the gate before you hand the stroller over to the airline staff to place your stroller in the hold. However, do note that depending on which airport you land in, instead of retrieving your stroller at the jetbridge, there's a possibility that you may need to pick up your stroller at baggage claim.


Hence, if you bring along a compact stroller that fits in the overhead bin, you will be able to wheel your child straight to their seat and at the same time have you travel stroller with you at all times.

Carry On luggage stroller best compact stroller for airplane


Snack Options

If your kids are anything like ours, they can be picky eaters. They tend to eat only what they feel like eating or whatever tastes familiar. Food on the plane can be a major no-no for a kid's sensitive little stomach. Thus, packing your little one's favorite snacks can be a major life-saver on the plane.


If you are on a long haul flight, one way to keep your little one preoccupied is to have a variety of snack options that they can munch on while enjoying the view thousands of feet above the ground. So, pack a variety of kiddie snacks with sweet, salty, and healthy options. Having a few choices for your kids on the plane will help pass time while on the plane.


Tip: Snacks are good, but snack necklaces are even better! This travel idea is a great way to entertain kids while feeding them. Find a variety of snacks with holes and thread them through a string. Your little one will be able to snack on them when hungry. It's a nice little activity for your child to do and often can keep them occupied for some time.


Bring Quiet 'Toys'

Gadgets are the go-to entertainment fix for kids these days and are hard to steer away from us as we are surrounded by them. If your kids are slightly older, why not put them to good use and go with the flow. Load the ipad with educational movies, series, and games for kids, and you're good to go. You will rarely hear your children complain about feeling bored as long as they are visually satisfied. Just remember to do everything in moderation.


On top of that, pair it with good headphones and your journey will be an enjoyable one. Additionally, pack toys that your kids won't mind losing during your trip. Simple pieces that will delight them for quite a while will buy you some time to relax on the plane or on the train on.


Check Family Security Checkpoints

Traveling with kids can be challenging and what more if you have to push a stroller through a busy airport? Or bring breast milk along with you? A sure recipe for a meltdown for both you and your restless impatient little ones.


You can request for TSA Cares assistance to get you through security with ease. Just fill in a form online 72 hours before you travel and a TSA agent will be able to assist you at security.


Hotel rooms

A cranky baby or toddler is the last thing you want while on holiday. Rest is vital and giving your child ample rest will in turn give you convenience when traveling. So, when you get to your hotel room, service apartment or Airbnb, create a separate sleeping space for your child. Keep your room dark and cover those areas where the light gets in.


Clips are easy to pack, light and handy but if you forget the clips, a clothes hanger from your hotel closet might just do the trick. Use the hanger to clip two curtains together to reduce light from entering the room. This way both you and your baby will can have a good rest.


Pack extra supplies

Pack extra essentials for emergencies. When flights get delayed or when your bags get lost somewhere in the airport, having emergency baby supplies on hand is a godsend. While parents can handle a little bump on the road, looking for diapers or onesies in the airport can be a challenge. As parents, it is always best to be prepared for whatever comes your way when traveling.


So, have an extra set of clothes and a few extra diapers with you at all times. It does not take up too much space and can save you endless headaches. Just to reiterate, a onesie, a couple of diapers, and an extra pack of baby wipes will do the trick.

Mom packing extra supplies into the TernX travel stroller 

Headphones and Splitter

Kid-friendly headphones along with a splitter will cater to everybody's entertainment fix and keep everyone happy on the plane (including your neighbors). Earbuds offered inflight don't always stay in place in your 6 year-old's tiny ears.


A splitter, on the other hand, will let everyone have their share of audio. Keeping your kids entertained can buy you some time to nap and rest.


Blocked Ears

Prevent blocked and uncomfortable ears. With changes in air pressure, ears can get blocked during a flight. Knowing how to minimize blocked ears is a skill every parent should know, especially if you fly a lot with your little ones and there are several ways to relieve them naturally.


One way is to ask your little ones to swallow. To make it easier and effective for kids, encourage them to yawn or sip water. For younger babies, having a pacifier to suck on does the trick.


Prevention is better than cure, of course. So before you take a flight, prepare your child to prevent him/her from experiencing ear pain when the cabin pressure starts to change. A favorite one for the kids is chewing candy and this also does the trick to keep them from getting blocked ears.


Painters Tape

Yes, you read right! Painters tape is a babyproofing hack to ensure your toddler's safety🙂. When on vacation or staying overnight somewhere with toddlers, it's important to make sure the place is relatively toddler-proof.


Painter's tape is ideal for keeping toys together and taking them apart (easily). Also, it can be used to tape open electrical sockets and baby-proof furniture corners that your baby can possibly bump into while walking or playing. On top of that, painters' tapes are colored making it easy to spot and are easily stripped off without leaving any trace on the hotel's furniture.


Anywhere Nap Time

Travel hack to get your little boy to take a nap at the airport

Naptime shouldn't be discarded when traveling. Rather, let your little ones grab a good snooze whenever possible. Soft duffel bags can be great as an alternative on-the-go pillow. Otherwise, a travel stroller can provide space for your child to nap whenever they are tired.


Try These Travel Hacks on Your Next Family Travel

At TernX, we are an advocate for promoting family adventures. We understand that traveling as a family can be a lot of work, but that doesn't mean it's not worth the try.

Traveling will give your kids a different perspective and will open their minds to endless possibilities. It is one of the best ways to teach your kids to see things from different viewpoints while you learn more travel hacks useful for your next family adventure!


This wraps up our article on 11 Awesome Travel Hacks All Parents Need to Know and we hope you have found it helpful. Till next time..


Stay well, be well and stay social.








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TernX Carry On - Disney Approved Stroller Size

Planning a trip to Disney parks with your family? Trips to Disney are often early mornings and late nights, crowded spaces and tired kids. What you want to do is plan your day and bring essentials that will help you roam around the theme park comfortably.

To bring or not to bring? There are really two options regarding bringing strollers to Disney. You can either bring your own or rent a stroller. There are stroller rentals inside Disneyland or Disney World and they offer single strollers and double strollers depending on your personal needs. If you already have too much baggage from flying or traveling, it may be easier for you to rent one.

Otherwise, you can bring a lightweight baby stroller, jogging stroller, and even a tandem stroller as long as the sizes are within the specifications provided by Disney World. It really depends on how many kids you are bringing with you and how old they are.

The ideal stroller for Disney is different for everyone and strollers come in a wide range of sizes and designs. Making things simpler and more pleasant for everyone is important because you'll be spending a lot of time at Disney with your kids! So take the time to think through your scenario.

Consider the following: a rain cover for unexpected weather changes, a stroller that offers a storage basket for snacks and diapers and a stroller fan for keeping your little one cool.

In this article, we will go through stroller rules at Disney and the allowable dimensions of strollers in Walt Disney World or other Disney theme parks.


Table of Contents

TernX carry on stroller

TernX Carry On Considered The Best Stroller for Disney

The TernX Carry On is a great option for you if you are planning to bring your own stroller to Disney World. It is compact and complies with Disney stroller rules. It also offers an adjustable seat height and reclining seat for your toddler. It has a multi position recline, an upright position for when your child wants to engage with their surrounding, and a reclined position for resting. In such a crowded environment, having a small single stroller as well as a lightweight stroller will allow you to navigate past people a lot easier.

In fact, you can also use it as your everyday stroller because of the quality of the product. The frame is made of aerospace aluminum and the luggage is made of German polycarbonate. In addition to that, it is a suitcase stroller that has a dedicated space for storing your belongings.

Bring along a lock and you will be able to secure your personal items and belongings safely. You no longer have to worry about losing your belongings. Because of that feature itself, it is the best stroller for Disney. A travel stroller that offers maneuverability and has the ability to keep your belongings secure.

If you decide you don't need the stroller at the park, its compact fold allows you to store away in one of the large lockers provided at Disney.


What are Disneyland Stroller Rules?

The first thing to note is the allowable dimensions for strollers at Disney World. Strollers that exceed 31" (79 cm) x 52" (132 cm) are not allowed in the park. Please note that stroller wagons are not allowed too.

Prior to entering any shops, check for signs that indicate whether they allow strollers inside or not. If you are using the escalator, be mindful that strollers are not allowed on escalators.

If you have your stroller with you on your trip to Disney World, you can use it on elevators and ramps which you can find in certain locations. Whenever you ride the parking lot tram, your kid must be removed from his or her stroller.

There are many incidents wherein guests lost their mobile phones, wallets, and other personal belongings inside the theme parks. Remember not to leave personal belongings in an unattended stroller.

You will also notice that your stroller will get moved at the theme parks. Cast Members have the right to move it to another space due to operational needs. They can do it based on the policy of Disney World and to ensure pathways are not clogged up with strollers.

You may use rented strollers at different Disney parks. However, rented strollers can't be removed from the parks. If you plan to visit two parks in a day, simply present your rental receipt at the next park to get your replacement stroller.

For any other queries, feel free to contact Disney World beforehand.


rent a disney approved stroller

Do I Need a Stroller for Disney?

Yes, having a stroller when roaming around Disney World will give your child a comfortable space to relax. Disney parks are big and require lots of walking and waiting around in queues. The last thing you want is to be carrying a tired child.

It will generally be a long day so whenever your child is tired, having the ability for your child to nap during the day will be helpful. At the end of the day, the ideal situation is to have a stroller that your child is familiar with.

If you have more than two kids or older kids, you may opt for a sit-and-stand stroller or a double stroller. This will offer sufficient space for both kids.

Saying that, if you don't have enough baggage space to bring a stroller during your travels, renting a stroller is always an option.


Can You Bring Your Own Stroller to Disney World?

Yes, you can bring your child's stroller as long as it complies with Disney stroller dimensions. Bringing a lightweight stroller or a compact stroller can save you around $15 a day of rental fee if you do not have your own.

Also, bringing a travel stroller to Disney will be helpful as it takes up minimal space and keeps your child comfortable at the park. Your Disney trip will be more exciting when your kids are happy, fed and comfortable.

As long as you have space to bring your stroller, it is highly recommended. Just bear in mind that strollers for rent at the park are made of plastic and are rigid, so not an ideal space for naps.


How to Choose The Best Stroller for Disney World

Choosing the best stroller for Disney World may vary depending on the circumstances of a person. If you are bringing more than two kids, you may look for the best double strollers in the market today.

As a general rule of thumb, since Disney World is generally packed with people, you want a stroller that has a compact fold, offers a smooth ride and provides storage. Then, think about the age of your child. If they are under 3 or require a nap throughout the day, having a stroller with reclining seat will be helpful.

You can also rent strollers at the park if you do not want to carry your own stroller while traveling. If you rather more options for rental, there are local rental companies that will deliver the stroller to your accommodation and you will have more stroller options to choose from.


wagons are not allowed in disneyland

 Are Wagons Allowed in Disney?

Traditional pull wagons are not allowed in the park under the new rules. The prohibition regarding wagons is due to the safety and security of all the guests inside Disney parks.

It takes up more space compared to a traditional stroller. There's also a risk of people tripping over the wagon.


Can I Take My Double Stroller to Disney?

Yes, you can bring your double stroller as long as it falls within the Disney allowable dimensions. Just to reiterate, your stroller cannot be larger than 31" (79 cm) x 52" (132 cm).

There are many double strollers that fit within these dimensions. The best double stroller for Disney include Baby Jogger City Mini Double, Mountain Buggy Duet, Joovy Caboose Stand on Tandem just to name a few.


Tips For Using a Stroller at Disney

A comfortable and stress-free vacation is the goal of most parents who are going on a trip with their children. Before going to Disney World, here are some tips to help you enjoy your trip with your kids.

Renting strollers can be an alternative for you in case you do not want to bring your own stroller or if it does not fit with the allowable dimensions.


Know your stroller’s size 

Not all strollers are allowed to be brought and used inside the theme parks. It is recommended to check your stroller dimensions and the size allowable by Disney parks. Strollers can only have a maximum width and length of 31 inches (79 cm) and 52 inches (132 cm), respectively.

Most strollers, even double jogging strollers, are within the sizes allowable inside the theme park.


Leave your wagon at home 

It is recommended that you leave your child's stroller wagon at home because wagons are not allowed in Walt Disney World. No more stroller wagons for your Disney vacation but you can still opt for a rental stroller on your vacation.

Getting a double stroller for Disney is also an alternative if you have more kids because it has the dimensions allowable inside the theme park. You can also consider a sit to stand stroller as this type of stroller offers a rear seat and can fit up to two kids.

There is a stroller rental in all Disney parks where you can choose from single strollers or a double stroller instead of bringing your wagon with you.


Rent a stroller at Disney World 

There is a single stroller option which is recommended for kids that weigh 50lbs/23kg or less. If you are visiting the theme park for only one day you will pay $15 for a stroller.

For a double stroller daily fee, it will cost you $31. This will offer you more space and can fit two kids as long as they are within the allowable weight limit of 100lbs/46kg.

However, if you are planning to spend multiple days at Disney, a single disney stroller rental fee goes down to $13 a day. Double strollers for Disney parks will cost up to $27 for a multi-day rental.

For any strollers rented at Disney Springs, there will be a $100 credit card deposit due to their policy. Whether you bring your own stroller or rent a stroller, it is a great idea to have one with you to keep your child safe while enjoying your vacation.

Just remember to remove your child from your stroller whenever riding Disney transportation.


Gear up for the weather 

Check the weather before you go to Walt Disney World or any Disney theme park. If there are signs of rain, do not forget to bring a rain cover for your child's stroller to keep them dry while enjoying their time inside the park.

Getting a stroller with an oversized canopy can be helpful on hot days. Bring along a stroller fan to help keep your child cool.


Take care of your belongings 

Always look after your belongings whenever going to crowded areas and spaces. Most Disney strollers have storage basket to keep your stuff inside.

The best stroller for Disney would be a lightweight stroller that offers a large storage basket where you can secure your belongings and diaper bag safely.

You can also use a compact stroller or a lightweight umbrella stroller and hang your diaper bag on the handles.


Don’t panic if you can’t find your stroller 

Keep calm and do not panic when you can't find your stroller. There are staff members inside Disney parks that can help you locate it.

You have to describe your stroller to cast members to help you in case you lost it. It will be helpful to tie a colorful scarf on your stroller so it can be easily identifiable.

You may consider using a bluetooth tracker as a back up to keep an eye of your stroller.


Get a Stroller Fan 

For cooling purposes, getting a fan that you can attach to single and double strollers can ease the heat during summer if you are going on a trip to Disney World.

Getting comfortable is also a priority when going out with your kids especially if you are going to crowded areas.


Carry On Luggage Stroller


TernX Carry On The Best Stroller for Disney

In summary, whenever planning a trip to Disney, there are a few things to take into consideration. Most parents will have tonnes of baggage already, so bringing a suitcase stroller with a compact fold will make your life easier.

With the TernX Carry On, you will be able to store your belongings safely as well as maneuver your child easily through busy crowds. It would be one of the best strollers for Disney. Click here to read about how to fly with a stroller.

Saying that, many may be limited by the amount of baggage. So, renting single strollers or double strollers is another option, and all Disney parks have a rental kiosk.

Rest assured there are many Disney approved strollers in the market today. It all depends on how you travel. Have an enjoyable trip!




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