TernX Carry On Luggage Stroller Showcased on Europe ByDesign TV

As the spotlight illuminates on innovative designs, the TernX Carry On Luggage Stroller stands out as a prominent feature in Europe ByDesign, the home to a global collection of television shows that explore design, dedicated to celebrating cutting-edge creations from across the continent. ByDesign TV airs between the #1 syndicated program (Family Feud) and the #1 Newscast/Programs in Prime Time on CBS.

"Innovation drives our passion at TernX, and being featured on Europe ByDesign is an incredible honor for us," says Tack & Hoe Ping, founders of TernX. "This recognition reinforces our commitment to redefining family travel and pushing the boundaries of innovation."

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In this exclusive show, dedicated to highlighting visionary concepts, the TernX Carry On has been handpicked from an array of exceptional innovations and shines as one of only two spotlighted design innovations in the entire season.

"We're thrilled that our revolutionary design will be showcased to the world, highlighting its unparalleled innovation in modern family travel gear" added Tack & Hoe Ping.

Imagine seamlessly combining the functionalities of a stroller and a suitcase, revolutionizing the way parents navigate their journeys. Crafted with precision engineering and durable materials, the TernX Carry On luggage stroller is a beacon of versatility, accommodating children up to 48.5 lbs (22kg) while evolving effortlessly alongside your growing family with it's extendable backseat height from 15" (38cm) to 19.7" (50cm). 

But that's not all. Its thoughtfully designed compartments and storage pockets ensure that every essential item remains within easy reach during your travels, ensuring a stress-free and seamless experience for you and your loved ones.

The TernX Carry On's presence on Europe ByDesign is another testament to its commitment to pushing the boundaries of travel gear innovation. As it takes an international stage, this recognition further cements its standing as an industry trailblazer, poised to revolutionize and transform the way families travel worldwide.





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