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A family vacation is enjoyable. It enables you to visit family and your loved ones to be able to spend some quality time with each other.

To keep your children safe and out of stress and danger, it's necessary to prepare ahead of time and teach them certain safety principles.

Know your packing essentials including the needs of your kids to add to your carry-on bag. Here are some of the things that you must bring for your next trip:


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Plan Ahead When Traveling with Kids


Carry On Packing List for Mom and Dad

Travel Documents

Essential travel documents

Keeping all your identification and travel documents with you is essential.

There will be a security check before take-off for safety purposes and it is also regarded as a protocol for all airlines.

Prepare your passports and identification cards such as your driver's license. Include photocopies of these which should be placed in a separate bag in case your ID is lost or stolen. You will need your passport when traveling internationally and a driver's licence for domestic travel.

Also, have your trip itinerary & printouts of e-tickets/reservation confirmations with you. A consent letter from the non-traveling parent if traveling solo may also be requested from you. It is better to be prepared to have a smooth flight.

Safety is considered a priority when traveling with your entire family. Put all your health & travel insurance documents in your carry-on bag. Some countries and airlines require vaccination documents hence you can include them in your packing list.


Money and Bank Cards

Moreover, bringing cash, credit cards, debit, and ATM cards should be included in your carry-on bag. You have to make sure that these cards work when you’re visiting other countries.

Inform your bank beforehand to prevent experiencing invalid transactions when you purchase items in your travel destinations.


Electronic Essentials

Essential electronics for travel

Having your camera, phone, laptop, and other gadgets with you to capture your moments with your family must also be included in your own carry-on.

You can also bring portable wifi with you to get connected to the internet everywhere you go.

You have to ring the phone company to inform them about your trip and request to make your phone on roaming. Otherwise, you will not be able to use some features in your phone such as calls and texts using your existing number. You will have to purchase a local sim card at your destination to be able to use these features.


Medical Kit

Prepare a medical kit with you whenever you will go on a trip. It is better to have everything that you need especially if they are prescription medicines that you and your kids need.

Having some over-the-counter medication including pain relief tablets, fever relievers, antihistamines, and oral rehydration liquid or sachets can be a great help. You can also include nasal aspirators for babies.

When it comes to having a strong immune system while traveling, bring vitamins in your travel bag to boost your immunity and have an extra barrier of defense against sickness and infection.

Travel medical first aid kit

Moreover, when traveling with your kids, you will expect that there will be a lot of running around and going from one place to another. Minor accidents may happen along the way.

Pack some band-aids with you, cotton swabs, topical antibiotic ointment, and alcohol wipes in case your or your child will be wounded. Clean it properly and as soon as possible to prevent any infection.

On the other hand, you may also include feminine hygiene products for you to have good hygiene while you travel around.


Carry On Packing List for Breast Pumping Mom/Formula

Breast pump bag

Breast pump bags or nursing pads are considered essentials when you are a breastfeeding mom. Do not forget the following items to be included in your packing list:

  • Formula or powdered milk- if you are no longer breastfeeding or your child prefers having this.
  • Bottles- to store water and milk to use on the plane and in your travel destination.
  • Pump accessories- if you are a breastfeeding mom, pumping accessories must be included in your bag. Have some freezer packs with you to keep your milk fresh and prevent it from being spoiled.
  • Nursing cover- in case your baby wants to nurse directly, bringing a nursing cover is also recommended.
  • Bottlebrush cleaner- keeping water bottle and milk bottles clean is essential to keep your baby healthy.

On the other hand, pens and batteries are some items that you may also add to your carry-on in case you will be needing them for your flight in filling out your forms or changing the batteries of your kid's toys. The TernX Carry Pack diaper bag is one awesome choice when choosing a breast pump bag.


Carry On Packing List for Younger Kids (Under 2)

Traveling with children may be quite difficult. You can find your way to a wonderful holiday by learning what are the things that must be included in your bags.

To protect your children's security and safety, being prepared is essential. If you visit certain tourist attractions or go to another country, traveling with a 2-year-old or with younger children can be very hectic and demanding.

But everything can go smoothly as long as you know the stuff that your child needs to be comfortable throughout your trip.


Don't Forget to Bring Snacks

Bringing additional food will help keep your kids satisfied during your travel. They won't be upset and weeping during the long flight if ever they feel hungry.

Snacks for the plane

Snacks that you may carry on your flight include pieces of fruit, bread, and chips. Always prioritise bringing healthy food for your kids.

Along with their milk, your child's luggage should also have a sippy cup that can help them drink properly and other eating utensils.

Additionally, do not forget to bring their bibs, muslin cloth, and one set of extra clothes in case you will encounter unpleasant situations on the plane such as dropping their food on their clothes.

Here are some more tips on the things that must be included in their bags:

  • Baby food/Baby cereal
  • Eating utensils
  • Snacks
  • Sippy cups
  • Pacifiers


Keep Everything Clean

For hygienic purposes, bring extra diapers, wipes, diaper creams, and sanitizing wipes are also advised for changing your kids.

The majority of the things that you can see and use inside the plane is categorized as high-touch area. Your seat belt and tray tables are some examples of this.

To clean these areas, use sanitizers, alcohol, and antibacterial wet wipes. Additionally, it will save you and your children from becoming sick and spreading infections.

By taking this precaution, you may protect yourself and your children from feeling under the weather if you contact with certain surfaces without first sanitizing them.


Comfortable Plane Ride

mom and child looking out plane window

When you travel with your family, your full focus is always on their comfort and safety. Having a small blanket that your child usually uses at home can help them sleep faster.

You can also ask a flight attendant to provide blankets to feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Becoming jet-lagged and irritable may be avoided if you pack your child's essentials beforehand. Remember to be always prepared in case something happens.


Bringing Strollers and Car Seats

When traveling with children, most airlines let travelers bring strollers, infant carriers, and car seats as carry-on luggage.

Suitcase stroller that fits in overhead compartment

If you are traveling with one to five kids or more, it will be difficult for parents to carry their child through the airport without utilizing these items.

Although a stroller is regarded as a personal item for flying with kids, it is still recommended to inform the flight crew that you intend to carry a stroller. Every airline has its own policies, some have weight restrictions for carry-on bags, and some don't.

Additionally, when going somewhere, strollers are also necessary for older kids and little children to keep them comfortable and prevent walking fatigue.

Thus, it is advised that you carry these essentials with you and use them also when you get to your travel destination. It will be a huge help for the whole family.


Carry On Packing List for Older Kids (3-8 Years)

Playtime on your plane ride

Bringing some board books and toys for your kids might make long flights easier for them to handle. It is also seen as essential if you are traveling with your children since they scream a lot when they are not engaged or playing with their favorite stuffed animal.

Airplane Toy No Mess Colouring

Stickers with colorful designs and colored pencils for coloring activities are some of the airplane activities that you can have with your kids. It is a fun way to keep them distracted.

It is a great idea to keep your kids busy and preoccupied to prevent tantrums, fatigue, and stress. You can also include their travel pillow and own blanket if you are having an overnight flight.

Furthermore, if you have iPad and headphones at home, you may have them in your carry-on bag for some screen time. Download videos that your kids will love and enjoy.

Pack your air pods with you for your own personal use. Other items also include the following:

  • empty water or plastic bottles
  • one set of extra clothes
  • extra plastic bags

Having your kids pack and have their own bags can help you organise stuff better.


Extra food on your packing list

Young kids occasionally become hungry, so bringing extra food might help you save money instead of purchasing extra meals on the plane. Have some lollies to spoil your kids with their sweet tooth once in a while and partner them with some healthy snacks in your bags.

You can add gummies in your ziplock bag to help them equalise ear pressure which can be irritating and painful for your kids. Bring extra tissues to keep everything neat and wipe any food stains.

Extra food on your packing list


Plan Ahead When Traveling with Kids

Preparing all your travel essentials for long-haul flights is a must. Especially if you are traveling with kids, your in-flight entertainment is also important.

Pack your kids carry-on luggage beforehand to make sure that you did not leave anything behind. You can place it in your overhead bin for easy access in case you need something from it.

Always make sure that you wipe your seat belts and tray table during your air travel to ensure that everything is sanitized and clean.

Moreover, kids love playing games anytime and anywhere. Bring some small toys with them such as play doh and coloring books. You can place these items in your kids' backpacks.

Bring all the things that you need if you have enough checked luggage and space to have a smooth flight and great trip.





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