7 Great Travel Books for Kids

If you want to introduce your kids to the world, indulge your young ones in the wonders of travel books for kids. Let their young minds wander and color their imaginations with the best travel books there are. Stimulate their brain with the vivid images and illustrations of travel books that will spark their creative-thinking skills.

Travel books for kids will open your children's eyes to the geographical and social diversity of every corner of the world. Take them on a mental journey and let them grow with positive and open mindsets. Teach your kids about the beautiful places of world and cities such as New York City and where the famous landmarks of London are located. Let them flip through the pages of beautiful book illustrations and learn new words as they go.

Kids reading the best travel books

Books will enhance your kids reading comprehension while entertaining them with beautifully curated pictures. Let them generate new dreams and ambitions, spark their curiosity and activate their desire to travel and see a new world. Traveling is the best teacher, as cliche, as it may sound, it is one thing that money can buy but delivers priceless memories, learning, and experiences. So, start them young, feed your kids with travel books that will interest them to go, see, and understand the world first-hand.


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Reading is a ticket to everywhere


New York is my playground

New york is my playground

Present the city that never sleeps to your kids in the most colorful way possible. New York City Is My Playground is a perfect book for young kids to explore. The bold copy of this book will astonish your kids with pictures of young girls in their pretty dresses strolling around Times Square or playing in Central Park along with other kids. Your children will learn about the wonderful architecture of the iconic Empire State Building and see the underground facade of the New York City subways.

This New York City travel book will take your kids on a visual trip through the urban jungle living of the city. The lively photographs of Jane Goodrich in this travel book depict how growing up in the Big Apple feels like. It shows how kids in this city adapt to the rampant changes and fast-paced lifestyle of its residents. Your kids will also learn about the multi-cultural diversity of this world-renowned metropolis. New York City Is My Playground reflects the genuine state of its subjects through candid and fun photographs.


Lonely Planet: The big world of fun facts

The big world of fun facts

Lonely Planet Kids produces book series for kids who dream of traveling. The Big World of Fun Facts will educate your kids with knowledge outside the realm of their classrooms. They will learn about places that hold cockroach competitions, cities with taxi cabs shaped like coconut, and all the other deviance around the world that will open their minds to new possibilities.

The Big World of Fun Facts is one of the best travel books for kids filled with folklores, adventures, culture, and unique cuisines. Let this book boggle your kid's mind learning about the nations of the world, the importance and the beauty of nature, the diversity of people and culture, religion and faith, and arts and entertainment.

Moreover, your young ones will have a blast reading about how transportation and communication made life easier. This book is packed with interesting anecdotes and images of animals, people, and places. If you want entertainment without a Wi-Fi connection, let your kids explore the vast landscape of the world through this educational, fun, and one of the best travel books for kids.


National Geographic little kids first big book of the world

National Geographic little kids first big book of the world

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of the World is another one of the most appealing books for young kids. This book series will widen your kids' knowledge about different languages, weather, animals, people, and other facts about this vast planet. It will also spark inspiration for your kids to do more outdoor activities than just flipping through the intangible pages of YouTube Kids.

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of the World is a great option for family reading time. Your kids will indulge in the beautiful illustrations and photos in this children's book. Also, they will get to learn about history, culture, and traveling; all in one book. This book will encourage your children to mentally travel the enormous landscape of this planet. They will get to feed their imaginations with famous landmarks, heart-warming stories, and awe-inspiring photographs.

Moreover, this book will answer kids' curious questions such as how cars operate, how cheeses are made, how hairdryer works, where do birds come from, and why do bagels should have holes in the middle. This book will answer over fifty common questions your kids ask or will possibly ask. Your little ones will also venture into hands-on games, crafting, and learning the basics of cooking. This book delivers an excellent, fun, and interactive reading experience.


Disney it's a small world: Hello world!

Disney it's a small world

This book depicts the fantastical and unique characters of people from different parts of the world. It educates kids facts about social and cultural stereotypes using fun but simplistic images. It will also teach your kids greetings in ten different languages. Your little ones will also learn spelling and phonetic pronunciations. A book that will both entertain and educate while providing facts that broaden your kid's vocabulary and know-how.

Moreover, the hard-bound modern artwork on some of the pages is beautifully rendered in bright vivid colors. The eye-catching pictures are inspired by the famed Disney theme park "It's a Small World". kids from ages three to eight years old will not put this book down up to the last page. It is a children's book worth every flip of the page, every glance at the pictures, and family-time binge-reading.

After reading this book, your kids will know or get familiarised with other countries' cultures and people. Also, they will indulge in deciphering why every fraction of the planet has its own languages and dialects. It is a book that will drive your children to want to travel and see in the wildlife of Africa, the beautiful shores of Europe, and beyond. 

It's a Small World Hello, World is a perfect travel book that brings idiosyncrasies of the world into your kid's little hands. It is one of the best travel books that are both educational and entertaining. It will bring a new dimension to your children's know-how about the world while keeping them entertained with a series of images of their favorite animals, places, and things.


Lately Lily: The adventures of a traveling girl

Late Lily the adventures of a traveling girl

If you want your kids' minds to wander everywhere and anywhere, let them tag along with Lily. Because who knows where Lily has been lately right? Pretty much everywhere! This girl Lily loves to travel; a fictional character your kid would want to play with.

This book flaunts Lily's boundless curiosity that will trigger your little ones' drive to explore the little corners of your house. Your kids will love to hang out with Lily and ride planes, trains, boats, and camels. They will venture into a world where there are no limits. Your kids will travel the world and uncover the delightful charms of other cities. They will see places in full color through the curious and wandering eyes of Lily.

Additionally, it will spark a sense of independence in your young ones. Lily will inspire them to become well-rounded individuals with the courage to do impossible things. This book will keep your kids in a state of bliss as they flip through its colorful pages. It will also engage them in the simple problem-solving activities in this book. It will teach them things to do when something fortuitous happens during travel with their family.

The story starts with Lily's home away from home; her favorite yellow suitcase. Along with her is Zeborah. A stuffed zebra that goes with her wherever she goes. As Lily and Zeborah explore the world, they keep notes of their experiences in her journal.

Lily has been to America, China, England, and France with her mom and dad. She is a great travel buddy because she even finds the mundane fascinating. She's got limitless energy and drive to learn and experience new things. Her enthusiasm to see things from a different perspective project an encouraging fact that she can be a role modern for kids in this modern era. She is never bored and she knows how to entertain herself alone. She will motivate your kids to pick up a pencil and paper to draw or write.

Lily will open your kid's minds in the world outside technology. She will introduce your kids to the beauty of writing letters and communicating with friends. In this world where emails, instant messaging, and chats are the norm, Lily will inspire your young ones to venture into this lost art.

Moreover, this book has activities that will give your kids excitement in solving problems while being entertained with bright and colorful drawings, pictures, and illustrations. It will improve your kids' problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. It will also indulge them with the beautiful creations of nature.


Walk this wild world

Walk this wild world

The best way to educate your kids about the wild world is through books. Walk This Wild World is a picture book packed with animals in their natural habitat. Your kids will delve into the diverse natural habitats all over the planet. They will see the cunning sights of broad landscapes and seascapes minus the shadows of human figures. Only the flora, fauna, and its fellow inhabitants are rendered in this children's travel book.

Children will love to see the shifting desert sands of Australia, the shimmering heat, the hidden dunes, and the nocturnal creatures hiding in the tiny corners come to life through the art of this children's travel book. Additionally, the book has some rectangular flaps that kids would enjoy revealing what's drawn or written behind it. Children will get to appreciate beautifully painted pictures of dragon fishes swimming around the mossy ponds or deep pools. They will uncover the secrets of ibis in finding food while gaining skills in reading and marking maps. Your kids will earn a sense of location and geographical essence after reading this travel book. There are countless animals; big, small, gigantic, or minuscule presented in this book. If your kids are animal lovers, they would love to spot their favorites on every picture.

The visual aesthetic of this book, on the other hand, is another factor why children would love it. The unsystematic placement and forms of text will keep your children engaged and entertained for hours, repeatedly.

Walk This Wild World is a book that best represents the wondrous nature of wild animals without the disturbance of human presence. It unravels the true nature of the wild and how the ecosystem works. It exhibits the astonishing snow-like palettes of polar bears in the Arctic, the whimsical features of elephants in Serengeti, the grin of bobcats in Sonoran, or the human-like behaviors of gorillas in Congo.

This picture book will enhance your kid's imagination while helping them learn the extravagant lives of wild animals. They will know the value of a balanced ecosystem and nature. Kids who love animals will have a blast exploring, reading, and staring at the pictures and fun texts on every page. The pictures are filled with luscious colors, life-like illustrations, profound descriptions, fun activities, and one-of-a-kind travel destinations for the curious little ones.

Walk This Wild World will spark the inner adventurer in your kids. They will vamp into the world incognito to their own. Your young ones will start to see the world as a home for these wild animals. This book will bring your kids around the world right at the comforts of your home.


Molly and the magic suitcase

Molly and the magic suitcase

Molly and the Magic Suitcase is a book series inspired by food, family travels, and friendship. It is about two siblings, Molly and her brother Micheal who exudes mad curiosity about the boundless bewilderment of this planet. Molly and Micheal would venture to places far far away with the help of their magical suitcase. Along the way, the siblings will meet new friends, learn a new language, witness the diverse culture, and eat unfamiliar food.

The first series of the book is composed of kids travel adventures in Rome. Molly and Micheal gallivant around this historical and cunning city with their local friend Marco. Before Molly went to Rome, she had this question in her mind that only Romans can answer, or, for that matter, Italians. Molly's million-dollar question is "How do Italians eat spaghetti?". This question arose while she and her family were eating spaghetti. It made her wonder where it came from, who invented it, and how to properly eat it. So, Molly and Micheal decided to go on an adventure. Hence, they went and met Marco, and Molly's curious question was answered and got to witness Italians eating spaghetti in the flesh.

If you're curious how the magic suitcase work, it's simple. The magical suitcase was gifted by their grandparents. They told them to hold on to the suitcase and say the name of the place they want to go to. And, POOF! The suitcase is a teleportation device that brings them anywhere and anytime they want.

This book is ideal for kids around the world who have an endless desire to learn and discover new things. It will teach your kids a little bit of language, culture, and the importance of friendship. Also, it will spark your kids' imagination and trigger their inner consciousness about the diversity of life beyond their own.

Molly and the Magic Suitcase is a fun interesting story for kids ages three to four years old. It will help develop their interest in things not taught in school. They would have a blast just by looking at the beautifully illustrated pictures of mouth-watering foods, unique and iconic places, and kids embarking on an adventure of a lifetime. This book is surely worth adding to your kid's travel book collections.


Reading is a ticket to everywhere

Books are a fun and entertaining way to educate your kids about life outside your home or their schools. Books will not only broaden your kid's vocabulary but will also help soar their imagination and spark their creativity.

While traveling is not yet on your to-do list, why not indulge your kids in travel books that will help them understand other cultures. Let them journey to Rome, France, China, New York City, London, and other famous destination through their mind; their wandering imagination, their nomad perspective.

Let your kids experience life without technology and shape them like the nineties kids. An era where parents are having a hard time getting their kids to stop playing outside in contrast to now, where parents are pushing the kids to put down their iPad and find entertainment in the outdoors.

Books are one of the best ways to let your kids imagine instead of spoon-feeding them videos or images from the internet. Books develop your children's creativity while molding them into well-read, well-informed, and curious individuals. Let your kids' child-like spirit explore the wonders of words and pictures. Take time and be their favorite storyteller. Let your kids visit their innermost imagination and inhabit their creativity before they go to the dreamland.

This concludes our 7 Great Travel Books for Kids. We hope you have found these recommendations helpful and interesting. And on that note, check out our #1 Amazon bestseller The Travel Book: A Guide To Traveling With Kids. We have written this ebook in the hope to minimize all the stress and anxiety for parents whilst traveling with kids. 

Happy journeys!





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