Dad Diaper Bag: Do Dads Need a Diaper Bag?

It's no secret that babies NEED a lot of stuff, and diaper bags provide just the perfect solution to this dilemma. But what new parents usually don't anticipate is that choosing the right diaper bag is a challenge on its own—a minor one (supposedly).

Finding a diaper bag that mom and dad wouldn't mind carrying can be quite the obstacle. Although it's also something that you could overcome with swift dialogue and judgement. After all, there are plenty of incredible options in the market that can complement one's personal taste.

Yes, that means there are also diaper bags aggressively marketed for dads and their lifestyle!

You don't have to carry a tote or whatever it is that makes you uncomfortable when it's your turn to look after the baby. But whether or not you should have a separate diaper bag for your troubles is a different decision altogether.

The Best Travel Diaper Bag Backpack with large side pockets

Should Each Parent Have Their Own Diaper Bag?

Both parents must learn how to efficiently stock and organise a diaper bag. But does that mean that mom and dad should have their respective carrier?

Frankly, this one is always up to the parents. But what we did learn from our experience is that our lifestyle only really calls for one great diaper bag. A bag that we can both bring to our travels, casual walks and social functions. Something that we can organise together and both carry with a great sense of comfort and practicality. To us, that's the TernX travel diaper bag.

One of the challenges we had when picking our go-to travel bag is choosing a style that answers to both our preferences, and we absolutely loved the convenience and versatility that TernX brought to the table. 

We wanted a carrier that doesn't outright scream that it's a diaper bag and exclusively just that, and it all seemed elusive until we stumbled upon the timeless design of TernX Carry Pack, an amazing diaper backpack that we can carry in more ways than one, and still look casual and stylish both for everyday use and travelling.

Having a shared diaper bag means we don't need to re-organise no matter who's in charge. We never had to risk misplacing diapers, water bottles or other baby gears during transition. In fact, there are no transitions at all. Our stuff is almost always ready to go.

All things considered, a separate diaper bag for each parent, or even a spare, does come with its own advantages. Although, if you're like us who find it more convenient to share a diaper travel bag among other parenting duties—so we can learn and grow as much as we can TOGETHER—then we have the perfect neutral diaper bag for you.

Dad Diaper Bag_TernX Carry Pack with Clamshell Opening

Why We Chose TernX Carry Pack?

Our family has chosen Ternx going back to our first child. We've had our adventures with the brand's award-winning foldable stroller-suitcase and later on, purchased the Carry Pack or travel diaper bag, which further changed the way we travel as a family. With that said, here are some notable advantages we've found in the Ternx Carry Pack travel diaper bag.

Spacious and versatile main compartment

Aside from having a signature style that is stylish and comfortable, we were simply satisfied with the bag's ergonomic interior design. The default compartment is spacious, but it can also be effortlessly customised using smaller dividers to organise your baby essentials. It's a simple but invaluable feature for us since we've come to use the diaper bag for short trips and international travels.

Neutral design and colours

Fashion can be a divisive element if you're purchasing a diaper bag for the first time, so we love that TernX is able to keep its design elements simple and neutral for the Carry Pack.

The dark shade of the bag and earthly accents doesn't command unnecessary attention, and overall, bag blends in nicely with the environment or any occasion for that matter.

Likewise, this makes the bag less intimidating for a new dad, and to an extension, a perfect gift for your friend's baby shower because the bag is likely to appeal to both parents.

Additional storage options and protection

Aside from our baby essentials, the bag has no problems loading some of our possessions. Precisely, we find the laptop sleeve (up to 15") very practical, as well as the concealed RFID-blocking pocket for our personal identification and belongings. Additionally, there are deep side pockets on both sides that are expandable and insulated for extra storage.

Two-way easy carry option

The TernX Carry Pack can be carried in two ways: like a backpack or a tote via its comfy grab handle. The dual-carry option is particularly useful when travelling or carrying a fully loaded Carry Pack that has about 23L of space you can fill to the brim.

Water-resistant and sustainable design

This heavy duty, lightweight backpack is water-resistant and will keep your gears protected against light showers and mild spills. Also, it's worth noting that the bag's fabric is 100% made from recycled plastic bottles. Thus, a solid lifestyle choice all around!

Also, we love the bag's clamshell opening mechanic, which makes access very convenient even in the middle of transport, including airplane travel. Read here for more information on the best diaper bag for airplane travel.

Are Diaper Bags Really Necessary?

A diaper bag is an outstanding storage option for all your baby essentials when you’re out and about.

It keeps you organised and a lot more competent in your parenting duties even when away from the comforts of your home. On that note, we find it life-changing for the entire family, particularly during your children's important early years.

We've had our TernX Carry Pack in casual strolls and cross-country trips, and in so many ways had a much easier time with it than without. It's perfect both for carrying diapers, change of clothes, an extra bottle or two and a changing pad, as much as it is for protecting our personal gadgets and belongings if we don't feel like carrying a separate bag for them.

Dad Diaper Bag_Sling Bag Used as Man Purse Bag

Although, if you do need an extra storage, TernX also offers a man purse bag that functions as a diaper bag without the added heft and bulk. Thus, you get more options on how to compartmentalise and organise your stuff depending on the activity at hand.

At What Age Do You Stop Carrying a Diaper Bag?

In the absence of dad jokes for diaper bags, we offer a sound advice from experience: You can use the diaper bag as long as you find it necessary.

Some parents elect to set the bag aside as soon as their children has been potty trained, while others find it practical to use the bag as an everyday carrier until their baby grows out of their toys and other essentials.

All things considered, you can simply use the bag as often and as freely as you like in support of your parenting duties. Luckily, diaper bags are pretty durable. So, if you get the first purchase right, you are likely ever only going to need that one quality bag when raising your little one.

Dad Diaper Bag_Dedicated Wipe Compartment for Easy Access

Choosing A Great Diaper Bag

We we're very much zeroed in on convenience and style, which is why TernX Carry Pack was the perfect choice for us right from the start.

For new parents, we recommend considering how you plan to use the diaper bag in most days. Is it something that you intend to use with a stroller? Or do you need something spacious for long-distance trips?

Are you bottle feeding and in need of an insulated storage? Are you looking after twins or is another baby on the way? Once you've identified your specific needs and immediate expectations, you should have an easier time finding the right diaper bag that fits your lifestyle and personal preferences.

If you are interested in the TernX stroller suitcase, click to find out more.


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