Kids Luggage: Nappy Bags and Totes

Traveling with kids especially young kids means extra baggage. This is because there are many items that you will want to pack for when your baby or toddler needs to eat, change their diaper, and so on. Apart from safety and trying to avoid the kids getting sick while traveling, as parents, we can easily reduce the stress when traveling by choosing the right diaper bag for the trip.

Most travel diaper bags are specifically designed with kids in mind and come with extra pockets and insulated areas suitable for keeping food items and bottles. Although every family has a different style, you will surely find diaper bags with all the features that you need to make your trip memorable and fun. There are even diaper bags that are specially designed for dads! Do I Need A Diaper Bag?

It is certainly worth investing in a new diaper bag as they are specifically designed to use with babies and toddlers. However, you can opt for a spacious carry-all bag when traveling with your baby if you don't want to buy a diaper bag. You can also repurpose a bag that you have but you can use packing pouches or organizing bags for easy access to the essentials in the bag.

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1. Types of Diaper Bags 2. Things to Consider when Buying a Diaper Bag 3. Best Diaper Bags 4. Final Notes

Nappy Bags and Totes - Types of Diaper Bags

Backpack Diaper Bag Backpack diaper bags are a perfect choice for families that are looking for a hands-free bag. Furthermore, they are quite popular as they are very comfortable to wear on long outings. Unlike regular backpacks, a backpack diaper bag looks like a diaper bag inside with baby-friendly organizational compartments for keeping your baby items. Tote Diaper Bag

Tote diaper bag comes with two long straps that you wear over your shoulder. The best thing is that they are convenient and you can easily access and take something from a tote while carrying it. Furthermore, tote diaper bags are usually more spacious than backpack diaper bags. It also has a big compartment which makes it a perfect bag for younger baby or toddlers that requires more items when traveling.

Tote Diaper bag by littlemunya

Messenger or Crossbody Diaper bag

A messenger bag is similar to totes but it is easier to access and with more rooms for your kids' items. The main difference between a messenger diaper bag and a tote is that it has a long strap and hangs lower which makes it more comfortable to wear if the bag feels bulky under your shoulder. Another thing is that you can wear a messenger diaper bag across your body.

Clutches Diaper Bag

When you don't have to carry much in your bag, the clutches are a perfect bag for you. You can use clutches to hold the essential items that you need for diaper changes for your baby. Furthermore, they can hold the essential baby items together while you can place them in a larger bag when going out.

Convertible Diaper Bags

Just as the name suggests, convertible diaper bags have multiple styles. You can easily switch it from one of the styles above to another and it can even be worn in all three ways. However, the way you wear it depends on the shape of the bag itself. For instance, if the bag is taller, you can wear it as a backpack but you can wear it as a tote or messenger bag if it is wider. However, it has a removable and adjustable strap that lets you choose the style that you want at any given time.

Nappy Bags and Totes - Things to Consider when Buying a Diaper Bag

Here are some of the things to consider before buying a baby diaper bag.


One of the most important features that you need in a travel diaper bag is comfort. You can easily get tired and drained if you carry an uncomfortable and overloaded bag for a few hours. This will in turn affect your travel plans. This is why it is recommended to choose a diaper bag with padded straps if you are going to carry the bag for any length of time.

Furthermore, you will benefit in the long run if you choose one that evenly distributes weight across your body when carrying it. You can also invest in a diaper bag style with stroller straps that allow parents to clip it to the stroller when moving around.


You may be tempted to choose the largest diaper bag that you can find to help carry anything that you want. However, this can backfire when you try to check in your bag at the airport gate. Before you buy the largest bag out there, you should also think if it will be convenient to carry with a baby. You should always keep in mind that the size and weight of your carry-on are important when traveling with family.

Material and Durability

When choosing a diaper bag, you need a bag that will be your steady companion on numerous travel adventures and you want one that you can easily clean. This is why you should consider the material and how durable is the materials used for making the bag. Some of the qualities that your bag can have are:

• Insulated

• Water-resistant

• Tear-resistant

• Can be easily washed

• Stain-resistant, etc.

Organizational Pockets

Most diaper bags design usually feature large elastic pouches for holding diapers and wipes with smaller zippered compartments to keep the essentials. However, some bags also have bottle pockets and wipes holders for easy access. You will also find diaper bags that have extra pouches in addition to the built-in pockets.

Stroller Hooks

Unlike the regular diaper bag designs, some bags usually have stroller straps that you can attach to the stroller's handlebar to help relieve your load when walking. You will find them in different styles as some can be clipped on directly while you will need to add hooks on the stroller separately in some bags.

Note: you should always be cautious of the bag's weight when using stroller straps to avoid tipping the stroller over.

Additional Accessories

Before you get your kids a bag, you can also consider what are the additional accessories that you may need. You need to determine what are the additional features or add-ons that you need. Some of the common accessories that your travel diaper bags can have are stated below.

• Built-in changing pad and changing mat

• Insulated bottle pockets

• Multiple sections or large open area

• A section where the parents can keep personal items, etc.

Nappy Bags and Totes - Best Diaper Bags

Here are some of the best diaper bags that you can get for your kids and yourself. Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack This is a sleek travel diaper backpack and has multiple functions. Although it may not be the fanciest bag that you can buy, it is a perfect bag for both the mums and dads alike. It has a gender-neutral design and color and it is made with a water-resistant twill polyester material. It features 14 pockets which include a changing pad and sundry bag. It also has a built-in stroller strap coupled with shoulder and back straps for extra comfortability. Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack This backpack is made with a polyester fabric that easily wipes clean and a feature a changing pad that you can wash with machines. It also has an insulated bottle pocket that can hold two bottles. The changing pad pocket of this backpack has multiple functions as it can hold laptops of about 15 inches. Pottery Barn Kids This is among the best diaper bags that you can get out there. It is super spacious and can hold anything and the best thing is that you can carry it as a tote or messenger bag. The bag features three large compartments and the main one in the middle has zips to keep your contents safe. It also has numerous pockets for easy access to the essentials. You will find two smaller compartments on the outside that you can use to hold the bottle and other essentials. Pottery Barn Kids also has its own changing pad with rings for hooking the bag onto a stroller. Tethys Diaper Bag Although most diaper bags are available at a high price, you will be surprised to find out this bag is cheap. The best thing loved about this bag is that it is lightweight, has a lot of room, and very versatile. The bag has lots of compartments which includes a parent pocket where you can keep your phones and other tech items. The bag has padded straps which makes it very comfortable for long-time use. Itzy Ritzy Diaper Tote This is among the best diaper bags that you can get for your baby's essentials. You will fall in love with this bag once you set your eye on it. It is made with vegan leather and has a colorful floral print design. It has 25 pockets where you can easily fit all your baby's needs. Although it is a tote, you can easily convert it to a messenger bag. It also includes color-coordinated stroller clips.

Nappy Bags and Totes - Final Notes

From this article you can see there is a wide range of diaper bags that you can buy that will suit your unique needs and individual style preferences whether you are just stepping out or globetrotting across the continents. The best diaper bags are just a few clicks away and you and your family will not regret buying one for your travel adventures. On that note, visit our article on 21 Top Travel Destinations for 2021 and plan that trip!


We hope you have found these recommendations helpful. Choosing the right nappy bag for our needs has definitely made travels around the world that much easier.

Have a wonderful day wherever you are and safe travels.

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