The Ultimate Guide to Fun and Practical Kids Luggage

With young children, I understand the struggle of finding practical and suitable luggage for traveling. From crowded airports to extended flight delays, journeying with kids can be exhausting, turning to google for the best-ever tips for traveling with kids; luckily, having the correct travel gear makes a world of difference.

If you're on the hunt for the top-notch best luggage for kids that's perfect for kids traveling, look no further! I've researched and compiled this guide to what is quite simply the best in kid-friendly luggage. 

From a rolling backpack and rolling suitcases to ride-on cases and scooter luggage -- even carry on strollers! -- I have something here for everyone.


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If you don't have the time to Read? Here's a quick summary of my top picks:

Best Kid's Carry On Luggage for Under 3 Years Old: TernX Carry On Luggage Stroller

If you are traveling with a toddler, then the TernX Carry On Bag is essential for all of your travels. Not only does this carry on suitcase provide you with enough space to store enough clothes for emergencies but also has a zippered mesh pocket suitable for storing an iPad or tablet. Plus, it can double as a stroller if ever needed!


With dimensions measuring 55cm x 36cm x 23cm (approximately 22 x 14x 9 inches), this convenient hardside luggage for kids ensures that both you and your young one remain comfortable throughout every journey.


Best Kids Backpack for Kids Over 3 Years Old: Skip Hop Zoo Little Kids Backpack

If you're looking for the perfect bag to accompany your little one on their adventures, look no further than the Skip Hop Zoo Little Kids Backpack. It features a fun and cheerful animal design that they will love!


Additionally, it boasts an ample main compartment along with an insulated pouch for snacks and a side pocket specifically designed to fit water bottles. Its roomy compartment provides sufficient space to store your little one's belongings.


Best Ride-on Suitcase for Kids Over 3 Years Old: Jetkids Suitcase

If you want to make your family trips more enjoyable, the Jetkids sturdy suitcase is a perfect choice! With its unique and attractive design, it's sure to be an instant hit with your child. Not only can they ride on it when tired or bored during those long journeys - but this masterpiece also provides a leg rest extension to the plane seat, which essentially turns the seat into a bed.


It's bound to become one of their favorite travel companions in no time!


Best Kids Rolling Luggage for Kids Over 4 Years Old: Disney Hardside 18" Luggage

Does your child share a passion for Disney? Then they'll love this fun Minnie Mouse or Star Wars-themed Hardside 18" Luggage! Not only is it visually captivating, but its hardshell construction also ensures that all their precious belongings remain safe and sound during travel. Additionally, the interior is spacious and with wheels, it's easy to glide through the airport.


Best Scooter Luggage for Kid's Over 4 Years Old: ZincFlyte Kids Luggage Scooter

Make air travel a fun and exciting experience with the ZincFlyte kids luggage scooter! Not only is it an enjoyable means of transportation, but this innovative piece of luggage also provides ample storage space in its interior. For added convenience, there's even a matching backpack that can be connected to your child’s new mode of transport.

Let them explore the airport in style while riding on their very own scooter – perfect for when they get tired from all the walking around!



Factors To Consider When Choosing Kids Luggage

Here are some factors to consider when choosing young kids luggage pieces for travel:


Age of Traveler 

The first thing to consider is the age of your child during travel. From experience, it can be hit and miss to have a toddler in charge of their own carry on luggage. Most kids find it novel at the start but when they get tired, their carry on luggage can become a burden. The last thing you want is to have an extra item you have to look after. So whenever traveling with younger kids, it is best to choose a kid's luggage that is convenient for the parent. As your child matures, then consider having them being responsible for their own luggage.


When choosing luggage for your children, it is essential to pay attention to the quality of materials and construction. Both hardside luggage or softside luggage can help ensure that their belongings remain intact despite enduring a lot of wear and tear while on the go. These durable materials are capable of withstanding knocks, scrapes, and mishandling without breaking down quickly.

Size and Weight 

Selecting the proper luggage size and weight for your child is paramount. Make sure it's adequately sized to meet their needs, but not so cumbersome that they can't manage it comfortably. Oversized or overweight carry on luggage may become a burden on them and quickly turn an exciting journey into a drag.


Capacity is an important factor to consider when choosing best kids luggage. You need to make sure that the luggage has enough space to hold all your child's clothes, toys, and other items. Think about the length of your trip and the type of activities your child will be doing. If you're going on a longer trip, you'll need more space than if you're just going away for a weekend.


Additionally, having compartments can help keep things organized. Look for luggage with multiple compartments, so your child can separate their clothes and toys. This will make it easier for them to find what they need, without having to dig through the entire bag. Some luggage even comes with built-in organizers, such as mesh pockets or dividers, which can be especially helpful for separating items. 


Wheels can also make a big difference when it comes to handling luggage, especially if it's heavy. Look for luggage with wheels that are durable and easy to maneuver. Some carry on luggage has four spinner wheels, which can make it easier to push or pull, while others have two wheels, which can be easier to navigate through tight spaces. Make sure the wheels are sturdy and can handle rough terrain, such as cobblestone streets or uneven sidewalks.


Another important factor is the visual appeal of the product; Most kids love flashy colors and designs so this should be kept in mind when shopping for kids luggage. Choose something fun and exciting that will motivate them to travel more often. Bright colors, cute characters, or even cartoon themes are all great options for making a statement with their bags.  

Ease of Use

Make sure the kids carry on luggage you choose is effortless for your kid to use while they're carrying it themselves or dragging it along with you. Find features like being a carry on luggage that fits in the overhead compartment, having 360 degree spinner wheels, telescopic handle, and padded straps or adjustable straps that are comfy and manageable to grip. With these features in mind during your purchase, traveling should become a much easier task.   

Safety Features

Finally, be sure to check for any safety features included in the product such as rear reflectors or reflective strips. These features ensure that your child can be easily spotted when walking around in dimly lit areas. On the other hand, TernX Carry On has a 5 point harness padded seat cushion that secures your child safely on the suitcase stroller. It also comes with a brake that stops the suitcase stroller from rolling away.   


Types of Carry On Luggage

As a mother and frequent traveler, I understand how important it is to have the appropriate type of luggage for your excursion. When picking out carry on luggage set, consider all the options that are available – each with its own advantages! Here are some of the lists:   


Ride On Suitcase

If your child adores riding on things, then a ride-on suitcase is the perfect way to make travel enjoyable for both you and your little one! Though it doesn't have spinner wheels and a handle like any other piece of best kids luggage, but this versatile item also has a small seat that allows your kid to sit atop as they explore their surroundings in airports. Moving around crowded areas with ease can't get much simpler than this - always an ideal trait when taking trips abroad!  After conducting thorough research, I am pleased to recommend two essential options for any trips: the Trunki Suitcase and the Stokke/Jetkids Suitcase. These suitcases are brilliantly designed and highly functional, providing a seamless travel experience and allowing me to fully enjoy my journeys.   

Jetkids rideon suitcase  
  • Stokke Suitcase/Jetkids Suitcase
For parents who are traveling with little ones, the Stokke/Jetkids suitcase is an indispensable item. This suitcase's ingenious design allows it to be converted into a secure and comfy bed for kids during extended flights. Additionally, this product is crafted from robust materials so you know it will serve you well on your many adventures together. With the Stokke/Jetkids suitcase in tow, long-distance travel just got easier!   
  • Trunki Suitcase
Whether your kids are excited about exploring new places or just want to get in on the travel experience, Trunki Suitcase is ideal for them! With its vibrant and fun designs, it's sure to be a hit with little ones. This suitcase also features an innovative ride-on element that allows children to easily pull their own bag along as they explore. Additionally, this durable yet lightweight product provides ample storage space so you can pack all the essentials without worry.   


Scooter Luggage

If your little one loves adventure, incorporating scooter luggage into their travels is a must. Your kiddo can combine the practicality of a suitcase with the thrilling fun of riding on their own personal luggage set of spinner wheels for an unforgettable experience during travel time at airports and beyond! Looking to simplify your voyage when bringing along younger ones? I would highly suggest scooter luggage. These are the two of the most eminent brands: ZincFlyte's kids luggage scooter and KiddieTotes' scooter suitcase.   
  • Zincflyte Kids Luggage Scooter
First up, the Zincflyte Kids Luggage Scooter. This brightly colored suitcase is adorable and has a built-in scooter that makes getting around the airport a breeze. The suitcase is well-made and has plenty of storage space for clothes and other travel essentials. The scooter mechanism is easy to use and feels sturdy and secure. It's a great way to keep kids entertained while waiting in long airport lines and gives them a bit of independence as they can ride alongside you instead of always having to be carried. 
  Zincflyte scooter luggage for kids   
  • Kiddietotes Scooter Luggage
Next is the Kiddietotes Scooter Luggage, which provides a seamless ride for myself and my little one. The case itself is roomy enough to fit all our items; plus, it has light up LED wheels to add fun to the ride. The airport experience can be much more enjoyable when traveling with kids due to these fun yet practical own bags. Your little ones will have so much fun riding their suitcase around that it's certain to become a hit item.   


Rolling Suitcase

For older children, rolling luggage is a superb choice! Not only are they designed with fun colors and patterns, but they are also easy to roll around with little effort. Rolling luggage offers great storage and they're also remarkably durable for traveling. I did some digging around and found that Disney's Hard-shell 18" Luggage and Calpak mini carry-on as my top two suitcase picks. They have such cool features and benefits that really make them a must-have for any future travels!   
  • Disney Hardside 18" Luggage
The Disney Hardside 18" Luggage's bright and fun design immediately caught my eye. It's distinguished from other suitcases with its colorful Disney characters that make it easy to spot. It is incredibly sturdy and able to survive any rough handling during transport. Plus, its internal space offers plenty of room for all my kids necessitates while the cross straps and zippered divider panel help me stay orderly.
Disney hardside kids luggage for airport travel   
  • Calpak Mini Carry-On Luggage
Now, let's move on to the Calpak Mini Carry-On Luggage. Its compact size makes it easy to store your kid's belongings and is small enough to fit under the seat. The zippered interior divider with multiple pockets keep everything in place. The hard-shell exterior protects your belongings from damage, and the interior is surprisingly spacious, given its just the right size. Your little one will be able to drag this luggage with ease.  


Kids Backpack

If your child is looking for a piece of their own luggage set that they can handle, I suggest investing in a kid's backpack. These are fantastic for young travelers since they come in various sizes and designs to fit their needs no matter the length of the trip. Many come in fun prints for your child to choose from and is a perfect place to store their favorite stuffed animals, snacks and water bottle.   
Skip hop zoo backpack for kids over 3  


Suitcase Stroller

The suitcase stroller is the ultimate travel companion for parents and children alike - packing all of your items in one piece of baggage, while also providing a safe spot to hold your little one. This revolutionary combination offers unbeatable convenience; no more lugging around heavy bags and carrying kids at the same time! 

With this international award-winning carry on stroller hybrid, you will be able to breeze through the airport and access your snacks and essentials without interruption – making traveling simple and stress free.With a zippered mesh front pocket, large enough to store an iPad, the suitcase grants parents peace of mind while waiting in airports with their kids; they have easy access to an entertainment source and have sufficient room for all their snacks and essential items. Even better, this luggage provides ample space for any emergencies that may arise!

Smartly designed with sturdy wheels and boasting a manageable size of 55cm x 36cm x 23 cm, this luggage is perfect for any parent navigating through the airport. Your child can be easily transported alongside with you through the airport and this carry on stroller fits comfortably in overhead compartments—making international travel an effortless journey.

It is the perfect solution for any family traveling with young ones, boasting a generous 18L capacity and effortless parenting during your travels. What's more, this convenient design includes a reassuring harness to secure your little one safe as you traverse through airports. 

Suitcase stroller that fits in overhead compartment

After researching and trying out various options, finding the best kids' luggage for travel is essential for a stress-free and enjoyable family vacation. It provides a sense of independence and responsibility for your child and makes traveling more fun. From hardside suitcases and scooter luggage to rolling duffle bags, there are many best kids suitcase for you to choose from.

So start packing and have a great time with the family on your upcoming trips! Overall, investing in high-quality kids' luggage is a must-have for any family on the go. Whether you plan on taking your younger children on a short weekend trip or embarking on a longer journey across the globe, having the right luggage is essential.

That wraps up our Ultimate Guide to Fun and Practical Kids Luggage. Hope you found it useful and if you enjoyed this article, share it with your family and friends.

Happy journeys!





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