The Ultimate Guide to Fun and Practical Kids Luggage

Traveling with kids can be challenging but fulfilling, especially if you get them their own kids' luggage. Kids love to travel because of the adventures they present, including the great adventure of stepping up and getting their own fully-fledged luggage. In your kids' minds, having their own luggage makes them a little bit older and a little more like a "grown-up." For parents of the world, look out for the TernX Carry On, the latest and smartest ultra compact luggage-stroller hybrid for everyday use, on a holiday, or a simple outing to the park. This hybrid creation is more than just luggage—it's a promise for a better, freer way to travel.

Not only will it give them a confidence boost but having their own luggage will teach them to be more responsible about their belongings, from their toys to their socks. For the parents, it's a great way to keep everyone's items organized so nothing gets lost along the way.


There are a bunch of different types, styles, and sizes of suitcases and travel bags for kids, ranging from trolleys to backpacks. The different elements of each travel luggage are designed to address different needs, so don't expect one size to fit all. It's all about finding the best kids luggage that will suit your kids and keeping an eye out for practical luggage for kids. Lucky for you, we've gathered our best tips and tricks to determine the right kid's suitcases and travel bags for your family. And once you have selected the best kids luggage for your child, pair that up with a totally awesome kids travel experience to build that long-lasting memory


Table of Contents

Best Types of Travel Bags for Kids:

The Backpack

The Sling Bag

The Trolley

The Luggage-Stroller Hybrid

Elements of Practical Luggage for kids:

Color and Design




Bonus Tips


Kids Luggage - The Backpack

This is easy cabin luggage for the low-maintenance kids who doesn't really need a lot of things to bring along. If you're going on a quick weekend getaway with the family, a backpack will be perfect for travelers headed to a campsite or cabin. It's lightweight and low maintenance, and even if you're going on a flight, it can be used as carry-on luggage so you won't have to pay for checking in. Pick a backpack with plenty of compartments so you can organize the belongings and toiletries of your little ones, and also teach your kids to be organized as well.


Kids Luggage - The Sling Back

If you've got kids older than 8, especially for boys, they might want to feel a little more independent and like a "big kid" with a sling bag. Sling bags are easier to carry than backpacks and are more versatile, making them a piece of great practical luggage for kids. You can only fit a couple of toys, toiletries, and kids' belongings in these, but at least you'll ensure that your child is comfortable while carrying a lightweight sling bag over his shoulders. Some have extra straps that can let you carry the sling bag as a backpack. Backpacks and sling bags are the best travel bags if the family is going on a trip to the beach, a vacation with a baby, or a quick weekend family vacation with the little ones.


Kids Luggage - The Trolley

If you're going aboard an airplane or train, a trolley-style suitcase might be the best idea for your kid's luggage, and especially perfect for travel headed abroad. It's also much easier and lighter to lug around as it's on wheels, and your kids will surely have a fun time wheeling it around. Trolleys are usually quite spacious, so you can pack plenty of kids' items inside without worrying about running out of space. Check out these 8 tips & tactics for packing and traveling light.


Kids Luggage - The Luggage-Stroller Hybrid

Ride-on luggage is a growing trend, and TernX is brewing up something to suit the needs of families with kids worldwide. The TernX Carry on is a luggage-stroller hybrid that combines a luggage compartment, nappy bag, and stroller all in one. A must-have travel solution for all parents. Hop on a bus, catch the train, jump in a taxi, sail away on a ship or fly to the other side of the world! TernX Carry on is a true joy to ride and steer that takes up as little space as possible when stored away. Say goodbye to excess baggage, sore arms, backs, and make the trip with minimal haste. A fun and innovative multi-solution product that can keep your child happy, is key for a seamless journey. TernX Carry on not only saves you the stress, but also money by reducing checked items!


Elements of a Practical Luggage - Color and Design

There's no doubt that your kids will seek out the most colorful luggage with the most child-friendly design. That's why there's an array of kids' suitcases and travel bags out there with various cartoon characters attached to its front. The best kids' luggage are the ones that are fun and practical luggage as well. This is not only great for your kids, who will no doubt love a colorful suitcase, but it's also incredibly useful for parents as vibrant suitcases are easier to pick out at airport baggage areas. Who said you can't be fun and practical at the same time? The more colorful and distinct it is, the less likely you'll lose sight of it, and practicality is perfect for travel.


Elements of a Practical Luggage - Material

Practical luggage for kids should have the right material. Kids can get messy when they eat during a family vacation, so make sure to pick a suitcase with a waterproof material that can also be easily cleaned and wiped. Cotton is out since it easily stains, while hard shell suitcases are easy to clean and waterproof as well. Hardshell suitcases are also more "child-proof" so if your kids accidentally knock it over, the suitcase and its content should still be one piece. Softshell suitcases are also handy as they're body is more flexible, meaning you can push them into car trunks if you need to.


Elements of a Practical Luggage - Size

Don't get a huge suitcase for a 7-year-old. Rule of thumb: don't get a suitcase that's bigger than your kids. If your kid likes to play hide and seek inside the suitcase, that's a sign it might be too big for his or her needs. If you plan to check-in luggage at the airport, pick the best kids' suitcases that are lightweight and perfect for travel so they'll save you money at check-in. But don't pick something that's too small or else you might end up trying to stuff too many things into the suitcase, causing damage to its structure. Travel bags for kids are meant to be small and it can't carry as much as an adult suitcase, so don't overpack it. Practical luggage for kids should be just the right size for their age.


Elements of a Practical Luggage - Durability

A suitcase is an investment, especially if it's for your kids. A cheap suitcase might only last you two or three trips, while a pricier but durable suitcase might last you two or three kids. The latter can be handed down to your younger kids as your older kids move on to more adult suitcases and travel bags. Whenever you buy a suitcase, make sure it's durable enough for the next trip, and then the next trip after that. Suitcases are already pricey as it is, so it might be wise to choose to invest in durable and practical luggage for kids that won't break the moment your kid knocks it over. It will also help you raise practical kids who see the value in investing in long-term, durable items.


Kids Luggage - Bonus Tips

Check the zippers whether they're double coil as these last longer than single coil and are more resistant to attempts to open and rob travel bags for kids.


Check that the locks are TSA combination locks so if ever you're chosen for a luggage check, TSA won't have to break the lock to open your suitcases and travel bags.


Look for smart luggage, meaning suitcases that have built-in power banks as these can be great ways to keep kids entertained when they watch a series on their tablets while waiting to board a plane.


And finally, be sure to check out our article on Tips for traveling on an airplane with kids where we discuss various tips and tricks that you can adopt while flying with your kids.


That wraps up our Ultimate Guide to Fun and Practical Kids Luggage. Hope you found it useful and if you enjoyed this article, share it with your family and friends.


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