9 Things That Make Flying Solo With Kids Less Stressful

Kids are always fun to be with and can help light up a room in so many ways. Going on vacations with your children is something every parent must do as the benefits are simply amazing. Be available mentally and physically and forget about the phone calls, and daily routines. We have all heard stories of the flying with kids challenges, and yes at times it can be stressful from packing the bags, dealing with airport protocols, and flowing with the impatient crowd around the airport while tending to your kid's needs.

That said, if you are able to prepare for what's coming ahead, then you will be better placed to tackle the hassles head on. Having the right items during a flight will give you more slack and knowing the tricks of the parenting trade before you step onto the plane is a major advantage.

To help you earn the vacation you deserve with your little one, we have listed our top essential kid's items that every parent should bring when flying alone with their child. These items will not only provide your kids comfort but help keep your sanity!

 10 Items That Make Flying Alone With Kids Less Stressful

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Collapsible Car Seats


1. Lightweight Stroller for Airplane Travel

A regular stroller will not only take too much luggage space but also your energy and time from dragging it around with you. When traveling with a young child, the lighter your baggage the better, and that's why you need a collapsible stroller for travel. It is already hard to go around the airport with a young kid, what more if you are carrying a million things in the middle of a pool of in-hurry crowd?

A Carry On Stroller is the best solution to your problem. If you don't want to carry your baby the whole journey, don't want to wait around at baggage collection or cart around a heavy stroller, a lightweight stroller for airplane travel will make your journey a breeze. 


2. Backpack as your Diaper Bag

Backpacks are convenient when traveling solo with a young child. While carry-on luggage on wheels need to be push or pulled along, backpacks don't. They can also double as your handy portable closet when you need to perform a quick diaper change with space to store all your belongings such as wipes, spare clothes and everything in between.

Backpacks like the Carry Pack helps provide a stress-free way of traveling with your toddler with ample space to store all your travel essentials. The best backpacks have lots of compartments to help separate certain items, allows for quick access, have secure pockets for valuable items and extra pockets for soiled clothing (just in-case!).


3. Inflatable Airplane Bed

Long flights with toddlers can be challenging, especially trying to get your toddler to sleep in a seat with minimal room. There are different inflatable airplane beds that can help provide your toddler with as much comfort as possible in the airplane. An inflatable leg rest fits in the legroom between your seat and the seat in front of you. This allows your toddler to lie flat and sleep in their seat. It's business class for kids!

By providing a more usable space for your toddler in the airplane seat, they can stretch out and sleep more comfortably. Make sure to check with the airlines before taking one onboard as different airlines have different requirements for inflatable beds and foot rests.


4. Collapsible Car Seats

While harnesses are best for older kids, collapsible car seats are ideal for younger ones. Collapsible car seats deliver the same comfort and safety the same way as a harnesses does. Being collapsible, it also eliminates bulk and weight to your baggage. It can easily be folded and stored away whenever you don't need it. 

Most collapsible car seat weighs about ten pounds. It is significantly lighter than an actual car seat and just a little bit heavier than a harness. Installation or assembly of collapsible car seats only take a few minutes with practice. And again please make sure to check with the airlines before taking one onboard as different airlines have different requirements. 


5. Spill-Proof Snack Containers

Hunger will be a common occurrence when traveling with kids, so having a snack(s) pack ready for your little one is a must! 

One thing about snacks is the spills and crumbs that can be a hassle to clean up. But, if you pack them in spill-free containers, you'll have less worry about your child's grumbling tummy. Simply whip them out and off you go. Using re-usable containers is also a great way to promote sustainability and stray away from single-use plastic. 


6. Kid's Headphones

Entertainment during any flight is vital, and that goes for the kids as well! so bring a pair of headphones for your kid. Headphones are essential given that kids like their volume to the max. They want to hear every detail of what they are watching and want to listen to every song that plays on their favorite shows.

To avoid disturbing passengers, headphones will also block the sounds from your kid's iPad. Not everybody can tolerate listening to Peppa Pig talking about Baby George all the time nor want to listen to the same song from Frozen over and over and over again. As much as possible, your toddlers must be entertained without disturbing other passengers. So, to keep them away from boredom for hours, good parenting must include a good set of movies, games to play, and shows uploaded to your kid's iPad. On a different note, it is strongly recommended that gadgets must be a last resort. If you have other forms of entertainment that can keep your kid's attention such as coloring books, small toys, storybooks, and the likes, they are better options than gadgets.


7. A Kids Pillow

Every parent will want their kids to sleep well on the plane and a child-size pillow will help. Happy kids equals happy parents equals happy flight. It's a small item you can add to your list to help aid your little ones sleep during your flight. So, add a head pillow to your child's essential travel stuff, and make sure to throw in some nice jammies and cute socks.


8. Handy iPad Holder

Save your gadgets from the bumps, tumbles and falls with a handy holder in case it accidentally gets drop. Additionally, it adds pristine protection and comfort, and ease of use for your child.

Most handy gadget holders are made of tough EVA foam. EVA foam is shockproof and lightweight. It also provides easy grip for your child and most also doubles as a stand or even a toy!


9. Colouring and Story Books

It is always great to balance screen time with other activities such as coloring books. While toys can be quite bulky (and heavy) in your bag, coloring books and storybooks are significantly easy to pack. Anything that is bursting with colors, shapes, and forms will attract kids so bring a set of coloring books and crayons on the plane to keep them entertained.

Storybooks with vivid colors and pictures are always interesting to look at for kids (and adults too!). As a bonus, it is an awesome way to bond with your little one while you both are entertained by the fantastical stories of children's books.


Traveling Solo

Traveling alone with your little one doesn’t need to be all about diaper changes, sleeping cycles, or eating schedules. Instead, see it as an opportunity to have fun and be present in the moment as these little moments make up the most memorable ones.

Families who love to travel always prepare for what's coming ahead from the gate to the airplane. The More prepared you are, the more relaxed and smooth your journey will be.

Kids grow up fast and time waits for no one. So, no matter if you are traveling alone with your kid or not, just go travel.


Happy journeys!





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