TernX Carry On: The Best Stroller To Travel With

If you are sick of juggling your luggage and stroller when flying with kids then this is for you. Designed from the ground up, The TernX Carry On is a stroller for traveling abroad, a suitcase that turns into a lightweight stroller for airplane travel. An innovation that has won multiple international design awards and named a best invention in the world by TIME Magazine that's WOW parents all over the world.


"We all love this design as it offers a simple, stylish and considered solution to a pain point in so many people's lives"

TernX Carry On Stroller that fits in overhead bin 

It’s been strategically designed for families who loves to fly. To be the best stroller to travel with and help reduce the pain that comes from airport anxiety, long queues, flight delays, lost baggage, keeping everything together, and the long wait times at baggage collections… just to name a few!


A global shift to family travel is underway. Now that we are living in a much more dynamic lifestyle when it comes to travel, families will appreciate a carry on lightweight stroller for airplane travel, that allows for more than one use, brings convenience, and make spending time together fun! Have your belongings and your child safe by your side so you can enjoy convenient, easy and stress-free trip. 


The dimension of the TernX Carry On luggage stroller is designed to fit IATA and TSA standards used by most airlines for cabin luggage size. It has a adjustable handlebar height, adjustable backrest height, and a reclinable seat. It’s the most innovative collapsible stroller for air travel on the market. Here's a guide to flying with a stroller with stroller policies for the top 50 airlines to help you make that trip!


TernX Carry On - The best stroller to travel with and here is why:

  • 2 in 1. It's a carry-on luggage, it's a travel stroller
  • Stroller that fits in overhead compartment
  • Fits IATA and TSA standards used by airlines
  • Stroller cabin size approved. 55cm x 36cm x 23cm / 22" x 14" x 9"
  • Luggage capacity: 18L
  • Smooth front wheel suspension
  • Perfect stroller for 6 month old to 22kg
  • Compliant to International carriage and stroller standards
  • International multi award-winning design
  • Lightweight and luxurious
  • As easy as 1-2-3 to fold and unfold
  • Revolutionary hand luggage stroller



TernX Suitcase Stroller Feature Benefits



The world is yours to explore and we believe that families don't have to go all that far to explore, dream and discover.  Life can be great when you try something new and together with our best carry on stroller, we love to inspire parents to live and experience life together as a family.


To sum it up…Families that travel together, stay together.



Happy journeys..





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