A Guide to Flying with a Stroller

A stroller is necessary while traveling with a young child. It not only gives your child a place to rest and unwind, but it also makes it simpler to maneuver in congested places like airports. There are many different types of travel strollers, some can be packed flat and placed in the overhead bin whereas the bigger strollers will have to be checked as luggage.


In this article, we share information from whether you can bring a stroller with you internationally to whether you can bring them onboard. We also discuss the guidelines of different airlines about their rules and regulations regarding strollers, including their weight and size limitations, all things that make flying with kids less stressful.


You can also learn about tips and tricks to packing light.


You can even consider traveling with carry on only to avoid all the baggage chaos.


Thinking of booking an airplane bassinet for your baby? Read here for more information.


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Are Baby Strollers Allowed On Airplanes?

What Kind of Stroller Can I Take On A Plane?

Is a Stroller Considered a Carry On?

Here's a Lightweight Stroller for Airplane Travel to Consider

Can We Take Stroller In International Flight?

Yes is the quick, short answer. Saying that most airlines allow you to check in two baby items like a stroller and car seat free of charge. Many airlines also allow strollers to be gate checked. This means that the airline employees will load the aircraft with the check-in bags after you reach the ladder point of the plane (or door in the case of an aero bridge).


Tell the check-in agent at the counter that you want to gate-check your stroller when you check your bags. They will either attach the tag themselves or provide you with instructions on where to get your tags once you arrive at your gate.

Generally, if your stroller is in two components, it will need to be checked in or gate-checked due to the size of the stroller. You won't be able to take it onboard.


Take note that if you are to bring a stroller onto the plane, airlines will require the stroller to be fully collapsible. And if you do bring the stroller onboard, most airlines consider the stroller as your carry on luggage whereas some airlines allow a stroller and car seat to be brought onboard in addition to your carry-on luggage. So, make sure you check with your airlines prior to flying.

 family showing you how to travel with a stroller

How To Travel With A Stroller?

There are three ways you can travel with a stroller. See the different options below:

1. Check Stroller with Checked Baggage 

A stroller is regarded as checked-in luggage when checked at the counter. Your stroller is loaded onto the aircraft along with the luggage by the attendants.
When you check your stroller alongside your luggage, often you may be required to drop off your stroller at the oversize luggage counter.


2. Gate Checked Strollers

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Another option is to gate-check your stroller. By choosing this option, you will have access to your stroller as you navigate through the airport.

How to gate check your stroller:

At check-in counter:

Speak to the ground staff and let them know you intend to use your stroller at the airport. In this instance, they will either print you a tag for the stroller or instruct you to get a tag from the staff at the gate.

Pass through security with your stroller:

As you get through security, you will have to fold up your stroller to go through the x-ray machine. If the stroller is too big to fit in the x-ray machine, it will be manually inspected by a TSA employee.

Drop your stroller off at the gate:

Make sure you have your stroller tag by now. If you haven't done so, speak to the airline staff at the gate to obtain one. You can continue to use your stroller up until boarding the plane.

Leave your stroller at the door of the plane:

Upon boarding, the airline staff will remind you to place the stroller by the door of the plane. The stroller will then be placed in the hold with all the luggage. Depending on which airport you land at, you will either get your stroller back from the jet bridge as you disembark the plane, or you may need to head to baggage claim to retrieve your stroller.


This is true flying Qantas into Australia or Malaysia Airlines into Malaysia. There is a risk of your stroller being damaged if your stroller has not been packed properly in a padded stroller bag. Once more, review the policies of your airline before flying.


3. Bringing stroller onboard

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The regulations of the airline as well as the size of your stroller will determine whether this option is feasible.


Can You Take a Stroller On a Plane?

A foldable stroller or another small, compact stroller can typically be used as a carry-on with most airlines. However, not every airline is made equally. Some airlines do not allow strollers onboard, Others permit strollers, but consider your stroller as carry-on allowance if you bring one along and some allows your stroller onboard as long as it is packed down an unrecognizable as a pushchair.


It also depends on whether you are flying with a lap infant or whether you purchased an extra seat for your baby. Do note that if you have purchased an extra seat for your baby, they are entitled to the same carry on luggage allowance as you.


For example, Austrian Airlines doesn't count a stroller as carry-on allowance and permits strollers to be brought on board as long as the stroller is under 10kg and once folded and is no longer identifiable as a pushchair.


Singapore airlines allow a compact, foldable lightweight stroller on board the cabin as long as it is under 7kg and the sum of length, width, and height does not exceed 115cm. Saying that, Singapore airlines regards your stroller as your carry on allowance.


How to Protect Stroller When Flying?

Whenever you gate check or check your stroller with your baggage, make sure the stroller is packed in a stroller bag to protect the stroller. This is because your stroller gets handled by many people and can be mishandled at times. The last you want is receiving a damaged stroller when you get to your vacation destination.

Read here for the best travel stroller bag to protect youtr sroller.

From personal experience, the safest option is to bring a travel stroller that fits in the overhead compartment of the plane.


Stroller That Fits In Overhead Bin


According to IATA Carry-on baggage size, the standard carry-on allowance for luggage varies depending on the airline, the class you are flying, and even the size of the aircraft. Generally speaking, carry-on bags shouldn't be larger than the following measurements: 22 x 18 x 10"/56 x 45 x 25 cm. These measurements account for the wheels, handles, side pockets, etc.

However, from our research, most airlines' carry on requirements varies. In fact, many airlines have a size restriction of 22 x 14 x 9"/56 x 36 x 23cm. Hence, it is important to check with your airlines prior to flying.

The main reason to get a travel stroller that fits in the overhead compartment is to ensure that your travel stroller is with you the entire time. In the event of a flight delay, having the stroller with you ensures you will have a comfortable space for your baby to nap in if required. It also gives you peace of mind to know that your stroller won't be lost or damaged in transit.

Every airline has its carry-on allowance policies and policies for strollers and child restraint system. Be sure to check with your airlines before hand.



As carry-on luggage, you are allowed to bring one small, foldable baby stroller (maximum dimensions: 55 x 40 x 23 cm) or two if you are flying business or first class.

Korean Air

Strollers with overall dimensions greater than 115 cm can be used up until the ticket counter, but beyond that, they must be checked in as luggage. Strollers or umbrella strollers designed that fold up completely and measure less than 100 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm are permitted on board.

Delta Airlines

Strollers can be checked in or gate checked for free. Stroller can also be brought on board as part of the adult’s carry on allowance when flying with a lap infant.


As for car seats, child safety seats may be brought onto the aircraft. You may put your baby in an FAA-approved child safety seat during takeoff and landing if you reserved a seat for them or if there is an open passenger seat in your row. The item must be checked at the gate by a Delta official if you haven't purchased a seat for your youngster or there aren't any additional passenger seats available.

British Airways

British Airways offer a service that returns your stroller back to the plane's entrance in certain destinations to aid you in your travels. Please see the list below to see if your stroller satisfies the tight requirements for pushchair size.

It must be an all-in-one, sleek, fully folding pushchair. Wheels not included, maximum dimension: 38 cm height x 117 cm in length x 38cm in depth.


If your stroller fits the requirements, it will be marked with an orange Return To Aircraft Door label bearing your contact details before being put on the hold. Then, when you get to your location, you can pick it up. For guidance, please speak with the cabin staff.


Your stroller won't be delivered to the aircraft door upon arrival if it exceeds the measurements. Alternatively, you can pick up your stroller and checked bags from the arrival gate in the baggage hall when you reach your destination.


Are Baby Strollers Allowed On Airplanes?


Mom pushing baby in a stroller at the airport


Hand luggage prams are typically allowed on planes when you're traveling with a baby because airlines are aware you'll need them when you get to your destination. What you need to check is that the baby stroller is within the airline's restriction for carry on.


In general, the collapsible size of your stroller should not exceed 22 x 18 x 10"/56 x 45 x 25 cm if you are intending to bring it onto a plane. If it exceeds this, it might be too large to fit in the overhead compartment and hence prohibited. 


On the other hand, if you are traveling with a double stroller or jogging stroller, they will have to be checked in due to size. As always, it's advisable to double-check with the airline you're traveling with as each has its policies regarding what is and isn't permitted.


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What Kind of Stroller Can I Take On A Plane?

Any stroller and related items, like child's car seat, booster seats will be required to meet airline policies to be brought onboard. The best strollers for flying are light, simple to fold, and have folded proportions that fit the specifications for keeping the stroller in the airplane overhead bin.


While many strollers are lightweight and compact for travel, very few of them are genuinely small enough to fit in the overhead bin of an airplane. The majority of umbrella strollers still need to be checked or gate-checked, making them prone to being thrown or damaged during transportation.


Airlines have different stroller restrictions, and some airlines don't allow strollers as carry-on bags regardless of size. Before your trip, make sure to review your airline's policies.


After doing extensive research, there are actually only 5 travel strollers that are FAA approved and fit in the overhead compartment.


Are Umbrella Strollers Allowed on Planes?

As a general rule of thumb, the collapsible size of your stroller should not exceed 22 x 18 x 10"/56 x 45 x 25, which means umbrella strollers often fall outside these measurements and are not allowed to be brought onto the plane. It is likely you will need to gate check umbrella strollers. It is best to double check with your airlines prior to flying.


Is a Stroller Considered a Carry On?

In general, if you decide to bring your compact stroller onboard the plane and it fits within the carry on requirements, it will count towards your carry-on allowance. Otherwise, most airlines allow you to check in or gate check your stroller for free.


Wonder what size luggage is considered carry on? Read on.


Here's a Lightweight Stroller for Airplane Travel to Consider

TernX Carry On

TernX Carry On Stroller the best stroller for traveling abroad

Folded dimensions: 22 x 14 x 9”/55 x 36 x 23cm

Weight: 16.9 lbs (~7.7kg)

The TernX Carry-On is the best travel stroller for flying, and is a cutting-edge option for families on the go, providing several advantages that make travel simpler, more effective, and less stressful. For both parents and kids, this provides convenience and a smooth travel experience. TernX Carry-On is a collapsible stroller for travel. It complies with the IATA carry-on allowance.


Excellent for travel as it is a cabin-size pushchair and it provides storage for your belongings.


In the mean time, here's a summary of 50 airlines stroller policies at a glance.


Is it Free to Bring a Stroller on a Plane? 

Generally, if your stroller fits within the carry on dimensions and allowance of the airlines, you are allowed to bring a stroller on a plane for free. However, the stroller will count towards your carry on allowance. So, if you are flying a budget airline, make sure you take this into consideration as there may be additional charges if you have too many hand luggage with you.


Can I Take a Full Size Stroller on an Airplane?

No, you are not allowed to take a full size stroller on an airplane. Only strollers that are folded small enough to fit carry on requirements can be taken on an airplane.


51 Airlines Stroller Policy

Aer Lingus

For an infant, one fully folding stroller is permitted, together with either a car seat, booster seat, or travel cot.


Aeroflot Russian Airlines

A collapsible stroller with maximum dimensions of 42 х 50 х 20 cm is allowed onboard when travelling with a child.



Baby strollers/buggies/prams can be carried free of charge as checked baggage provided they are being used by an infant and/or child that is traveling.


Air Canada

One stroller no larger than 25.5 x 92cm per child may be checked for free at the baggage office or the boarding gate. A stroller for each child is permitted in addition to carry-on and checked baggage.


Air China

As long as its total dimensions don't exceed those permitted for typically checked luggage, a stroller or bassinet may also be checked in for free.


Air France

A carry-on item weighing up to 10 kg, a car seat, and a foldable stroller or baby carrier allowed in the hold.


Air New Zealand

You are allowed to check two items as part of your baggage allowance. Buggy/stroller, car seat or bassinet.


Alaska Airlines

You can either wait until you get to the gate area or check these goods with your other luggage without any cost at your end.


American Airlines

1 stroller allowed to be checked free of charge.


ANA - All Nippon Airways

Strollers that fold up, portable cradles, and kid seats can be checked in for free.


Asiana Airlines

You can include a bassinet, travel cot, car seat, or lightweight stroller free of charge.


Austrian Airlines

Strollers are permitted, but if they weigh more than 10 kg, they must be checked in.



Strollers can be checked in free of charge.


British Airways

Each infant and toddler may check up to two of the following necessary items into the hold: completely foldable pushchair (stroller), booster, portable cot.


Cathay Pacific

An umbrella-type collapsible stroller or any type of foldable stroller within the standard cabin bag size and weight after folding is allowed (if cabin stowage is available).


Cebu Pacific Air

You can check in strollers free of charge.


China Airlines

A passenger under 2 can have a fully collapsible stroller/pushchair, infant carrying basket, or car seat checked as baggage or be accepted as a carry-on in the passenger cabin subject to the availability of space.


Delta Air Lines

They don't charge extra for using strollers or child restraint devices. These are not considered part of your (or your ticketed child's) checked baggage allowance.



You can carry two items for your child in the hold for your baby for free. These consist of a portable crib, stroller, car seat, portable or conventional pram, booster seat, and/or baby carrier.



Strollers are allowed to be taken onboard free of charge.



Strollers can be brought inside the cabin if there is room, but if not, they must be checked in for free.


Ethiopian Airlines

For infants under the age of two, you are allowed a stroller and car seat without charge.


Frontier Airlines

Strollers are permitted, however, once you get to the gate, they must be examined from there. The stroller will be free to check in.


Garuda Indonesia

Stroller allowed as checked-in luggage.


Hainan Airlines

One baby back carrier and light collapsible baby buggy or pushchair (that can be carried, such that the volume and weight do not exceed carry-on baggage restrictions, and can be put in the baggage compartment above the seat or under the seat directly in front of the passenger.


Japan Airlines

Baby carriage or stroller can be taken aboard only if it is foldable to fit within the required size of carry-on baggage.


Jetblue Airways

One stroller allowed and does not count toward your carry-on or checked bag allowance.



When traveling with a baby or young child, you can check any number of the following items — a pram, a stroller, a portable cot, and/or a highchair for no additional cost.


Kenya Airways

Strollers are checked in for free.


Korean Air

Strollers with a combined size greater than 115 cm may be used up until the boarding gate, but after that, they must be checked in as luggage. Strollers that fold up completely and measure less than 100 x 20 x 20 cm are permitted on board.


LATAM Airlines

Strollers with detachable restraint systems (Travel System) are classified as single items and can therefore be transported with either all of the components (base and chair) or just one of them. We will send it to the hold at no additional charge if there is no room in the cabin.



Strollers are permitted on board; however, some flights may require that they are placed in the hold.


Norwegian Air

5kg of regular free baggage allowance and you are allowed one stroller and car seat.



Collapsible strollers that meet the carry-on allowance baggage dimensions in their collapsed state and weigh less than 7 kgs can be brought onboard however will be counted as a piece of the accompanying adult’s carry-on baggage allowance.


Qatar Airways

Each infant is allowed a stroller, carrycot that collapses, or pushchair.


Royal Brunei Airlines

Strollers for infants must be checked in and are not permitted as hand luggage. Lightweight strollers can sometimes be checked in at the boarding gate, depending on the airport. Once at the destination and after leaving the flight, these strollers will be returned.


Royal Air Maroc

You are not charged extra to transfer your child's stroller. A stroller that fits in the baggage compartments and has dimensions no larger than 15 x 30 x 100 cm is permitted to travel with you.



Free use of two pieces of baby gear per child: one pushchair and one car seat, booster seat, or travel cot.


Saudi Arabian Airlines

Infants are allowed an infant-carrying basket, a fully foldable stroller, or a baby seat.


Singapore Airlines

A small, collapsible, light stroller can be brought into the cabin.


South African Airways

Infants are allowed one accessible folding stroller or buggy, a car seat, and one piece of checked luggage up to 23 kg.


Southwest Airlines

Customers with children are allowed to check one stroller and one car seat without charge.



You may bring so-called “pocket buggies” on board as part of your free hand baggage allowance, provided they are packed accordingly and are no longer recognizable as pushchairs.


Thai Airways International

Strollers can be checked in free of charge.



Pushchairs are transported for free in addition to your permitted amount of luggage.



A stroller or completely folded crib to be transported to the aircraft door. The crew will put it in the aircraft hold and hand it over to the Passenger at the door of the aircraft once arrived at the destination.


United Airlines

United Airlines Stroller policy allows standard strollers, folding wagons, and car seats can be used to get to your gate and then checked for free. They’ll be returned to you on arrival. Collapsible strollers can be stored in-cabin.


Vietnam Airlines

Passengers should check-in their baby stroller, or they may use it up to the boarding gate. 


Virgin Australia

You're entitled to carry special items free of charge: pram, portable cot, car seat, baby capsule


Vueling Airlines

Passengers travelling with an infant may also check in a total of two extra items: pushchair, carrycot, car seat or cot.



You can check a car seat and stroller for free while traveling with a young child. 


If you are looking to bring your car seat on the flight, read here for more information on flying with a car seat.


Here are some tips on how to deep clean your stroller after your travels.


Flying with a Stroller

Hope this gives you a better idea on what is possible when flying with a stroller. The key is to do your research beforehand. From personal experience, traveling with a stroller on board is much safer and easier. You are certain the stroller is with you at all times and you reduce the risk of your stroller being damaged during transportation.


Furthermore, you have a peace of mind knowing that there is a spot for your child to rest during layovers. Not only that, having a stroller with you at the airport gives you more control over your immediate surroundings, especially when you are navigating through crowded and busy airports. Have fun on your next journey!

If you want to know exactly the allowed size of luggage for carry on regarding these airlines, read here.

Don't forget to check out our tips for traveling on an airplane with kids.

Happy journeys!





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