The Best Travel Stroller Bags for Flying with a Stroller

When looking for the best stroller travel bags, make sure that you look for one that is durable and of high quality. This can help you protect the baby stroller appropriately, prevent any unwanted damage throughout your journey and travel smoothly.

Considering you are looking for the best travel stroller bag, that means you have decided to fly with a baby stroller. Check out this guide on flying with a stroller. You can find everything you need to know about flying with a stroller as well as major airline policies about strollers and bringing it on a plane.

There are many single and double strollers to choose from. Here are some tips on the best travel stroller bag depending on the type of stroller you have.


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Protect Your Stroller with the Best Travel Stroller Bag


What to Look for in a Stroller Travel Bag

  • padded shoulder straps for ease of carry
  • padded stroller travel bag to protect your travel stroller
  • adjustable shoulder straps
  • durable and tear-resistant material
  • water resistant material


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Type of Stroller Bags for Travel - 13 Best Stroller Travel Bags

1. Alnoor USA Store Gate Check Bag

Best travel stroller bag - Alnoor USA Store Gate Check Bag

Measurements: 48" x 25" x 17"


It is large and can fit most car seat brands. Its color is easily distinguishable being bright orange. It has multiple straps. And the materials used are very durable because it’s made from high-quality nylon with water-resistant materials.


Due to its size, some car seat is too small for it thus making it hard to carry and cumbersome.


2. Compono Stroller Travel Bag 

Best travel stroller bag - Compono Stroller Travel Bag

Measurements: 48” x 25”  x 19”


This bag is travel bag is very spacious and thus fit for most car seats and wagons. The materials used in this product are thick and durable thus ensuring the safety of what’s inside. It holds strollers and wagons and still has plenty of room to have.

It is a very good investment for your kids, especially if your family is fond of traveling. Stroller bags can help you keep your strollers in place and prevent any damage.


Due to its larger size the capacity you put into it may be overestimated and may cause damage to the bag. The velcro is not very great because it gets opened once in a while even if a great force is not used.


3. Gate Check Pro XL Double Stroller Bag for Airplane Travel

Best travel stroller bag - Gate Check Pro Stroller Bag

Measurements: 47" x 26" x 17"


This product is very durable due to its materials. It protects the stroller and wagons from dirt and other external damage. Due to its large size it fits even double strollers. It’s best feature is that it is very easy to fold and install.


Due to its large size, it gives the impression that it can hold onto very heavy items but it does not. It tears up when the weight of the luggage is very heavy. Also there is no wheel therefore it does not offer that kind of comfort and maneuverability.


4. J.L Childress Gate Check Bag

Best travel stroller bag - JL Childress Gate Check Bag

Measurements: 46”  x 21” x 13”


The measurement fits perfectly with most strollers and car seats. Given how dirty the airport and planes are, it offers very good protection from dirt and germs. The product can hold so much weight that it won’t tear down even if the product contained inside is very heavy. Due to its materials, it is very sturdy and can last very long.


The strings has a tendency to loosen or break easily that’s is why extra care is indeed needed when handling this product. The lid also has tendency to slipped open.


5. J.L Childress Gate Check Bag for Standard and Double Strollers

Best travel stroller bag - JL Childress Gate Check Bag Double

Measurements: 46” x 21” x 13”


It is not very large and might not hold all brands of strollers. It has good materials that protect the strollers from external elements such as scratches, dirt, germs, and many more. It’s durability offers also not just sturdiness but water resistance too. The drawstrings on this product is also as durable like the whole bag itself. It can also be fold easily after use.


There are some strollers which do not fit in this bag. The handles of this bag is also a nuisance because not only it is not placed well, it is also very small and can be viewed as inconvenient. Also, it has limited maneuverability.


6. My Easy Stroller Travel Bag

 Best travel stroller bag - My Easy Stroller Travel Bag

Measurements: 47” x 24” x 18”


As this travel bag is so roomy, it fits most car seats and carts. This item's thick and sturdy construction ensures the protection of the contents inside. It can accommodate wagons and strollers while still having plenty of space. An excellent investment. Its handle is also very user-friendly because it’s not hard and has an adjustable strap.


There are several gaps that may not prevent water from coming in or any other external things such as germs or dust.


7. Bramble XL Stroller Travel Bag



Bramble XL stroller travel bag

Measurements: 47” x 24” x 15”


The stroller bag fits big strollers without issues. It also comes with a built in ID window and luggage tag, making it easy to identify. It also comes with shoulder straps which makes it easy to carry around.


Unfortunately some users reports the material is not durable and rips easily.


8. Onguard Stroller Travel Bag

Onguard Stroller Gate Check Bag

Measurements: 46” x 21” x 13”


It is more durable and keeps dust, filth, and bacteria from your stroller. It fits everyone and features an ergonomic shape for added comfort while traveling. Two cushioned shoulder straps come with the bag.

It has a special place where you may write your name. It also includes a further zippered compartment to hold other equipment. Simple to fold and store. rip- and water-resistant


The straps might easily break when there is too much weight beyond their capacity.


9. Profaster Travel Bag

Best travel stroller bag - Profaster Travel Bag

Measurements: 34" x 18" x 18" (Universal Size)

A folding pocket is included with the travel stroller cover from ProFaster. The bag is suitable for the majority of compact strollers and kid car seats and has a depth of 18 inches. Oxford polyester which is waterproof and rip-proof is used to make it. The bag is perfect for long-term usage because it is lightweight and features sturdy stitching.

It boasts cushioned shoulder straps with an ergonomic design for increased comfort when traveling. You may carry other necessities like diapers, bottles, keys, and clothing in the integrated zipper pocket.


There is a baggage tab that is included with the product. The front handle is also very sturdy compared to other products. It is heavy-duty but still comfortable when using it because of the two side straps that are attached to it.

To make sure that everything is secured, there is a buckle that you can use to keep everything closed.


The problem with this product is it can get easily torn off. Some individuals reported that the handles of this travel bag can easily get shattered. Hence, being extra careful can go a long way.


10. reperkid Double Stroller Travel Bag

Best travel stroller bag - Reperkid Stroller Travel Bag

Fitted with a set of movable straps to make traveling easy. It is constructed from strong, lightweight materials, such as nylon that is very resistant to dirt. For easier identification, you may write your name on the card slot.

The bag is fashionable, space-efficient, and perfect for double strollers. The blue stroller travel bag has a zippered pocket for storing things. It has also an adjustable lock and backpack style straps in case you need them.

Measurements: 47" x 24" x 15"


It comes with a drawstring that will allow its user to easily use it. This product has a space that can fit a stroller. The stitching of this stroller bag is above average and you can check that there is double stitching on all of its sides to ensure that it will not rip apart easily.


There is a tendency for the buckles and straps might loosen up or worse, it can break.


11. Romirus Stroller Travel Bag

Best travel stroller bag - Romirus Stroller Travel Bag

Measurements: 15.75" x 8.66" x 1.57"


The material of this product is made up of durable and high-quality materials.


Straps may be damaged if you add additional weight besides the stroller. They may tear up if not stored and used well.


12. Volkgo Large Stroller Bag

Best travel stroller bag - Volgo Stroller Bag

Measurements: 47” x 24” x 18”


This product has two straps that will allow its user to carry it easily. It is stitched based on wear-and-tear resistant technology that will help in preserving the product and preventing it from damage.


The flooding of the volkgo stroller bag can be complicated for some people. Also, the normal issues about the straps can also be applicable to this product. Hence, being extra careful in putting too many items aside from the stroller will help the bag preserve its durability.


13. Zohzo Stroller Bag

Best travel stroller bag - Zohzo Stroller Bag

Measurements: 41" x 21" x 13.5"

This bag is considered as one of the best stroller travel bags to buy.


It is water and tear-resistant. There is also an attached ID tag that will help people who lost their stroller bags to find them again. They can put their name and contact details in case this happens.

There are also protective rugged feet that will serve as an extra layer of protection against dirt, dust, and tearing.


The problem with this product is it does not have any wheels in it. You also need to be more careful with the zippers because they might break if you put too many items inside. Avoid placing other materials in your stroller bag to prevent them from breaking.



How Do You Pack a Stroller for Check-in?

Check in baggage can be roughly handled. The safest way to pack and transport a stroller would be to pack it in a box or a padded stroller bag for airplane. You can pack additional diapers or blankets or clothes within the padded stroller bag for additional padding and protection.

You can also choose to engage wrapping services at the airport to protect the entire stroller from damage such as scratches or breakage. Saying that, wrapping your stroller would not provide additional padding to protect your stroller. Instead, it deters people from tampering with your stroller.

If you forgot to pack your stroller prior to checking it in, some airlines may provide you with a plastic bag to pack your stroller. Just be mindful if you do not pack your stroller properly for check in, there is a high chance of it getting damaged.


Are Car Seat Travel Bags Worth It?

Yes, car set travel stroller bags are worth it. It can significantly protect your item against dust, scratches, and other types of damage that you might encounter along the way. Baggage gets transported and handled multiple times and can be mishandled during the process causing damage to your stroller if not packed appropriately.

Also, look for a bag that has a large capacity and allows you to place a name tag in case of lost baggage. There are those products that are made up of dual zipper, durable nylon, and double stitched seams.

There are also those bags that offer double buckles and drawstring closure systems.


Do Airlines Provide Stroller Bags?

Most airlines provide plastic bags where you can place your stroller. However, this is not the quality that you can get when you buy a good quality stroller travel bag.

The airline staff can give it to you once your request it. But do not expect that the quality of the bag that they will give to you is the same as the one that you can get when you buy a stroller bag from the stores.

If you are bringing your own bag, make sure that you buy padded backpack straps and those that are suitable for air travel.


Do You Need a Travel Bag for Stroller When You Check It In? 

No, there is no requirement from different airlines that you must place your stroller inside a travel bag before it can be checked in as a piece of additional baggage.

However, the tedious process of traveling from one place to another and other external factors that may damage your stroller will convince you that you need a stroller bag. Scratches, damages, and other external issues are preventable if you learn that buying a travel stroller bag can save you more space, money, energy, and time.

When you decide to fly with a baby stroller, it is important to ensure your stroller goes through the least handling to minimise the chance of damage. If you are going to check in your stroller with your bags or gate check your stroller, the safest way to transport your stroller would be to pack it in a padded stroller bag.


Protect Your Stroller with the Best Travel Stroller Bag

Lugging baby essentials to and from the airport can be demanding but it is important to secure their safety at all times.

Choosing the perfect stroller bag for you can be confusing since there are numerous types of bags in the market. Make sure you know the dimensions of your stroller and the travel bag that you are looking for.

Having a travel stroller bag to protect your checked in stroller is your best bet to ensure you have a functional stroller at your destination, or, you can just get the international award-winning TernX Carry On. The most awarded compact stroller that fits in the overhead bin and meets both IATA & TSA carry-on size standards. This will save you the worry of baggage handlers mishandling your stroller. You can also check out our article on how a hand luggage pram can simplify family travel.


Happy journeys!






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