How a Hand Luggage Pram Can Help Simplify Family Travel

Flying with babies and toddlers can be stressful, but having the right equipment makes it much easier. The TernX Carry On hand luggage pram is designed to make family travel simpler by allowing you to keep your little ones safe and comfortable while keeping all of your essentials close at hand.


With features such as a lightweight design, easy storage capabilities, and multiple carrying options – this handy piece of kit will help take away some of the stress associated with air travel for parents flying with their children in tow.


It is the ultimate kids travel solution. In this blog post we’ll look at why investing in a quality folding pram for travel is worth considering for any parent looking to simplify their next flight experience.


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Benefits of a Hand Luggage Pram

For parents, traveling with an infant or toddler can be a daunting undertaking; however, using a hand luggage pram is the perfect way to make family travel easier and less stressful. A hand luggage stroller is the perfect solution to make family travel easier and more stress-free.


These cabin sized strollers are designed to fit within airline size restrictions, making them ideal for flying with young children. Here are some of the benefits of using a carry on stroller:


Space Saving:

Hand luggage prams offer great space saving advantages over traditional strollers. They have a lightweight frame and compact foldability that allows them to fit into most overhead lockers on major airlines without taking up too much space. The lightweight and foldable design of a travel stroller makes it simple to bring along as a carry on alongisde with the necessary items for your baby without having to incur extra baggage fees or strain yourself with a heavy load.


Stress-Free Travel:

With a carry on stroller you don’t need to worry about checking in your stroller at the gate or waiting for it at baggage claim after landing – simply take it on board with you. The cabin size pushchair also makes maneuvering through busy airports much easier than when pushing around a regular-sized stroller, allowing you to navigate quickly and efficiently from one place to another without any hassle.


Many models come equipped with features such as storage baskets and front wheel suspension which provide maximum comfort during long trips away from home. Some even include options for newborn packs so that babies can sleep comfortably while being transported from one destination to another - no more waking up grumpy babies. 


Having a hand luggage pram can be an invaluable asset to parents traveling with babies and toddlers, providing convenience, space saving capabilities and stress-free travel. To ensure the best experience possible when selecting a hand luggage stroller, there are several key features that should be taken into consideration.

Mother pushing suitcase stroller with one hand and carrying child on the other



What to Look for in a Hand Luggage Pram

When selecting a hand luggage pram, there are several important features to consider. Size and weight restrictions should be taken into account when choosing a pram for air travel. The airline you’re flying with will have specific requirements for carry-on items, so make sure your chosen pram meets these standards before packing it as your hand luggage.


When selecting a pram for air travel, it is essential to ensure that the materials used are high quality and robust enough for frequent use or extended trips. Comfort and safety features such as adjustable handle height, functional canopy, and front wheel suspension should also be considered when making your selection.


Finally, don't forget about convenience factors like luggage storage capacity and portability when shopping around for a suitable carry on stroller. Think about how easy it will be to pack away after each journey and how comfortable carrying it through busy airports will feel once fully loaded up with all those essential baby supplies.


Look out for models which offer lightweight frames combined with large storage baskets beneath their seats; perfect for storing everything from nappies to toys while keeping hands free during transit.



TernX Carry On – The Perfect Hand Luggage Pram for Families on the Go

The TernX Carry On is the perfect hand luggage pram for families on the go. It is both a buggy and carry on luggage. Its lightweight design and compact foldability make it easy to store in the overhead compartment, while its smooth ride and maximum comfort features ensure a stress-free travel experience.


Lightweight Design and Compact Foldability:

This cabin sized stroller is designed to fit major airlines’ carry-on requirements. This stroller's compact size makes it ideal for transporting through airports or storage when not in use. The luggage feature makes maneuvering your pram even easier, allowing you to wheel your bag with one hand while holding your baby with the other as you enter the plane.


Easy Maneuverability and Smooth Ride:

This carry on stroller has front wheel suspension for a smoother ride over bumps and uneven surfaces as well as swivel wheels that allow you to maneuver around confined spaces like airport queues with ease. The adjustable handlebar ensures parents of any height can comfortably push their little ones around without having to stoop down or hunch over too much.

TernX Carry On Stroller that fits in overhead bin 

This compact stroller is equipped with a range of features to ensure maximum comfort and safety for babies and toddlers during long journeys. It has a supportive reclinable seat suitable for babies 6 month old and above. Additionally, the 5-point harness system ensures your little one stays secure at all times. All in all, this carry on stroller has got you covered both at the airport and in flight.


TernX Carry On the only stroller with luggage space


Ample Storage to Keep Your Hands Free:

This travel stroller doubles as a carry on luggage. It has luggage storage capacity of 18L, which is sufficient space to hold your travel documents, baby food, snacks, nappies, wet wipes and a few more items.


In addition, the storage basket at the bottom offers plenty of space for essential items such as your diaper bag or personal item, making sure everything stays within reach.


Additionally, its removable canopy helps protect against sun glare during sunny days across Europe, giving parents peace of mind knowing their little ones are safe from harmful UV rays whilst traveling abroad.


The TernX Carry On is the perfect solution for parents looking to enjoy convenient airport travel. With its lightweight design, easy maneuverability and maximum comfort features, this hand luggage pram will make your journey smoother and more enjoyable.

TernX suitcase stroller for airplane travel


How to Use Your Hand Luggage Pram at the Airport

When traveling with a baby or toddler, having the right carry on stroller is essential. Pre-boarding preparations are key to ensure your travels go smoothly and stress free. First, check that all parts of the pram meet size and weight restrictions for major airlines.


You should also make sure you have easy access to items like diapers, snacks, toys and other essentials when you reach security checks or boarding gates by storing them in the luggage compartment or your diaper bag.


Boarding with your hand luggage pram should be relatively straightforward if done correctly. When checking in at the gate, let staff know that you will need assistance getting onto the plane as well as help stowing away your pram overhead - many airlines provide complimentary assistance for families traveling with young children.


Once on board it is important to secure any loose items before take off; this will ensure no objects fall out during turbulence which could cause harm to passengers below.


Navigating through airports can often be difficult, but having a hand luggage pram makes life much easier. Look out for ramps instead of stairs where possible; most airports now have dedicated lifts specifically designed for wheelchairs which are also suitable for use with cabin-sized strollers.


Using a folding pram for travel can make the airport experience much easier for parents with small children. With some planning ahead, it is possible to navigate through airports with ease while keeping your little ones entertained during the flight.



Tips for Flying with Babies and Toddlers Using a Hand Luggage Stroller

Planning Ahead:

With careful consideration and preparation, you can minimize stress during your trip. First of all, consider the size and weight restrictions for hand luggage strollers when choosing one for your journey. Double check that the model you choose meets the requirements of major airlines so that it is accepted in their overhead lockers or at boarding gates.


Keeping Kids Entertained During Flight:

To simplify family travel and ensure an enjoyable journey for both parents and children alike, try to keep kids entertained during flight time by packing plenty of activities such as books, toys or games into their hand luggage stroller or storage basket.


Also consider bringing along snacks like fruit pouches or crackers which are easy to eat while on board without making too much mess. If possible bring headphones too so they can watch movies on a tablet device while keeping sound levels low enough not to disturb other passengers around them.


Remember that there can be moments when plans don't pan out - especially with tots in tow. Keeping calm in these situations will help everyone stay relaxed throughout the journey; if something goes wrong just take a few deep breaths before trying again later on. It might also help if you pack extra diapers in case of any accidents.


Lastly, make sure you check all necessary documents like passports ahead of time - this way nothing will get forgotten last minute causing unnecessary delays at security checks or boarding gates.


FAQs in Relation to Hand Luggage Stroller

Are Prams Allowed as Cabin Baggage?

It depends on the airline. Generally, most airlines allow prams and strollers to be checked in as part of the regular baggage allowance. However, some airlines may not accept them or require additional fees for larger items such as a double stroller.


As for bringing your pram as cabin luggage, make sure you are aware of the airline's regulations on carry on allowance and prams before taking them onboard.


What Size Pram Can You Take on a Plane?

Most airlines allow parents to take a pram or stroller onboard the plane if there is extra room. Pram dimensions must be adhered to, including a maximum length and width of 115 cm when folded, as well as not exceeding 10 kg (22 lbs).


It is advisable to confirm with your airline ahead of time for their individual rules and regulations regarding prams. Additionally, some airlines may require you to check in your pram at the gate before boarding.


Do Prams Get Damaged on Flights?

It is possible for prams to get damaged, but it depends on the airline and how they handle baggage. Generally, prams get damaged during transportation between check in and baggage claim. Most airlines will take extra care when handling strollers or other items with children's equipment. However, if the pram isn't packed adequately in a stroller bag, there's a high chance it can be damaged during transportation and transit.


On the other hand, when you bring your travel stroller on the plane, this is when you have maximum control of your belongings. The stroller fits in the overhead compartment and can be stored securely during the flight. There's minimal cross handling which gives you peace of mind that it is unlikely to be damaged when brought on board.


Is it free to bring a stroller on a plane?

Yes, most airlines allow you to bring a stroller on board for free. You may be required to check the stroller at the gate before boarding. In some cases, your stroller will count as one of your carry-on luggage and must meet size requirements. It is best to contact your airline prior to travel for specific guidelines regarding bringing a stroller onboard an aircraft.


Having a Hand Luggage Pram Simplifies Family Travel

Traveling with a hand luggage stroller can be the perfect solution for parents who are looking to make their family travel experience simpler and stress-free. A hand luggage stroller is an invaluable tool for parents, providing a compact size, ease of use at airports and the ability to store all your necessary items while on the go.


Whether you're flying long distances or short trips around town, having a reliable travel stroller will help ensure that your travels with babies and toddlers remain as hassle-free as possible.


To learn more about flying with a stroller, read this article and access stroller policies for 50 airlines at one glance.


"Make your next family trip a breeze with TernX - the hand luggage pram designed to simplify travel for parents flying with babies and toddlers. Get yours today and experience hassle-free journeys!"





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