The Secret to Carry On Only Travel with Kids

The world is yours to explore and families don't have to go all that far to explore, dream and discover. Life can be great when you try something new. Traveling light has a lot of advantages in contrast to traveling with mountains of bags. One of the tricks that family travelers do if they want to pack only what's necessary is by making a comprehensive packing list. Fill your carry-on bags with only the vital items and leave those that will contribute more weight to your baggage rather than function (eg. 3 pairs of shoes). And if you are traveling with babies you can read about the best-ever tips for traveling with babies here.


There are many items available that will help keep your journey enjoyable and less of a hassle. Lightweight stroller for airplane travel, packing cubes, and organizers for your personal item are just a few of the items you can purchase before your big trip. So, if you are planning that trip with your family soon and opting not to bring the whole house with you, here are some carry-on travel tips that might just save you a lot of energy, extra cost from excess baggage, and serve you a lot of fun!

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Table of Contents

1. Tips for Traveling with Carry-On Bags Only

2. Carry-On Luggage Travel Tips

3. The Advantages of Travel with Carry-On Only


Tips for Traveling with Carry-on Bags Only

Research Airline Carry On Rules

Each airline has unique guidelines when it comes to the size and weight of your carry-on bags. Luggage weight restriction is one of the most crucial rules that you need to follow to avoid delays and extra charges. As an example, around 15lbs to 22lbs (7kg to 10kg) are the standard weight most airlines allow as a carry-on onto their plane. The dimension of your carry-on bags must also fit at the overhead bin of the plane. As more airlines are charging for extra baggage, knowing airport carry-on guidelines beforehand will save you the hassle of having to look for an alternate bag or paying extra at check-in for excess baggage.

Check-in in Advance 

If you have a flight the following day, it is ideal to check-in in advance, preferably twenty-four hours before your flight. Checking in ahead of time will give you the chance to choose the best seats on the plane and make sure that you and your kids are seated together. Also, it enables you to reserve a seat that offers more legroom or upgrades for a charge to bulkhead seats to ensure your kids are seated right beside in an area where there's enough legroom and near the restroom.

Invest in Good Quality Carry On Suitcase for Everyone

A suitcase that is versatile and has additional functions will save you a lot of money from buying separate travel essentials. The best stroller to travel with - TernX Carry On is designed for families who love to travel and offers a simple, stylish and considered solution to a pain point in so many people's lives. The dimension of the TernX Carry On is standardized to fit any overhead bins, it has adjustable handlebar height, adjustable backrest height, and reclinable seat. A suitcase intended for adventurous families who understand the hassle while being flying with kids. TernX is the family travel solution that converts travel mishaps into a fun experience.

Packing Cube Sets for Each Family Member

Packing cubes are a secret travel hack that keeps travel items organized, and clean. Using packing cubes makes packing and unpacking your travel essentials a lot easier and faster. Packing cubes can also serve as your luggage's drawers that will help maintain all your items in good condition, separated, and easily accessible. Packing cubes are available in different online stores and traveling carry-ons will be the perfect pair for packing cubes of different sizes. Packing cubes come in different sizes, from extra small to extra large. Packing cubes can hold your bathroom essentials, toiletries, and gadget cords. It is a travel hack every family traveler must have inside their carry-on suitcase.

The secret to Carry On only travel with TernX Carry On Hand Luggage Stroller


Carry-on Luggage Travel Tips

Pack a Week's Worth of Clothes

Regardless of how long your trip will be, be it two weeks or five days, pack only a week's worth of clothes but with a lot of extra underwear 😀. It is more practical to pay for a load of laundry at your destination than paying for that extra baggage weight. Apart from traveling light, you will have more energy to actually be there with your family physically and mentally.

Pack Carry-on Size Toiletries

Toiletries are available anywhere. Don't bring that big bottle of shampoo or conditioner, instead use carry-on size bottles. You can always get more toiletries when you get to your destination. Apart from having more room in your bag for other more important travel essentials, it will also lighten the load for each member of the family.

Bring (Wear) Your Thick Clothes and Bulky Shoes on the Plane

The best way to choose the kind of shoes to bring is by knowing the activities you will be engaging in beforehand. Shoes can increase the weight of your luggage a lot which will give you less space for clothes and other travel necessities. So, if you have shoes that are versatile and can be used for different kinds of occasions and destinations, it is best to wear them and pack flip flops to lighten the load.

Pack Outfits You Feel Comfortable Wearing 

Apart from basing your choice of clothes on the weather of your destination, it is also equally important that you will be comfortable wearing them. You might want to bring some of your clothes that you are saving for special occasions but it is also vital to bring the ones that will make your travel experience a breeze. The more comfortable your clothes are, the easier it is for you to move around.

Choose the Most Ideal Gadgets to Bring 

If you have five phones, it does not mean you will have to bring each one whenever you go traveling. So, before you pack your gadgets, think of your activities when you get to your destination and choose the gadget that will best serve its purpose. Also, gadgets are the main entertainment for kids nowadays, so if you want your kids to kill time with technology while waiting for your plane to arrive at your destination, choose a gadget fit for your purpose. Also, travel apps are essential when you are in a foreign country. So, it is best to choose a gadget that is more equipped to open maps and applications promptly.

Let your Kids Take their Own Carry-On Bags 

Letting your kids have their own bags will promote independence and will teach them how to become more responsible for themselves and their belongings. Also, it will be of great advantage for you so you need not have to carry their bags for them. Additionally, giving your kids the responsibility to tend to their belongings will teach them lessons about being independent and responsible while having fun. You can check out our article on the best carry-on for kids here.


Invest in Carry-on Jackets

Carry-on jackets have a lot of convenience pockets that will be beneficial for you if you need some space to store small important belongings or safe-keep your gadgets, money, and tickets. Carry-on jackets have a lot of room for expensive items and you can easily store your jewelry or cash discreetly. Your carry-on jacket will serve as your vault in plain sight. Hence, no thief would probably think you have a diamond ring hidden in there.


Duty-Free Travel Hack

If you ever get to the airport and your baggage weighs more than it should, just simply purchase something from Duty-Free. You can place your heavy items inside your Duty-Free bag and you will need not pay for that extra baggage weight. You can bring your Duty-Free bag on the plane for free along with your other personal carry-on bags.


The Advantages of Travel with Carry On Only

Save Money from Excessive Checked Baggage Fees

If you only carry the essentials when traveling, you will have more money for more adventures than spending it on your baggage fees. You will have more budget for eating out at great restaurants or more extra cash for souvenirs. A fun and innovative multi-solution product that can keep your child happy is key for a seamless journey. The TernX Carry On is a luggage stroller hybrid that does just that!


Minimal Chance of Losing Your One Bag

If you only have one bag to worry about, it is likely for you to forget about it. You will be going to have it with you at all times. With a carry-on-only suitcase, you will have everything you need in one bag. Thus, you will have plenty of time for doing other fun things with your kids instead of repeatedly organizing, searching, and tending your bags.


No Need to Wait In Line

If you are only bringing carry-on baggage, you don't have to wait for minutes just to have your bags checked. It will be more beneficial if you are with your kids. Your airport time will be a breeze and you will have more time to prepare for the flight than wasting time waiting in line. 

Quick Getting In and Off the Plane

If you only brought one bag with you, getting on the plane is easy, but not as easy as getting off. upon arrival. just simply take your carry-on bag out of the overhead bin and off you go! 

In Between Transportation Is Easier

With just one bag, getting from one place to another will be less hassle. Given that you and your kids have only one bag each, it will be easier for you to shove it all in one cab. Traveling light means no more transportation stress and more enjoyable moments. When you travel with kids, you would want as much convenience and comfort on your end, so if each one has a large suitcase, that means you will need to request double transportation just to fit all your belongings. So, save money and stress and travel carry-on only.


Traveling light has a lot of advantages especially when you are traveling with little kids. You will get to save a lot of money and energy while being able to enjoy the moment with your kids. Traveling light is the new way of traveling in this era. Given you have brought the right gadgets and packed the right things, your family travel will never fall short of fun family moments.

Traveling with your kids will teach them a lot about what is life like in other countries. it will give them a whole new perspective on how other people live in other places. Additionally, if you want to promote independence, giving your kids the responsibility to watch over themselves when traveling while keeping their carry-on luggage safe, clean, and organized, they will be able to learn it the hard way but in an unfamiliar environment. For that reason, your kids will be more responsible and mature when you get back home to your comfort zones. They will carry these qualities until they grow up and do travels on their own. 

So, since your kids are still young, curious, and full of energy, why not teach them traveling hacks that will be useful not only when traveling but in real life. Be your kid's travel buddy and travel guru that will educate them with the knowledge they will never get to learn from schools or books. Traveling is an amazing teacher that not only your kids will benefit from. As you explore the world with your carry-on luggage, you will unlock perspectives far from what you know while feeling the breeze of traveling light.


That's a wrap and we hope you have found these tips helpful.


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