Diaper Bag Organization: How and What To Pack in Your Diaper Bag Backpack

Flying is not easy, let alone flying with babies. One thing that all parents can appreciate is a well-organized diaper bag backpack plus packing and traveling light. The day just seems to run more smoothly when you’re not frantically searching for something your baby needs. When everything is just thrown in, important items can often get lost in the depths of the abyss.


Packing for a trip can be an even more stressful endeavor. To alleviate some of that stress, one method is to travel light and minimize your belongings as you can always buy "what you left" during the trip. However, there is a better method and this approach is by maximizing your carry-on luggage allowance.


If possible, you can consider traveling with carry on only travel.


It guarantees that you can pack light without sacrificing the essentials. One of the key essentials to packing light is to find a durable and lightweight diaper backpack, and the unisex TernX travel diaper bag ticks all the boxes plus more. 


You’ll also want to leave out any items that might cause delays at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint. When packing your carry-on, be aware of the TSA’s carry-on rules and regulations. These include how much liquid you can bring on board and whether baby food is allowed.


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What Can You Bring in Your Carry On Luggage?

When flying with an infant, a travel diaper backpack is most convenient. Before you start packing, however, it’s important to know what you can or can’t bring on the plane. The TSA stipulates that any liquid, gel, cream, spray, or paste in a carry-on bag must weigh 3.4 ounces or less and has to comply with the 3-1-1 liquids regulation.

Baby Food

Baby food and snacks are allowed in carry-on diaper backpacks in moderate quantities. These goods must be removed from the carry-on bag and screened separately from other items.

Baby Formula or Breast Milk

You can carry breast milk, formula, toddler/baby drinks, or food (including puree pouches) over 3.4 ounces/100 milliliters. These are all considered medically essential liquids. Gel packs and freezer packs for keeping breast milk and formula cool also apply.


You must, however, notify the TSA officer if you are carrying formula, breast milk, toddler drinks, and baby/toddler meals (including purees) over 3.4 ounces. TSA agents may be required to inspect liquids for explosives or other traces of contraband.


It is best to transport formula and breast milk in transparent bottles rather than bags or pouches. Bottle Liquid Scanners may need help to screen liquids in plastic bags or pouches. However, these may be opened (if possible) for Vapor Analysis and Explosive Trace Detection to check for liquid explosives. Note that screening never involves adding anything to necessary fluids.


Does Baby’s Luggage Count as Luggage?

Infants who do not have their own seats typically have a limited luggage allowance. In the case of some carriers, such as All Nippon Airways, a travel stroller is considered part of your carry-on luggage allowance aside from personal items like your handbag.


Therefore, check the airline’s policy ahead of time. Children over two, on the other hand, often have the same luggage allowance as the adults they are traveling with.


Most airlines permit parents to bring one collapsible stroller and another piece of infant equipment for free. This should be verified before traveling since certain carriers, such as Turkish Airlines, only allow one piece of carry-on up to 8kg for free.


Organizing Your Diaper Backpack

Make your trip easier by utilizing the different compartments in your diaper backpack.

The Front Pocket

The TernX black diaper backpack offers a front pocket big enough to fit an iPad. The front pocket also fits its everyday clutch, which stores wipes, diapers, a change mat, phone, wallet, passport, and keys. This pocket holds all the essentials you will need for an emergency change and more.

The Main Compartment

The TernX large diaper bag backpack offers a clam shell opening for easy access to the main compartment. You can glance through all your belongings at once without hassle. Whether you’re looking for snacks, diapers, or clothes, you will be able to identify them right away. It also offers front zipper access. The main compartment offers individual mesh pockets to store your child’s belongings, like extra diapers, rash cream, or toys.

TernX Carry Pack the best diaper bag backpack to store all your Carry Pack belongings 

The Side Pockets

The TernX travel diaper backpack offers two expandable side pockets to fit bottles comfortably. Because they are deep, these pockets can easily fit tall bottles. The side pockets can also be used for snack boxes or an umbrella.


TernX Carry Pack Mens diaper backpack deep side pockets

The Expandable Bottom Compartment

In the event of an emergency, the TernX large diaper bag backpack has an expandable waterproof bottom compartment to store soiled clothes, thus keeping the dirties separate from the clean stuff. This compartment can be used to store shoes as well and offers and extra 5L of space. How awesome is that!

TernX Carry Pack Expandable diaper bag with waterproof compartment 


The Luggage Passthrough Strap

When you get tired of carrying your diaper backpack, the TernX travel diaper backpack’s luggage pass-through strap secures your backpack to your carry-on suitcase. It also comes with a hidden pocket to store your valuables, phone, and passport.


Stylish diaper bags backpack with luggage pass


Tips for Organizing Your Diaper Backpack

When you are organizing your diaper backpack, consider color coding your items. For example, pack all your liquid items in a clear plastic bag. Pack your documents separately for easy access. Pack snacks separately. Place your own carry-on items in a different bag. Use packing cubes to help with organization.


If you’re traveling with formula, portion the formula in advance. Store the formula and water separately and only mix them when your baby is ready for a bottle. Bring an extra bottle with you. If you are flying with breast milk, ensure that it is packed with ice in a cooler bag.


Keep liquid or creams in a sealed plastic bag. With the air pressure changes on a plane, there is a possibility of leakage. Packing your items carefully will prevent soiling your diaper backpack.


Diaper Bag Checklist for Travel

The essentials to include in your diaper bag depend on your destination, the weather, the trip duration, and your child. The following list includes diaper bag essentials with some optional additions:

  • Diapers—Baby’s diaper should generally be changed every 2–3 hours. When you are traveling, bring double the diapers needed for your flight.
  • Changing pad—Bring an easy-to-fold, washable mat that is perfect for on-the-go parents.
  • Wipes—Enjoy easy, one-hand access to wipes in your clutch. Wipes come in handy for cleaning spills, wiping your baby’s hands, or wiping down surfaces.
  • Hand sanitizer—Keep the germs away.
  • Ziploc bags—Bring extra bags for emergencies.
  • Diaper rash cream—Bring what your baby needs to protect and soothe irritated skin.
  • Muslin cloth/Baby blanket—Use as a swaddling blanket or comforting blanket.
  • Bib—Protect baby’s clothes from food or milk.
  • Change of clothes for mom and baby—These are essential in case of emergencies to continue traveling comfortably.
  • Baby bottle—Be sure to keep your little one fed and hydrated.
  • Books and toys—Bring favorite things to entertain your baby on the plane.
  • Pacifier—Even if your baby doesn’t use these often, they are perfect for take-off and landing.
  • First aid kit—Include items that will help handle minor emergencies quickly.


Be a Fully Equipped Parent With the TernX Travel Diaper Backpack

Prior to your flight, weigh your carry-on to ensure that you are within your carry-on allowance. To be safe, it may be wise to book extra baggage online in advance or check with your airline, as all airlines have different policies.


We hope these tips help make packing your diaper backpack easier so you can enjoy stress-free travel with your family. Visit TernX today to learn more about our diaper backpack, designed to help parents like you enjoy a hassle-free trip today.


Safe travels and happy trails!






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