How to Survive That Major Airport with Your Toddler

With the addition of young children to the otherwise simple process of flying, major airports become a whole new ball game with new challenges. If your travel plans take you and your toddler up in the air, read on for tips on getting to the airport high and happy.

From comical amounts of luggage, long check-in, and security queues to complete sensory overload, there are many hurdles to overcome for stress-free travel in a major airport. Flying with toddlers is challenging. They are fully mobile, totally opinionated, and incapable of all reason and logic at the most inopportune moments. With some knowledge and thoughtful planning, this process can go from a potential hot mess to cool, calm, and collected. From the best-ever tips for traveling with babies, are our top 3 top tips to ensure you survive the trip to and at the airport.

Arrive Early

An extended time spent at a major airport with young children may not sound very appealing, but not allowing enough time for everyone's comfort is a risky move. Major airports are extremely busy places, and the queues are usually long – sometimes really long. Allowing ample time to check-in bags, proceed through customs, locate your gate and find a comfortable spot for a proper meal before your flight will do wonders for everybody's state of mind. If everyone is boarding with their needs met and bellies full, a peaceful flight for all is much more likely.

Pack Smartly

Parents often pack to cover every scenario that might arise. Pack only essentials in your carry on. Pack and travel light making sure everything essential is accessible both at the airport and in the air. Attempt to minimize the number of bags in your carry-on luggage to ease transit, particularly if you have a connecting flight. Toddler backpacks are a great idea if the toddler will carry them. Otherwise, it will be just another bag to remember to grab. Prioritize space for a new toy or activity book picked up at the airport. It will provide amazing value for a toddler bored with their usual games. Try creating a baby toy with what is provided in flight. Babies love random objects, so be creative. A plastic bottle with something rattling in it, or whatever you can find, will intrigue them and you can just leave it on the plane.

Have an option for when they don't want to walk

Airports are big places, and little legs get tired. Check with the airline prior to the flight for policies on gate checking prams and strollers. Most allow a small stroller to be taken to the gate, where it is then collapsed and placed into the hold under the aircraft. If the stroller is above their size limit for this service, it will need to be checked in, so don't get caught off-guard at the gate. A great solution is the TernX Carry on, a carry-on with wheels incorporating a safety-approved seated pram for the infant or booster for the toddler. This means your little one can be wheeled straight through the airport and along the aisle to their seat. Traveling through a major airport presents a whole new set of challenges for parents and toddlers, but by choosing the TernX Carry on you can pack smartly while having your toddler safe and secure, all in the one bag.


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Stay well, be well and stay social.