10 Most Adventurous Experiences Around the World

The world is our playground and the benefits of family travel are immense. Adventures await somewhere, someplace and it's our job to seek them out! 😀 The daily nuisances of 'routines' can be dull and boring, why not put that spark back into life diving in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia or bungee jump of a cliff in New Zealand.

Life is all about adventures, adventures that will teach you lessons and let you experience the deviances of other countries while expanding your perspective. There are so many beautiful places in the world waiting to be explored. If you are a parent, being able to experience the world at your feet will encourage your young ones to do the same. In this fast-paced digital era, it is of great essence to collect actual experiences outdoors and add more pals to your friends' list in real life. So, why not take that big leap and give a few of our favorite adventures a go!


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10. Dive with Notorious Sharks in South Africa


Diving in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia

One of the world's greatest diversity of marine life is found at the Great Barrier Reef. Dive into its clear waters full of life and colors. It stretches up to 1,250 miles housing a vast amount of underwater dwellers. Dwarf minke sharks, manta rays, marine turtles, and other otherworldly sea creatures are what makes diving in the Great Barrier Reef an ultimate visual entertainment.

The Great Barrier Reef Australia

Not to mention the wide stretch of the sea bed. A massive seascape of grotesque yet alluring textured vibrant corals that serves as home to many sea animals. Every avenue of this massive extraordinary territory will bring you on a delightful field trip under the sea.


Ring Road Iceland

If you are one for bikes, Ring Road Iceland needs to be on your list. It spans up to 830 miles of trekking through hot geysers, glaciers, gigantic black-rock moonscapes, and a series of breathtaking sceneries.

Enormous waterfalls and pools are jaw-dropping but the feeling of emerging in the most striking blue icebergs to the mysterious Icelandic wilderness is a geographical adventure. Cycling the Ring Road Iceland is an optical ride throughout the path where the wonders of nature lay bare in its natural uncanny form. It is truly an adventure worth your while especially when the weather conditions are on your side. Grab some friends and let's ride!


Climbing up Mount Stromboli in Italy

Mount Stromboli displays quite a show when it decides to paint the sky with fireworks. Situated amidst Italy's rich bodies of water, Mount Stromboli is a famed adventure spot for those who carry an adventurous soul. Upon reaching its summit at 3000 feet above sea level, a majestic spectacle of boiling lava under the rim of the crater is at exhibit along with the 360-degree view of the ocean enveloping the volcano.

The best part, every two minutes to two hours, the volcano throws a swerving mass of green gases at random times. An awe-inspiring moment of feeling showered by a rain of fire while catching a glimpse at the arching bursts going up to 1,200 above.


Camp Under the Beguiling Image of the Northern Lights

Witnessing a cosmic phenomenon is an extraordinary sight to see. Seeing the spirited light show in Norway, Scotland, Northern Canada, Iceland, and Sweden is beyond compare. You don't get to see a light display that happens only in a few little crannies of the world.

Northern Lights Iceland

The eternal thrills of being a witness of cosmic motions will become a beautiful family story. Sleeping in a glass dome while looking over at the heavenly night sky will put you in an elusive sublime mood. The celestial curtains unfurling as it gracefully sways along with the pace of the atmosphere creating unearthly Aurora borealis harmony.


Experience Nevis Bungee in New Zealand

The enthralling feeling of jumping off 134 meters distance in a matter of eight seconds is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The rush becomes even more poignant as you come near the bungee pod.

What makes this adventure quite like no other is the drop in the middle of Nevis River. Supported by high-tension robust cords on both sides, you will be landing on a glass pod which allows you to take a glimpse of other people taking the great leap of faith. Nevis Bungee is one of the most famous tourist destinations in New Zealand.


Hiking the Salkantay Route to Machu Picchu

The Salkantay Route is a radical path leading towards the city of Mollepata, Cusco, and Machu Picchu. An ancient foot pathway where most tourists avoid. Salkantay Route belongs in "25 best treks in the world" by National Geographic Adventure Travel Magazine. It lies near the tropical rain forests and snowcapped mountains which are not seen when taking the typical pathway to Inca's historical sites.

Machu Picchu

The calmness and serenity of Andes treks along with you as you tackle a bit challenging foot walks. Apart from its heart-pumping hiking trail, Salkantay Route will lead you to many places exuding natural charm with a mysterious archaic appeal waiting to be uncovered, shared, and understood. Without the disturbances and noise when hiking through Inca Trail.


White Water Rafting in the Zambezi

How about white water rafting in the mighty river waters of Zambezi engulfed around towering giant basalt cliffs painted in dark gray hues while looking at a hippo having a bathe on the side or baboons and monkeys leaping from one tree to another.

The rafting highway of Zambezi River is however calm but it has its moments of sending you a sudden shocking wave as you fall down a mile-deep gorge in a vigorous rapid intense gush. The Zambezi River is one of the most notable white water rafting venues in the world. It is extreme with violent rapids and steep gradients. On top of that, rafting this spectacular yet heart-pumping river leads to some huge drops and pressure areas.


Skydive Mt.Everest in Nepal

How about looking at the ceremonious peak of Mount Everest in bird's eye view? Skydiving can be quite extreme but it sure is safe. Jump off at 29,035 feet from the sky and glide through the Nepali atmosphere. You will be equipped with essential high-quality gears, military parachute, oxygen, and other skydiving essentials to ensure your immaculate swoon of mixed emotions for a total of thirty minutes.

Mt. Everest Nepal

Skydiving in Nepal is world-renowned and only a few get to complete the flight, thirty adventurous souls to be exact. It is one of the toughest and it is not for the fainted heart. The sensational leap you will have to take will make you feel larger than life. And as you go back to the Earth, Drop Zone is one of the highest skydiving landing spots in the world. It is at 12,350 feet above sea level.


Ride the World's Longest Cable Car in China

Encompassing a total distance of 7,455 meters and a vertical descent of 1,280 meters, cable car rides in China are a long, winding, exciting experience. It passes from Zhangjiajie downtown going to Tianmen shan, the series of skyrocketing cliffs, lush tropical forests, and karst caves enveloped in thick fog is something you wouldn't want to miss when in China.

China longest cable car

The steepest angle that will pound your heart in split seconds is at a threatening angle of 38 degrees. On the brighter note, it is a secure kind of adrenaline-rushing adventure with a twist of the mind-bending feeling of hanging in the midst of China's beautiful landmass in a small cubicle.

The cable car in China is the longest in the world and by far the most stimulating adventure topped with heart-warming sceneries from ancient Chinese painting coming to life.


Dive with Notorious Sharks in South Africa

Swimming with sharks and great whites is a thrilling adventure that will change your perspective about these notorious animals forever. Yes, they are notorious when it comes to their prey and predators, but sharks and great whites can live harmoniously with humans if none of both parties try to harm each other.

Although the thought of swimming with the most wrongly portrayed animals in films can be a far-fetched idea, being there in the water with them will form a kind of mutual trust and understanding. On the other hand, when at Gaansbai, South Africa, you will be taken deep into their almost boundless water territory in a cage.

There you will see a diverse amount of marine creatures in their natural habitat living their regular day on Earth. It is located in the Western Cape of South Africa where observing the exotic seawater creatures is encouraged.


Expand Your Wanderlust

Going on an adventurous tour around the world is an amazing way to live our precious ephemeral life. For the kids, check out our 11 Totally Ultimate Kids Travel Experiences. And if it's the first time you are thinking about traveling internationally with your little one, here are some tips on international travel with an infant.

Every corner of the planet hide gems among the rough that delivers the best kind of excitement. There are many other adrenaline-pumping destinations in the world that brings the same kind of satisfying thrill. Victoria falls is one of the best to go on a hike around or jump from one rock to another at the Grand Canyon. You can also visit a cave in Mexico on one of their most remote islands or face the glacier in Norway.

You can either head south or north and build fires in Antarctica while looking over the avant-garde presence of the Aurora borealis or walk a vast desert and take tours around a national park. Camp under the stars on an isolated island and meet some locals along the way. Let your child-like heart surface from time to time to have a taste of what living in this world is all about.

Explore the world

The ultimate travel plans are spontaneous and found outdoors. Traveling the world will give you a clear view of a quality life living beyond anything material or tangible. When you go on an adventure with your loved ones, it will bring you closer to each other and to nature. So be spontaneous and try your luck hiking the Himalayas or go extreme and feel the rush of white water rafting in the Zambezi. Wherever you go, there will be always an adventure waiting for you on the other side of the world.

Safe travels!





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