10 Things You Must Do with Kids This Summer in California

There are many amazing benefits that come with traveling as a family and where better to visit than the white sandy beaches of California, the place where the sun is always grand and beaming. The dire need of people to go outdoors to break away from work will be quenched by spending time with family filled with tantalizing calming nature, adrenaline-rushing activities, and incomparable adventures. So, if you want an all-in-one place that exudes all sorts of fun and relaxation, California's shorelines never failed to beguile.


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Soak Up The Sun in California


Explore Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

If you are used to the sun, visiting the alluring desert of California that served as a home to the hippies during the age of flower power during the summer can be quite an experience. While most people visit Joshua Tree National Park just before winter, only a few get to see the fiery colors of the desert during the summer. Imagine hues of browns generously spread all throughout creating a subtle yet moving background to whimsical towering desert trees and rusty textured bouldering rocks during the summer.

The panoramic view of the desert painted with bright palettes of orange, red, and yellow contrasting the dark emerald green colors of desert trees and blooming hues of wildflowers surrounding the park will make you feel as if you are alienated from the world. Which you are because there is no signal in the park.

If you want a getaway and detox from all the technological reliance you and your family practice every day, wandering around the deserts of California will give you and your kids a whole new perspective about the planet and its overpowering beauty and will to thrive.


Tips When Exploring Joshua National Park with Your Kids 

  • The high desert has a cooler climate, so it's ideal to explore that part of the desert with kids.
  • There is no signal around the park so don't rely on your phone.
  • You will need to bring your own food.
  • Bring as much water as you can to arm you and your family from heat and dehydration.
  • Make sure your tank is full.
  • Bring your own tents if you want to sleep in the park. There is no lodging available because camping is encouraged.
  • Make sure to bring all your essentials and a first aid kit.
  • Start hiking early.


Explore the Iconic City of San Francisco

San Francisco is a city filled with eye candy after eye candy. From its beautifully manicured views of its bordering mountains to its archetypal rolling hills and wooden houses exudes the best of both worlds in this seaside city. The Golden Gate Park is one of the go-to family downtimes where they can enjoy the scenic appeal of the iconic bridge and the subtle bustles of the San Franciscan culture.

Trams in San Francisco

Spending a week in San Francisco will never be enough. kid-friendly activities are endless and you will never have enough time savoring San Francisco's delicacies. From indulging in the pure broth of clam chowder at Fisherman's Wharf to flying a kite at Crissy Field are something you would want to delve into this summer.

The Baker Beach is also dying to see new faces around the beach leaving everybody with golden bronze skin. If you want to explore other cultures of San Francisco, they have museums for kids where they can expand their knowledge on science, marine biology, and ethnicity. Also, another experience you shouldn't miss is watching free concerts at Golden Gate Park after shopping for souvenirs at Union Square.


What To Do in San Francisco With Kids? 

  • Experience walking or biking across the Golden Gate Bridge like locals.
  • Indulge in Pier 39.
  • Never miss visiting Alcatraz.
  • Roam around the city on a cable car.
  • Walk and explore San Francisco's street art.
  • You don't need to wait for a game to visit Oracle Park.
  • Get away from the city hustles and reconnect with nature at Presidio.
  • Walk around San Francisco's small neighbourhoods.


Discover San Diego's Wild Side

Walk into the wild side of the San Diego zoo when in California. San Diego is home to over 4000 wild animals which makes up about 800 different species of wildlife around the world. San Diego has various themed parks and aquatic parks which is a great way to entertain kids while educating them about different wild animals.

In San Diego's Zoo's Safari Park, thousands of African and Asian species enjoying the beautiful views of their luscious savannahs while mingling with other species that dwell in the zoo. Moreover, in San Diego, life underwater is blissfully colorful and magical. Sea stars live peacefully alongside vividly rendered anemones and limpets. If you're lucky to go during the winter months, grey whales tend to flaunt their shiny appeal to tourists.

San Diego

If you some more aquatic shows, the Pacific Coast is where Coronado Island is stationed. The long stretch of its shimmering beaches and tropical vibes is another great way to spend your stay in California.

In the further northern territory of San Diego, La Jolla is another place if you're looking for a seaside abode. In La Jolla, you can go kayaking with your kids in the local sea caves and jump onto the water and swim with tiger sharks. Sharks may sound terrible, but they are actually harmless and human flesh is unappealing to these friendly peaceful creatures. A sure way to create a fun experience in California with your kids. An aquatic experience is surely one of the fun things to do in California with your children.

Moreover, if you want a taste of true San Diego culture, Balboa Park is one ideal place to get to know the history of San Diego. World-class museums await to give your children valuable historical views. Also, the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum is another perfect place if you have kids who love planes. The museum houses a massive ship where visitors can explore.


Best Hotels for Families in San Diego 

  • The Omni San Diego Hotel - known as the best hotel in the middle of downtown.
  • Fairmont Grand Del Mar - a kid-friendly luxury hotel.
  • Catamaran Resort and Spa - a practical choice with the highest quality of service and amenities.
  • Hotel Del Coronado - the one with the best beachfront view.
  • Old Town Inn - a budget-friendly hotel.
  • Paradise Point Resort and Spa - the best hotel near Seaworld.


Land Where Tallest Living Things on Earth Resides

If you want a whimsical tour with your kids where nature and fairy-tale meet, head to the north-western side of California where the fog is thick and the trees are towering and almost magical. This part of California is bordered by foggy shorelines around a lush forest filled with tall Redwood trees. By far, the tallest ever recorded is 379.1 feet tall. A dizzying view when you're looking from the ground.

Redwood National Park

Redwood National Park is positioned between the border of California and Oregon near the south area of Monterey Bay. Hikers go there and explore its fantastical environment full of lustrous palettes of greens and an aroma that refreshes your every breath.

If you want to explore a place that looks as if you are on an adventure in Jurassic Park, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park's Fern Canyon has the most lucrative forest sights your kids will love. Along the way, if you want to spend a little bit of time by the beach. Take a walk on Roosevelt Elk where you can just sit relax and enjoy the local's go about their daily shenanigans.

Another go-to destination in San Diego is the Sierra Nevada Foothills. It houses Sequoia trees. Sequoia trees are considered the most gigantic tree in the world. General Sherman, the biggest tree in the world has a circumference of over 102 feet. A truly magical sight that will ground you and make you realize how tiny you are in this vast universe.


What To Do in Sequoia National Park?

  • Visit General Sherman Tree.
  • Hike Giant Forest and go through Congress Trails of Giants and Big Trees Trails.
  • Go on top of the Sierra Rock to see the beautiful panoramic sights of the Sierra Nevada and Central Valley.
  • Drive through the fallen Sequoia tree.
  • Follow the trails of Kawaeah River to Topokah Falls.
  • Explore the underground life and head to Crystal Cave.


Spotting the Stars in Hollywood

Universal Studios is the heart of Hollywood. celebrities, actors, actresses, comediennes and comedians, aspiring singers, songwriters, etc., name it. Everybody goes to Hollywood in the hopes of sharing their skills with the world.

Warner Brothers is another place to visit when in Hollywood with kids. They might spot their idle actors and actresses. You can also enjoy a free ticket to watch the tapes of your favorite television shows or stroll along the grounds of the Walk of Fame. You can also explore what Mann's Chinese Theater has to offer and take silly pictures with some of the renowned stars in wax.

If you want that classic picture of Hollywood, you can head to Southern California and trail Griffith Park. There you will find yourself in the middle of Griffith Observatory and the iconic Hollywood sign. Moreover, you will get to enjoy the spectacular sight of the LA Basin and if you're lucky to get there on a clear cloudless day, the Pacific Ocean is perfectly accentuated with the unique snow-capped peaks of the Angeles National forest while Mt. San Jacinto is subtly flaunting its alluring highlands.


What To Do In LA With Your Family?

  • Explore around Getty Center.
  • Dive into the true LA culture.
  • Visit The Grove and Original Farmer's Market on your laidback day.
  • Let your kids visit Natural History Museum Los Angeles.
  • Attend game shows and TV show tapings.
  • Enjoy the beach.


Wander the Deep Blue Hues of Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

Imagine walking in the evergreen forests of California and glaring at the azure alpine lakes and have a closer look at the granite mountainsides. Lake Tahoe is a gold mine of beautiful sceneries and nature's miracles.

Lake Tahoe has crystal clear waters with a depth of 1,645 feet. It is the largest alpine lake in all of North America. It is an ideal destination for all season and the wilderness always exude tantalizing lush and richness. When in California during the months of winter, kids will have a chance to ski and snowboard. You can research the best skill resorts for families in Lake Tahoe and spend a couple of nights surrounded by the comforting breeze of nature.

If you're planning a summer California getaway, you can go hiking, boating, and swimming in the lakes of California under the warmth of the sun. You can also go hike its vast wilderness and float down by the Truckee River. These are the most popular summer activities in Lake Tahoe and around the neighboring areas.


Visit the Paradise Big Sur Coast

Big Sur Coast is a paradise that will take you to a next level of nostalgia. The journey is a series of magnetic sights after sights. The welcoming trees positioned side by side making your drive to the edge of the world a bit more memorable. And, as you hike near the cliff, you will hear the raging crash of the Pacific water against the towering rocks. When you hit the edge, you will soon realize its water falling down an untouched beach. Surely a one-of-a-kind scene.

In Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, there lies a little bit of heaven with its breath-taking knees-weakening, a jaw-dropping panorama of seaside views. It will be a scenic drive along the coast with your kids.

If your kids love sea animals, let them experience the rush of kayaking past cuddly sea lions and sea otters in Elkhorn Slough. You can then go on a hike at Point Lobos State Reserve to get to know the wildlife underwater more. Then, never miss visiting Monterey Bay Aquarium. Further south, the untouched beauty of Big Sur still remains natural and preserved. Then, Hearst Castle in San Simeon is just around the corner after you take a trip at the elephant seals. A raucous resident rookery made by the locals.


Family-Friendly Things to Do in Monterey Bay Aquarium

  • Go to Carmel-by-the-sea.
  • Get to know Monterey's history.
  • Let your kids play at the Dennis the Menace Playground.
  • Don't miss out on whale watching.
  • Take a visit to the Winter Home of the Monarch Butterfly.


Visit Disneyland the Happiest Place on Earth

Disneyland California

Disneyland is no doubt, a great place for kids to go when in California. Apart from Legoland around the turf, Disneyland is always on the list when traveling with kids. The Disneyland Resort is a magical adventure for kids and also an essential experience for your little ones. Disneyland in California is the very first in the world.

Disneyland in California is also known as the happiest place on Earth. Although it is one of the oldest, it is also never left out on the latest additions and modern themed park trends. Now, in Disneyland California, have Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and Avengers Campus for superhero lovers situated in Disney's California Adventure.


Disneyland California Lodging Recommendations

  • Disneyland Hotel
  • Grand Californian Hotel and Spa
  • Paradise Pier Hotel • Disneyland Area Hotels
  • Hyatt Regency Orange County
  • Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel
  • Anaheim Marriott Hotel
  • Hotel Menage
  • Great Wolf Lodge
  • Howard Johnson Anaheim Hotel and Water Playground
  • Hilton Anaheim


Get to Know Yosemite 


It's hard to disagree that Yosemite is incomparable. No handmade structures intricately sculptured can top the details of Yosemite's walls that glow on their own while the arduous granite monoliths stand tall shadowing the lowlands. The lush meadows and raging almost menacing waterfalls add a more naturalistic sense to the premise.

Moreover, around Yosemite, Glacier Point also exudes another kind of scenery as well as the organic nature of Mariposa Grove and Hetch Hetchy. Yosemite has over 700,000 acres of immaculate reserved and protected wilderness. Something most people don't get to appreciate in the fast-paced culture of the digital age.

On a different note, Yosemite Valley is a bit of a popular tourist spot, especially during its highlight season. If you want to enjoy its majestic mystical atmosphere away from the crowd, here are the activities you can do with your kids in Yosemite.


Kid-Friendly Things To Do in Yosemite

  • Book a late-night supper and walk its beautiful meadows at dusk.
  • Take time to really look at Glacier Point.
  • Go ice-skating under the Glacier Point.
  • Take the time to relax, cradle in a hammock, toast marshmallows, and be present in the moment.
  • Go and let your kids explore Tuolomne Meadows.
  • Ride bikes with your kids and eat some ice cream along the way.


Visit As Many Beaches in California As You Can

best stroller for beach

Huntington Beach is one of the most popular shores in California. With a total of 840 miles of coastline in various forms, you will never run out of options. Santa Monica has wide white sandy beaches while Huntington Beach is always filled will laughter from the local dwellers. It is a classic spot for every Californian.

Additionally, for kids who love animals, elephant seals in Ano Nuevo happily entertain tourists while sea otters in Avila Beach lie around the coast cuddling with other Central Californian otters. Point Reyes is another coastal spot that will leave your skin sun-kissed and shimmering. In Santa Barbara, kids can learn how to surf or you can enjoy a beach day at Laguna Beach on its white powdery sands.

California is one place on Earth blessed with one of the best nature. From granite monoliths to white sandy beaches. California is a family destination perfect for your next summer plans. So, mark those calendars, book that ticket, and pick your favorite spots and adventures, and ready your kids to breathe a Californian atmosphere.


Soak Up The Sun in California 

We hope you have found these recommendations helpful. California, where the spring comes in the fall and the fall comes in the summer and the summer comes in the winter and the winter never comes at all. 

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