Family Travel: Top 6 Best Norwegian Cruise Ship for Families

Are you ready to explore the seas and go on a cruise? Consider family-friendly cruises with the Norwegian Cruise Line. It offers a variety of activities from youth programs, to golf and mermerising broadway shows.

Having a family vacation on a cruise is enjoyable and relaxing, especially when traveling with little ones. Rather than jumping on a bus or car for many hours a day, cruising allows your to explore different places while having fun at the same time. 

Imagine having your luggage travel with you at all times, saving you from packing and unpacking all the times. You also don't have to worry about meals and entertainment. Everything is all catered for.

Read on to find out more about Norwegian cruises.

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Best norwegian cruise ship for families

Which Norwegian Cruise Line is Best for Kids?

There are various factors to consider before booking your Norwegian cruise and one of the first things to decide is the destination.

A refreshing experience that everyone will surely love. Whether you are a frequent cruiser or a first-timer on a cruise ship, our selection below will help you better choose your dream vacation.


Best norwegian cruise ship for families - Norwegian Joy

Norwegian Joy

This is a Norwegian cruise line ship known for its family-friendly activities which include a go-kart track, aqua park, and a virtual reality recreational zone that both you and your kids can try while onboard. It is a perfect choice if you want to go on a cruise with your little ones.

It is dedicated to offering kids' clubs and activities for different age groups, which is also a great advantage in case you want to relax and let your child mingle with other kids on the cruise ship. This type of activity can also help them to explore new things and develop their communication skills at a very young age. It has a balanced set of amenities for kids and adults

The Norwegian Joy has established destinations around Miami, Bahamas, the Caribbean, Cozumel, and Costa Maya. Some of the amazing tourist spots that you will enjoy once you book a cruise with this ship.

Sails To: Miami, Florida
Sails From: New York
Duration: 12 days


Best norwegian cruise ship for families - Norwegian Encore

Norwegian Encore

If you and your family prefer a ship that offers an impressive water park that comes with amazing waterslides, a lazy river, and a kids' splash area, the Norwegian Encore can be a top option for you.

This ship is a stunner and can give its guests a good time while in the middle of the ocean. Just like the Norwegian Joy, the Encore also offers activities that are specifically for your little ones such as the kids' club, a teen club, and family entertainment amenities. Considering all these things that you can do while onboard, this could be your best vacation yet!

Sails To: Alaska, Canada
Sails From: Seattle, Washington
Duration: 7 Days


Best norwegian cruise ship for families - Norwegian Epic

Norwegian Epic

Looking for a video arcade and water park during your cruise? booking your trip with the Norwegian Epic is the answer! You have a lot of things to do on this cruise ship that will also allow your kids to enjoy the kid’s club.

It has expanded amenities that everyone may experience not to mention the onboard activities for kids. If you want to move and find your groove, there are trivia and dance classes at an extra-fee bowling alley near O'Sheehan's.

In case you prefer outdoor activities in Norwegian Epic and the kids are the heart of your vacation, there are shuffleboard, Ping-Pong, basketball, and pool games for you to choose from.

Sails To: Barcelona, Greece, Italy
Sails From: Marseille, France
Duration: 11 Days


Best norwegian cruise ship for families - Norwegian Escape 

Norwegian Escape

 The fun-fueled Norwegian Escape boasts an extensive aqua park with waterslides, a kids' club, and dedicated teen areas. You can have fun activities with your family while meeting new people.

Families can also enjoy various dining options such as specialty restaurants and experience the main dining rooms inside the ship. Most restaurants offer overflowing meals and drinks for everyone. This ship checks all the boxes and more!

Sails To: Rhode Island, Maine, and Canada
Sails From: New York
Duration: This ship currently offers 5 to 7 days trip


Best norwegian cruise ship for families - Norwegian Breakaway

Norwegian Breakaway

This Norwegian ship offers a ropes course, mini-golf, and a range of family-friendly entertainment options, including Broadway-style shows. There are also various kid's clubs and activities that are perfect for playtime.

It has a balanced set of amenities for your little ones and at the same time, for grownups too. So, if you're heading out to explore Europe, then the Norwegian Breakaway is one of the best NCL ships for the entire family.

You will never experience a shortage of family-themed activities onboard and everyone is bound to have a great time while cruising the ocean.

Sails To: Greece, Malta and Italy
Sails From: Rome, Italy
Duration: 10 days


Best norwegian cruise ship for families - Norwegian Bliss

Norwegian Bliss

If you love going to the water park and playing laser tag with your kids, Norwegian Bliss is a good option for you! These are just some of the really interesting and fun activities onboard that offer truly unique vacation experiences to all the passengers of this ship.

It also offers family-friendly entertainment, including Broadway-style shows and virtual reality experiences which cannot be found on other cruise lines. This ship will give you a good time while in the middle of the ocean.

So, if you're heading out and want to explore the Caribbean with your kids, then the Bliss is one of the best Norwegian ships for the entire family.

Sails To: Bahamas, Caribbean
Sails From: Miami, FL
Duration: 9 days


Is Norwegian Cruise Line Kid Friendly?

Yes, it is kid-friendly because your little ones can do several things onboard, from pools, kids' clubs, and programs. The NCL fleet also offers an amazing opportunity for families to allow their kids to experience the sea and go to places without being bored while inside the cruise ship.

Taking this adventure of a lifetime will allow your kids to sail free on a large cruise ship with the whole family. You will experience a Norwegian getaway with the best cruise ships that provide everything you need for your getaway.

Other NCL cruise ships that are not on the list but still considered kid-friendly are Norwegian Prima and Norwegian Sky.


Can a Baby go on a Norwegian Cruise?

Yes, your little ones can join you on your next family cruises with the Norwegian Cruise Line. Be mindful that your little one will have to be at least six months of age at the time of cruising.

On the other hand, for voyages that offer three or more consecutive days at sea, it is a regulation that your child must be at least 12 months old. So, make sure to double-check your itinerary before booking. We made the mistake of booking a cruise not realizing the itinerary had multiple days at sea and unfortunately had to cancel our cruise.


Which is the Best Kid Friendly Norwegian Cruise?

Splash Academy caters for children from 3-12 years old. Norwegian cruise lines offer Splash Academy fleetwide. It is a program that offers parent-child play area and activities. If you are looking for programs for 6 months to 3 years, enquire about the Guppies. Only Norwegian Escape offers the Guppies Nursery so it is considered the best kid friendly Norwegian Cruise.


Does Norwegian Cruise Line Provide Cribs?

Norwegian Cruises provides cribs for your little ones. It is always best to submit your request before sailing to ensure a crib is available during your cruise. If you do plan to have a crib in your stateroom, consider choosing a bigger stateroom as space is fairly limited in standard staterooms.

You may choose to bring your own crib to ensure your little one has a familiar space for sleep time. Sometimes, you just never know what type of crib you will end up getting when you request a crib from the cruise line.


Do You Have to Pay for a Baby on Norwegian Cruise?

No, Norwegian Cruise Line is known for its amazing deals for families. It also allows third and fourth guests to cruise free on some voyages. Most cruise lines, including Norwegian cruise ships, allow kids under one year old to sail for free when they book a stateroom or family room with two paying adults. A great deal if you are always traveling with your kids.


Should I Take a Stroller on a Cruise?

Yes, having a stroller with you on your cruise comes in handy. Cruises are generally quite big and require a decent amount of walking. Having the ability to push your child in the stroller is much easier than carrying them all day. You can also explore ports or go on excursions with your stroller.

Bear in mind that you have to store your stroller inside your stateroom, so it is best to bring an ultra compact stroller for travel, instead of your all-terrain stroller.

Some cruise lines offer strollers for rent while onboard. Check with the cruise company prior to your vacation.


Does Norwegian Cruise Line Have Family Rooms?

Yes, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) offers family balcony staterooms and suites designed to accommodate families. Your choices may also vary in terms of area, space, and configuration.

The type of NCL cruise ship that you will choose will also be another factor to consider especially if you prefer a particular setup in your accommodation. Some have their own private balcony while others have oceanview windows.

In case you are still undecided on which ship is the most suitable for you, always consider your family's preferences and the destinations that you want to visit. Then, you can narrow down the Norwegian cruise line ships best for your family vacation.


Pick Your Best Norwegian Cruise Ship for Your Family

Norwegian cruises offer a lot of perks for families and kids, but the specific amenities and activities can vary; rock climbing, mini golf, specialty restaurants, sports courts, just to name a few. You will not be bored or even worried if your kids will enjoy your cruise.

We hope this article gives you an insight towards cruising as a family. Happy planning.

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