Our Top 10 Best Family Cruise Line Recommendations

Floating in the middle of the Atlantic on a hot summer day while your kids take a plunge in the enormous pool at the topmost floor of the cruise ship is simply a memory worth keeping. Going on a family vacation is one thing, but, going on a week or two cruise across the Pacific Ocean or around the coastal territories of the Caribbean with your family will make moments, form strong bonds, and bring vivid smiles. 

The best way to experience the world is by exploring its vast mysterious seas while enjoying the finer things in life. There are several notable international cruise ships that deliver a luxurious experience to their guests. Cruise lines for families are made to ensure that each member has something to do during the cruise, keeping everyone happy on vacation. Some cruise ships have waterslides, some have zip lines, while some have bumper cars for older kids.

Dining options at cruise ships are also a breeze and they are dedicated to ensuring that your little ones get to enjoy their food during the cruise. Being on a cruise ship is like a fun-filled excursion all in one place. Young ones and adults get to have access to onboard games, indoor and outdoor activities, and other water adventures that will make their stay uncanny.


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Smell the Sea and Feel the Sky


Carnival Cruise Line - Carnival Paradise

Carnival Paradise has the fastest and steepest waterslide at sea. If your kids love waterslides, Carnival Paradise placed their enormous pool at the topmost floor so they can build a waterslide that will satisfy the adventurous side of your young little boy who is up for the challenge.

The waterslide on top of the cruise ship is the centerpiece of their gigantic ship and it is one of the reasons why many families book a week ticket in this impeccable cruise ship; to experience the thrill of sliding through the steepest and fastest floating waterslide.

Carnival Paradise is more than just a cruise ship. It is an at-sea gigantic abode that brought land adventures in the middle of the ocean. Going zip lining or water sliding becomes more interesting when you are doing it on top of a huge ship in the middle of the Indian Sea or by the brink of Australia's shorelines.

A MiniRacer was created to have a bit more subtle waterslide option while the Twister Waterslide is an extreme experience with a total of 104 meters of twisting, turning, and swirling. To end such an extreme ten-minute of thrill, free-falling or a slingshot curve will highlight your overall experience.


Disney Cruise Line - Disney Magic

Disney has the reputation of bringing extravagant fun at sea. They sure know how to entertain both the kids and parents. The massive waterslide sitting on top of their luxurious fun-filled cruise ship is just simply amazing. An enchanting magical journey. Disney Magic brings pure entertainment for kids of all ages, and activities on-board are like no other.

Disney Magic Cruise Ship

Being on the Disney Magic is like being one of the pirates of Captain Hook. Princesses, superheroes, and pirates are just a few of the characters you will get to meet while on a cruise. In the year 2013, Disney Magic added a feature of adventure on their boat called AquaDunk.

It is a high-speed thrill slide not for the faint-hearted. Marvel Avengers Academy Kids Club is also made available to keep kid's entertainment and learning demands while on-board are catered.


Disney Cruise Line - Disney Dream

Disney Dream has all the Disney entertainment you want with a little luxurious twist. They offer the best amenities for families and many kid-friendly are made available at any time. Being on board with Disney Dream means theatrical shows during your regular dinner routine and Broadway-caliber productions show such as their high-tech stage show of Beauty in the Beast are presented.

Disney Dream Cruise Ship

Cruising with Disney Dream around the Bahamas or Caribbean seas means having a stop-over at the Castaway Cay where families can go down the ship, rent a bike or kayaks or go swimming at the beach.

Kids can also go snorkeling to spot tropical fishes, sea turtles, and colorful corals. Castaway Cay is a private island accessible only by boat or if your ship decides to take a little stop-over for some fresh coconut juice. Disney Dream is one of the most popular family-friendly cruise ships that deliver only the most memorable experiences to families.


Princess Cruise Line - Caribbean Princess

Caribbean Princess is a personalized and effortless vacation if you decide to hop on board. With more than two million passengers to cater to every year, it is notable and given that Caribbean Princess brings a great deal of water cruising adventures.

It was made famous by a classic TV series "The Love Boat"; hence it gained popularity over the course of a few decades. Although the Caribbean Princess has been around for a while, their progressive system of making improvements and ground-breaking innovations from time to time keeps them on top of the list after all these years.

Princess Cruise Line Caribbean Princess

Caribbean Princess partnered with Discovery Inc. of which they entitled Discovery at SEA. The activities they have in-stored for families are featured in Animal Planet and Discovery Channel. They make kids' experiences more extra and real. The luxurious accommodation they offer at sea leaves every family wanting more than just a two-day cruise. On top of that, they offer adventures around the rims of Europe and other cruise-worthy destinations.


Princess Cruise Line - Regal Princess

Regal Princess is a luxurious accommodation at sea. The crew will adjust according to your schedule and the amenities are sophisticated and top-notch. Being on board means you can schedule your premier dining experience at your convenience. They also offer complimentary mimosa breakfast and other dining accommodations that their guest requests. Suites in Regal Princess are spacious and have the most amazing view of the ocean. It is complete with in-house entertainment and digital security safe to secure your belongings while you hop around some random island around the Caribbean.

Regal Princess has more than twenty cruise destinations which include Japan, Tahiti, around Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Antarctica. If you want to elevate your experience, your family can acquire the Princess Medallion Class so you get to personalize your family schedule and your overall experience while on the ship. The Family Zone at the Regal Princess is intended for families who want to spend time with their kids in a child-friendly facility.

Moreover, one of the best features of the ship is its top-deck stargazing lounge area called Voyage to the Stars. It is where kids of all ages can hang out and learn about the mysteries of the stars and other heavenly bodies. Not only that, kids ages ranging from 3 to 9 or 7 12 will have separate sets of activities that are age-appropriate. How cool is that! Lastly, not only humans are allowed on board but the Regla Princess invites local animals to meet and greet little kids while teaching them how to be kind to animals.

The Regals Princess has a kids club with perks including access to a whimsical little area in the ship where jungle animals living in the forest are painted on the walls and the carpeted floors make it even more striking to the kids' eyes. As for older children, they have a lounge called The Lodge. It is embellished with classic arcade games and some cool graphics on the walls. Teens' entertainment is composed of a series of parties and fun outdoor physical activities.


Norwegian Cruise Line - Norwegian Breakaway

Norwegian Breakaway is a fleet made for a freestyle cruising experience anywhere in the world. If you want to enjoy a spa while looking over at the steep icy mountains of Antarctica you can. If it's the Grecian landscape and coastal rims you wish to have a glimpse while having downtime with your kids in your suite you can also. Anything is possible when in the Norwegian Breakaway. A day or two is not enough to spend on this enormous ship.

The activities offered onboard and other adrenaline-rushing adventures off the board will give you a hard time which one to do first with your little ones.

Norwegian Breakaway

The two-level go-kart track, however, is something your children will immerse themselves in while you have your usual afternoon tea or coffee at the deck. Laser tag is another entertainment your kids will spend an ample amount of time and energy while virtual reality games are also readily available if your kids are too exhaustive for something too physical.

Norwegian Breakaway also has a mini-golf park, a kid-friendly waterpark, a splash ground which the whole family can enjoy, and other kids club membership perks and activities designed for your restless, always bored little ones.

The ship has an Observation Lounge with a 180 degrees panoramic view. You will be soaked in the most heart-warming fleeting beauty of nature while of course having a slice of the finer things in life. The food on the ship is also something to look forward to. With their multiple themed restaurants and night entertainment, the Norwegian Breakaway has a variety of on-sea activities, services, and amenities that will make your family holiday a great one.


Royal Caribbean International Cruises - Navigator of the Seas

The Navigator of the Seas is lavish yet gargantuan of a ship filled with colorful lights, bright colors, and a tropical appeal that always feels like you are on top of an island. The ship exudes a futuristic design and is impeccable bold interiors. The Navigator of the Seas is also known as the wonder of the sea. They offer the best cruise ship amenities around the islands of the Bahamas and Caribbean.

Navigator of the Seas

The Navigator of the Seas is a tropical abode by the sea the brings you to some of the most unknown private islands in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean or one of the top-rated cruise ports. You and your family can also go overboard and get your wilderness badge by cruising with the Navigator of the Seas around the glaciers of Alaska or tour around the enticingly unique seascape of Scandinavia.

The Navigator of the Seas has a wide range of meal options from fine-dining style to casual eat-outs. The room rates are also diverse that cater to all sorts of passengers on-board.


Royal Caribbean International Cruises - Allure of the Seas

The Allure of the Seas is the showstopper of ships. On the ship, you get to play as a family with activities intended for the participation of each member. The Rock Climbing Walls will bring you to a higher view of the ocean which is breathtaking while the FlowRider will pump your heart out with excitement and fun. When you want to get your grub on, the food onboard explodes a feast of flavors in your mouth. With selections of cuisines all over the world, your picky little eaters will have something they want on the menu.

The Allure of the Seas transforms at night. As world-class performers put on their best costumes, paint colors on their faces, and exhibit a show of a night you will never forget. The show ranges from Abba's hits from Mamma Mia or you can put on your own show and do karaoke at On-Air Club.

The island-hopping adventures the Allure of the Seas bring to their fellow voyagers are a series of sun-kissed skin, white sand beaches, and some of the most exclusive ports around Florida. You will also get to feel the vibes in the small tropical town of Fort Lauderdale or sail to Port Canaveral.


Royal Caribbean International Cruises - Oasis of the Seas

Oasis of the Seas will revolutionize your family's vacation plans forever. The pool sitting on top of the deck is one of the reasons why kids choose this ship over others. The Perfect Strom Waterslides in the middle of a strip of restaurants and shops is just the perfect place for kids to spend their energy. The Oasis of the Seas can accommodate up to 5,500 passengers per trip and the multi-story Caribbean-inspired pool is the best-selling point for little kids.

The bold bites you get to indulge with your family is another good reason to book a cruise with the Oasis of the Ocean. The Splashaway Bay is composed of three colorful waterslides, a water cannon, dump buckets, fun entertaining fountains, and pools.

Oasis of the Seas

Because of the strategic location and arrangement of the amenities around the kids' fun area, on the side are bars and restaurants where parents can relax and have a beer or two while watching over their kids having fun and making new friends. At night, the Oasis of the Sea will present a Broadway matinee timeless shows such as Cats, Aqua8, Frozen in Time, and many others.


Royal Caribbean International Cruises - Symphony of the Seas

As one of the biggest cruise ships in the world, the Symphony of the Seas does not only bring entertainment outdoors but they also fill your suites with activities your kids can do while you take a rest. If your kids are thrill-seekers, the ten-level Ultimate Abyss slide is extremely heart-pumping adrenaline-rushing, and blissfully exciting. They also offer their voyager familiar experiences from your friendly famous neighborhood such as a shop inspired by the Royal Promenade or a tree-line Central Park in New York.

Symphony of the seas

The Marquee shows in the evening they entertain their guests with is jaw-dropping while the dining experience encompasses high-end to casual dining. If your whole family is a foodie, the Symphony of the Seas might just satisfy your food fantasies. Also, the ship stops over at award-winning private islands such as CocoCay and Perfect Day. Freshwater pool, expansive waterpark, and intense zip lines are just a few to try when island hopping with the Symphony of the Seas.


Smell the Sea and Feel the Sky

Cruising the world is one way to get to know the waves of the ocean and see landscapes from a different eye view. Cruise liners are now more family focus than ever. They designed the ship to be family-friendly and created kids clubs to attend to the needs and wants of their mini voyagers. Check out our article on the ultimate guide to fun and practical kids luggage to help get your little one ready for travel. There are many reasons why family travel matters for your family and cruising is one such experience that will deliver priceless rewards.

Cruise excursions are always worthy of a photo. Seeing one of the world's most unique sights while on a multilevel luxury boat will make you feel like you are a character in one of the romantic cult-classic 80s movies. So, if you ever have a week off from work and want to spend it with your beloved family. Why not book a cruise around the Bahamas and take a ride on one of the best cruise ships in the world!

May you have fair winds and following seas.





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