5 Family Travel Tips to Keep Everyone Happy on Vacation

Planning family travel can be challenging, but agreeing on the activities when you have small children can be a nightmare. There is nothing worse than being on vacation and hearing the kids say, "I'm bored", hence selecting destinations with children in mind is key. If everyone is to enjoy themselves while on holiday, a few things need to be taken into account. It's all part of the family travel secrets and enjoying vacations with kids.


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5. Surrender to the Unknown


Pick an Appropriate Destination

This may go without saying, but your dream destination before kids may no longer feel like a holiday with your little ones in tow. Do some research, and if an island holiday is what you are looking for, consider a family-friendly island resort with daily planned activities. If you are looking forward to a snow-filled vacation, check out ski resorts suitable for beginners or that have plenty of child-minding options. By slightly changing your approach, everyone will benefit.


Make a List and a Flexible Itinerary

Once the destination has been decided, make a list of everything you would like to tick off. Include the kids (if old enough) and allow them to choose a few activities so they feel part of the decision-making process – after all, it is their vacation too. If you have plenty of time and a lot to get through, try allocating one whole day to each person's activities so everyone has a special day.


Finding Activities Everyone will Enjoy

When organizing the itinerary, connect to your inner child and use your imagination to make planned activities fun for everyone. Make it a priority to select a few activities everyone will enjoy. Be flexible and find enjoyment in their experiences as well as your own. Kids love simple pleasures like riding on a new form of public transport, so try this to get to where you are going.

Try to make the journey fun if they aren't going to be as interested in the destination. If you or your partner have a must-see that does not interest the other, try taking it in turns one day and have the whole morning to yourself to enjoy your activity. This will make sure you have a holiday too!


Allow Plenty of Time for Planned Activities and Downtime

This is crucial when traveling with young children as EVERYTHING takes longer. Allow extra time to get to and from activities and day trips, keeping in mind new experiences often result in a tired child. It might be worth considering heading back to accommodation slightly earlier to allow them time to settle in with dinner and their bedtime routine.

This means by the following day; they are well rested for the day's activities. Similarly, allocating a few days of downtime within your schedule will do wonders for the whole family.


Surrender to the Unknown

When traveling with young children, plans can change at the last minute. Be aware that everything may not be ticked off your list, and this is ok. Take a moment each day to just stop and acknowledge what has been accomplished already, the less pressure you place on yourself and your family, the more enjoyable your holiday will be.

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Thank you for exploring our 5 family travel tips aimed at ensuring a joyful vacation for everyone. We trust that you have found these suggestions useful and engaging. Wishing you a fantastic day, no matter where you may be, and safe travels on your journeys ahead.

Happy journeys!





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