Selecting travel destinations with children in mind

Exploring the globe with kids means you are exposing them to cultures, foods, activities, and quality family time. Some thing the classroom, YouTube or modern technology just cannot provide, and can't match the valuable experience gained through real-life adventures. Watching them grow and creating lifetime memories together is what we all strive for as parents.

But prior to enjoying family trips, traveling with younger kids can be overwhelming at first. Along the way, you may experience indefinite flights and surviving that major airport with your toddler, inconstant weather, grumpy children, long preparations, and other common challenges. This is why it's essential to list down your child's likes and dislikes to make sure all family members will have a memorable time on your upcoming vacation.

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Apart from great travel books, here are some tips and tricks to keep your kids engaged on your next destination.


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Travel Adventures with Kids


Museums and Cultural Heritage Sites

Salvador Dali Museum

Some children will happily visit "boring old places" such as museums, temples, and heritage sites but many will surely not enjoy it as much. Most children, however, might be more willing to sit through boring spots if they understand that they'll get to go to "someplace cool" afterward.

Child-friendly museums make learning fun and amusing at the same time. Surely one of the effective ways to introduce them to interesting things that they may not have encountered before. The fossilized skeletons and stuffed hunting cats will fascinate some kids and terrify others.

Make sure to double-check if they're comfortable with what they're seeing. Many museums have interactive areas that provide a hands-on learning experience—allow them to play around and engage in different areas 


Parks and recreation 

Legoland Florida

Thrill-seekers would find active places such as amusement parks exciting. With all the exhilarating rides, colorful costumes, loud music, and fun carnival games— might sound really great for some, but most rides have height and weight guidelines that may not be applied especially to the younger ones. It's important to look out for parks that cater to kid-friendly zones where baby care centers and stroller rentals are available to make things hassle-free. According to an online family travel resource Kidstripster, in order to save time, make sure that you have downloaded the interactive maps, wait times, showtimes, and more in advance. That makes parks the ultimate destination for the young and the young at heart. 


Natural Attractions 

If you are looking for an adventure-packed nature getaway for your family, zoos are one of the best options to visit. Enjoy and learn over hundreds of species from around the globe in a natural setting.

Zookeeper talks and feeding activities are a perfect opportunity for your kids to immerse themselves in the wildlife and conservation programs. As reported by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, there are 200 million visitors per year worldwide with a group of 69% that includes children. Kids get a lot of educational benefits from this visit since they are free to explore their senses that is great for the overall development.

Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park Flamingos

If your family is seeking an adventure, hiking is a good outdoor activity for you. Exploring the trails activates the kids' appreciation of nature and not to mention the good amount of exercise for your physical health too. While the thought of hiking may not be appealing to some kids since it requires a lot of work and sounds boring, Rachel Walker of the Outside Online suggests that the best way to encourage the kids to get themselves involved in hiking is that you should never call it hiking in the first place. Make it interesting like telling them that you're going on a magical adventure where they have to follow you. Be creative and give them the freedom to choose so you get to gain their trust.

Looking for some speed and acceleration? How about a family cycling trip or skiing at one of the 9 award-winning ski resorts in the world for families. These are fun experience to enhance balance and burn calories with your loved ones. Start them young, for skiing toddlers can start to attend lessons as young as 2 and for cycling, there are some child bike seats available for ages 1-4 where it's mounted to the rack of the bike.


Water Adventures

A successful beach trip takes a lot of specific strategies but is the safest choice destination because it works with children of any age. Detailed packing lists are crucial but worth it. Remember that it's not the same with just having an adult beach getaway with friends where you have to only prepare for your own toiletries and swimwear. Bringing young children to the beach is somewhat different such as bringing extra diapers, a specific sunscreen, first aid kits, insect repellents, enough snacks, and water, among other things.

Family snorkeling

Autumn Hanson, a doctor of physical therapy and professional life coach of Permission 2 Move, describes that timing is essential when it comes to a beach vacation. The intensity of the sun's heat is dangerous not only for kids but for everyone. So pack up your things early to get to the beach in the morning where the sun and heat are less harsh.

Make your child's Jack Sparrow fantasy come into reality through cruising together. Sailing away is probably one of the most memorable adventures a family could experience. That's why there's no doubt it's one of the top picks in the list of best get-aways. With various activities, scrumptious foods, relaxing spaces, and beautiful sceneries, it is truly the favorite escapism.

In order to keep you afloat along the trip, make sure to book the right cruise line and ship. According to Lisa Goodmurphy of Travel Mamas, consulting a travel agent makes the sailing smooth because it's more organized and they pick the best deals for you. This way, a greater chance for your family to obtain more special amenities.


Travel Adventures with Kids

While it's normal to experience small bumps during family trips, always remember that it's almost impossible to not encounter impediments along the way to experience a memorable adventure. Think that it's all part of the journey that you will reminisce about with your kids someday.

A famous author once said, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all"; And that's enough reason for you to take a leap and be not afraid to seek adventures.

Seeing your kids grow and experience life is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. You want them to immerse themselves in different adventures that life has to offer. It is also the stage where they are curious and excited about learning and exploring the things they love. On that note, check out our article on the why you should travel with kids for more reasons to travel with your litte ones.

Till next time, stay well, be well and stay social.





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