Hilton Odawara Resort and Spa Review: Discover the Secrets

Hilton Odawara Resort and Spa is one of the hospitality giant’s signature hotels in Japan. The resort is located on a hill overlooking the breathtaking view of Sagami Bay with the panoramic nature of Hakone lying in the background. From here, the historic Odawara Castle is just a short ride as well as the Odawara Sakana Center, which is the city’s celebrated food hub and fishing centre.


But Hilton Odawara is an attraction itself. It’s in fact famous for its on-site hot springs and other water-based amenities. There are also select sports and exciting fitness programs that should entice other guests. But enough about amenities and such. What about the room and complimentary services? Is the location even accessible?

The good news is we have answers! So, come and check out whether Hilton Odawara is indeed the place to be.

 Hilton Odawara Resort and Spa_View from balcony


Free Shuttle from Odawara Station or Nebukawa Station

One of the things you might overlook but is nonetheless convenient is the free shuttle buses available from Mondays to Fridays (except holidays) that will take you to the hotel from the Odawara Station.


Additionally, free shuttle services are open at Nebukawa Station daily. By all means, you’re experiencing quality service before you even get to the hotel premise. We’re off to a great start!

Hilton Odawara Resort and Spa_Hot Springs and Pools 

Hot Spring and Spa Facilities for Guest Use

Is it really a trip to Japan without visiting an authentic onsen (hot spring)? No matter the case, it’s doubly hard not to get in on the experience if you’re staying at Hilton Odawara where guests can enjoy complimentary hot spring and spa facilities.


In fact as a ‘spa’ resort, there is a whole section reserved for water therapy including a 25-metre swimming pool, steam room, a variety of whirlpools and jets, and sauna. Then, of course, the famed Odawara hot spring which has its waters flowing freely from natural sources.


Multiple Indoor Pools and Jacuzzis

All in all, the Hilton Odawara Resort and Spa boasts 10 types of swimming pools, indoor and outdoor natural hot spring baths and other water-based relaxation and recreation facilities. There are also dry and wet saunas for you to shuffle into throughout Japan’s dynamic weather.


Sport Facilities to Stay Active

Aside from water therapy, guests can pay to use the hotel’s table tennis, badminton and tennis facilities. For something more casual and self-paced, there’s also the fitness centre that also offers studio exercise programs for guests, including world class Les Mills classes. To reserve a spot, you’ll simply need to get a ticket at least an hour before the session begins. Tickets and classes are subject to availability.


Laundromat On Site

One surprisingly convenient facility we’ve encountered in Odawara Hilton are the laundry machines located at the same level as hot springs and spa.

Having a self-help option on site during the stay is such a luxury to have especially since the hotel does offer some strenuous physical and wet activities.


Kids Entertainment Area

Kids also get to have fun in the resort since there are facilities and activities reserved for kids entertainment including the bowling alley and games corner that can be enjoyed by both children and adults.


If that’s not enough, then registration is available for the Hilton Odawara Resort and Spa Kid’s Club, which is open to children from four to 12 years old.


Hilton Odawara Resort and Spa_Japanese Western Deluxe Room

Review of the Japanese Western Deluxe Room

As a Hilton Diamond member, our Hilton Twin Room was upgraded to Japanese Western Deluxe Room upon check in. The room sleeps up to six individuals and boasts ocean views and a balcony that allow you to maximise the resort atmosphere and natural weather.


The contemporary design of the interior isn’t surprising but the Japanese integration here appears more subdued compared to other Hiltons in Japan.


It’s more Western than anything else, except for the Japanese style room where other guests can sleep on a tatami mat. Outside of that, you can get more immersed in the culture using the complimentary yukata and slippers for guests.


When it comes to the arrangement, the deluxe room is very spacious including the communal space, both bedrooms and even the bathroom. The ocean views also don’t disappoint, especially since the floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to enjoy the panoramic scenes even as you quietly idle beside the low table in the tatami room.


Hilton Odawara Resort and Spa Executive Lounge

We’ve had wonderful experiences from Hilton Singapore Orchard and Hilton Osaka when it comes to the Executive Lounge, so it was a bit disappointing to have a rather underwhelming experience during our stay at Odawara.


The complimentary food they offer for members didn’t have much variety. We got two to three selections for desserts to go along with soda or coffee and that went on for days. The evening canapes didn’t fare any better as it was limited to cheese and nuts, one to two Japanese snacks and alcohol. It was not an impressive spread.


It’s a good thing though that the hotel was able to deliver as a spa and resort. The facilities were great and the views were amazing.


 Hilton Odawara Resort and Spa_Breakfast Area

Hilton Odawara Resort and Spa FAQ:

Hilton Odawara works both as a primary hotel or rest stop since Odawara is a major transportation hub that leads to other notable destinations in Kanagawa Prefecture and across Tokyo.


What is Odawara Famous For? 

Odawara is popular for its famous historical landmarks and natural hot springs. Hilton Odawara, in particular, is home to some of these hot springs as well as other resorts-like amenities and activities.


Does Odawara Have Hot Springs?

Yes, Ogawara has its fair share of hot springs although the nearby town of Hakone is the location that’s better known for natural hot spring spots.


Does Shinkansen Stop at Odawara Station?

You have to catch the Tokaido Shinkansen line that has a dedicated stop at Odawara. This information is critical because NOT all shinkansen lines make a stop at Odawara.


The Tokyo to Odawara trains, meanwhile, have a flexible schedule that accommodates up to 41 departures daily, ensuring that travellers can take a train that serves their travel plans conveniently.


How to Get from Odawara to Shinjuku?

The fastest way to get from Odawara to Shinjuku is to take the Odakyu Limited Express Romancecar.


Do note that this luxury tourist service offers reserved seating. While this makes for a family-friendly setup, be guided to book or check availability in advance. From our experience the travel time lasts about an hour and a half.


How Much is the Ticket from Odawara to Shinjuku?

The price varies depending on whether you are boarding the train with or without a limited express ticket. You can check the Odakyu Limited Express Romancecar website for update rates.

 Hilton Odawara Resort and Spa_Japanese Breakfast Bar


Summing Up Our Stay at Hilton Odawara

Hilton Odawara features stunning views of the ocean and nearby towns, and the hotel offers a generally pleasant experience. The rooms here are a little more eclectic than other Hilton’s in Japan, but it fits well with the atmosphere and attractions around the lodge.


The common challenge people come across is travel. It takes a bit of work to plan your way in and out of the location, especially if you miss out on particular timings and scheduled trips.


On the flip side, it does deliver in terms of being a resort and spa, though it could certainly fare better if the Executive Lounge experience isn’t as distinctly underwhelming as it was during our stay.


Ultimately, if you are exploring Japan with your family, we recommend Odawara if you love panoramic views of the ocean and nature. The itinerary can get tricky if you plan to go in and out a lot, but it’s nothing that can’t be solved by thoughtful planning.


With that said, you can easily make a reservation or get more details about Hilton Odawara or other Japan-based Hilton's from the official Hilton Hotels website.

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