The Best and Most Unique Airbnbs in the World for Families

Let's explore the world together! Accommodation is among the top things that you will need to take into consideration when planning a trip with the family. If you are up for an adventure, for a unique experience why not opt to skip the hotel rooms and look for unique Airbnb rentals around the world.

You will be surprised by the wealth of exclusive, distinctive, quirky, and eccentric rentals that you can choose from once you jump online; and the best thing is, they are usually more cost-effective than hotels and resorts. Marry this up with 30 of the best travel games for kids to play in planes, trains, and automobiles and you are in for a magnificent time!

Home sweet home

Unique Airbnb rentals range from castles and houseboats to treehouses, cabins, igloos, and caves, and they usually offer modern facilities with mesmerizing views. Check out some of the best and most unique Airbnb rentals around the world that you can stay on your next trip below.


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Let’s Explore the World


Best and Most Unique Airbnb's in the United States

Off-Grid UNIMOG Zombie-Proof Adventure - Kimberly, AL


Yes, your read right, Zombie proof! This unique Airbnb was used as a movie prop in the Walking Dead and the Hunger Games. The property is located on a 105-acre sanctuary which is a hundred miles away from the society. Although it is only two people that can sleep in the UNIMOG, there are spots where additional people can sleep on the open-air sleeping loft.

This Airbnb is perfect for families that want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and experience outdoor activities. Some of the things that you will enjoy on your stay at this unique Airbnb are hiking the beautiful scenery, chilling in the lounge chair on the observation deck, and playing in the river. The best thing is that you can also bring your dog.


Earthen home - Page, AZ

Earth Hut

This unique Airbnb helps families to experience what it is like to stay in a Navajo hut with an earthen floor and wood-burning stove. You will find this rustic traditional Navajo hut is near Page and it can accommodate four family members. The house features a fully-stocked bathroom with an outside fire pit where you can cook dinner under the moonlight.

The highlight of this property is that you will get to enjoy a traditional Navajo breakfast with fresh fruit, blue corn porridge, and ranch coffee or tea that was sourced from the farm in the land. Your kids will love seeing the roaming sheep, horses, and sheepdogs around the Airbnb before you head to the nearby Grand Canyon.


Area 55 Futuro House - Joshua Tree, CA

Area55 Futuro

The Area 55 Futuro House is one of the unique homes around the world that will mesmerize you once you set your eyes on it. It's no longer listed on Airbnb but you can still rent it. A stay in this property will make you feel like you are not on earth again. It is totally off-the-grid and it has an outdoor shower and a fire pit where you can eat under the stars.

The Area 55 Futuro House offers a perfect opportunity to stay off social media as there is no WiFi available. However, it has solar power for charging your small electronics and there are board games for entertaining yourself while enjoying the gorgeous view of the California area.


Rocky Mountain Treehouse - Carbondale, CO

Rocky Mountain Treehouse

This is a lovely treehouse that offers you and your family the chance to spend the night in a treehouse high above Cattle Creek. This Airbnb property comes with a full kitchen with a wood-burning stove for cooking for the family. It also has a private deck where you can watch the stars with your kids. The best thing is that you can also bring your pets.


The Disney House—Davenport, FL

This is a family-friendly Airbnb property that your kids will absolutely love on a family vacation due to its location. It is located just one exit away from Disney world and your children will feel that they are still in the Disney world once they step foot inside it. It features a Frozen room filled with decorations from the Frozen movie and the bedroom has twin beds filled with stuffed Olaf and friends.

The house also has a game room themed with Star Wars and it is surrounded by a swimming pool, conventional pool table, a space-age ping pong table, and a foosball table game. There is also a private indoor pool at the house where your kids can burn off energy. The home also has a full kitchen, dining room, and there are air conditioning and TVs in every bedroom.


Adventure Treehouse in Paradise - Mt. View, HI

Adventure Treehouse

If you dream of going on a vacation in a location where you will be surrounded by the soothing sounds of the jungle and starry night skies, then this Airbnb is the perfect place to be. This cozy eco-cottage is designed to be as off-grid as possible while you enjoy modern amenities and luxury. This small Airbnb house was featured on HGTV's "Tiny Paradise" and is surrounded by unique features that your kids will fall in love with.

It is located eight feet above the ground and has a full kitchen, living room, bathroom, loft space bedroom, and a swinging bridge that connects the house to a quiet sitting area in the tree. There are also features an outdoor shower, jungle zip line, and ground-level hangout space. You will also have plenty of space to enjoy

stunning views of the surrounding Ohia and Hapu'u forest and enjoy the outdoor activities.

Note: this house is not suitable for kids under the age of seven because of the risks associated with the swinging bridge, loft, and zip line.


Underground Hygge, Orondo, Washington

Underground Hygge

If you are a fan of the lord of the rings, you will surely love this Airbnb rental. The Underground Hygge is situated against the magnificent Columbia River Gorge mountainside in Idaho. Guests that rent this Airbnb will enjoy a movie-themed adventure and your kids will find this amazing. You will enter the cottage through the iconic round doorway while you explore the numerous charming nooks and designs of this small hobbit hole for an overnight stay.

The best thing is that the property is near scenic hikes and you can go on a hiking trip along the hills to enjoy magnificent views of Lake Chelan.


Cabin in the Green Mountains, West Bolton, Vermont

Green Mountains

This cabin can be found on 20 acres of land in the Green Mountains. This mountainside retreat is situated in the forest which makes it an ideal setting for adventurers that wants to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Airbnb features a wide range of amenities which includes a solar-heated outdoor shower, wood stove, and propane cook stove.

Guests will also be provided with a cooler, cooking tools, bed, and a French press. You are also going to find numerous well-maintained hiking trails along with the cabin surroundings that you can explore. Some of the other activities that you can try out around this Airbnb are rock climbing, kayaking, swimming holes, snowboarding, and golfing.


Best and Most Unique Airbnb in Europe

Europe is one of the top destinations that you can travel to with your family. The continent is surrounded by lovely neighborhoods, old cities, attractions, and a plethora of unique Airbnbs that you can stay. Some are some of the awesome Airbnbs around Europe at your leisure.


Cool houseboat in Amsterdam

Houseboat Amsterdam

One of the top experiences not to miss while in Amsterdam is to sleep in an actual houseboat. This property is among the coolest Airbnbs in Europe and it offers guests the chance to wake up with a lovely view of the canal. It also has a terrace where you can eat your breakfast with a view. The cool houseboat features a sleek, modern, and contemporary design that will mesmerize you. The highlight of this Airbnb is that it is not far from Amsterdam's Old Town.


Dome House, Santiago de Cacém, Portugal

If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city while in Portugal, this dome house is the perfect one for you. Santiago de Cacem is a deluxe dome house with an infinity pool that overlooks the valley. The best thing is that the dome is placed in front of a panoramic window which makes it a perfect location for stargazing.


Old Smock Mill in Kent, England

Old Smock Mill England

If you are a history lover and are looking for a quiet and historically quirky setting to stay while in Kent, then look no further. The building is not like anything that you have ever set your eyes on or even sleep in it but you will be surprised by its stunning interior. The house has three separate floors that are connected by striking internal spiral staircases.

The home also has a walk-in wet room shower with a double-ended bath. Airbnb is also surrounded by local beaches, golf courses, and quiet towns that you can explore. The Old Smock Mill should definitely be on the bucket list of unique stays when you are on a travel vacation around England.


Drummond Tower, A Magical Castle in Ireland

You will not believe your luck that you can find a castle on Airbnb. You will find this magical castle in the countryside of Ireland and the best thing is that is just a 45-minute drive from Dublin. This beautiful castle features an enchanting living room, a

castle-top dining area, a stone spiral staircase, and a mind-blowing bedroom. The castle is beautifully renovated and it has enough space where you can stay. The best thing is that it is kid-friendly and it offers a plethora of chances to take Instagram-worthy photos.


Hector Cave House

Hector Cave House

This is a stunning 250-year-old cave house located on the luxury island of Santorini. It was once a former wine cellar before it was turned to this mesmerizing Greek Airbnb and it is built right into a caldera cliff. In this house, you are going to enjoy stunning views of the ocean and the surrounding coastline. It is stylish and authentic and well maintained.

It also has a mini pool with an outdoor terrace where you can spend a relaxing night with your family with a bottle of wine. This Airbnb also offers guests the chance to take Instagram-worthy photos.


AirShip Drimnin, Scotland

This is a unique airship that offers 360-degree views over the highland. You will find this Airbnb in a secluded and sustainable airship and it is a perfect accommodation if you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city while you enjoy the mesmerizing sunset view. Furthermore, it is surrounded by nature and you will not regret coming here for vacation.


Best and Most Unique Airbnb's Around the World

Airbnb is now available in almost every destination in the world. You will find a plethora of unique Airbnbs that you can stay in South America, Asia, and Australia and some of the coolest ones are as follows.


Geodesic Dome, Near World Biosphere Reserve in Quebrada de Alvarado, Chile

Geodesic Dome

This dome is suspended on the estuary of life and it is surrounded by pristine forest and lovely nature. It is located on the slopes of a national park which makes it a perfect day trips choice to go while in Santiago. You will appreciate the coziness of the space on the slopes of the national park which gives the family a perfect place to relax and unwind.

The room is also cozy and it has a double bed and heater. However, you will only make do with a compost toilet. The main house is around 100m away from the dome. It is from the main house that you can get access to a hot shower during the wintertime and Wi-Fi. Furthermore, the dome does not have a cooking facility but there is a fire pit outside where you can grill.

Note: no fire is allowed during the summertime.


Casa Arbol – Treehouse Life, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

If you dream of staying in a treehouse as an adult, then your wish will come through by visiting this home located in Nicaragua. It can be regarded as two stories and actually a treehouse and a villa that can accommodate about four guests. Casa Arbol overlooks the Pacific Ocean and it has modern amenities, a shared pool, Wi-Fi, and almost everything that will make your travel worthwhile.

You will find Casa Arbol on one of the largest private wildlife corridors in Central America which makes it a perfect spot for wildlife viewing activities.


Camaya Bali Lotus, Bali

Camaya Bali

If you are an adventurer and nature lover seeking accommodation to immerse yourself in nature then this house is for you. The Camaya Bali Lotus offers you the chance to experience the remote parts of Bali. It is located 90 minutes away from Ubud and it is specially designed for two couples or a family of four. The home provides guests with needed privacy as it features separate bedrooms and bathrooms.

The building features a large net that is suspended in front of the house where you can enjoy beautiful views of the lush landscape. Apart from lounging, you can also relax in your own private outdoor jacuzzi that overlooks the rice fields.


Old Tarcutta Inn Big Red Bus, Tarcutta, New South Wales

Big Red Bus can be found in south-western New South Wales on 10 acres of land at the outskirts of Tarcutta village. The big red bus offers guests a scenic rural landscape which is surrounded by horses, geese, donkeys, and ducks. It has a kitchen that is stocked with tea, coffee, and items for breakfast such as bacon, fresh eggs, juice, tomatoes, bread, and milk. It also has a boat that you can use to cruise the dam.


The World Famous Seashell House in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Seashell House

This is a beautiful house and it is a very popular accommodation that you can stay on this island. The SeaShell house has become so famous that it now has it's own website to make reservatrions (it's no longer on Airbnb). The house also comes with a private pool, kitchenette, and bedrooms with two king beds for your comfort. The experience at the Seashell House will surely make you feel like you are in paradise.

The best beach close to this property is the north beach and it is around 15 minutes away by golf cart. You can also head to El Garrafon snorkel park where you can try out outdoor adventure activities that your children will love. The house primarily contains two shells with a king bed and a private bath in each shell. For families of 5-6 people, you can stay in the brand new apartment constructed beside the shells with an additional kind of bed, private bath, and sitting area for more comfort.


Hatter's Hideout CAVE and Lodge, Bell

This unique Airbnb is a cave and can be found on eight private acres of Blue Mountains wilderness in the Western Downs Region of Queensland. The cave is situated within a mountain gorge surrounded by lush temperate rainforest. It is equipped with a gas BBQ, table and chairs, icebox, candles, and solar-powered lights and you can cook and wash using the rainwater on tap. The cave also includes a kitchen sink, basic cooking condiments, and utensils. The best thing is that Airbnb also comes with lodge bedrooms that you can book.


The Manor Basket Range, Basket Range, South Australia

The Manor Basket Range

The Manor is located in Basket Range which is a small town in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. This manor is a country estate and historic castle and it features a BBQ area, a beautiful garden, and a shared terrace with townhouse-style rooms. Both the upstairs and downstairs living areas are equipped with a kitchenette, bathroom and can accommodate about four guests.

This manor also includes breakfast on its menu. The best thing is that there is a pub located nearby in case you want to hang out with the locals! The Manor Basket Range is no longer on Airbnb but you can still make reservations through it's website.


Let's Explore the World

Airbnb has helped a lot of travelers break down walls that once existed and it is gradually shaping the tourism industry. Our goal for TernX is to do the same and simplify family travel by creating the best stroller to travel with. People are now on the lookout for unique Airbnb properties that they can stay to make their vacations a little more epic. Most of the unique Airbnb rental options above should be on the bucket list of places to stay during your next family vacation. If Airbnbs aren't your thing and you want to try something different, check out our family cruise recommendations.

Stay well, be well and stay social!





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