Top 8 Best Baby Monitors for Your Peace of Mind

Are you thinking about purchasing a Wi-Fi enabled baby monitor for your child, or are you pondering if an internet-based solution is even the way to go? If not, will the "outdated" features and controls of a radio-based devices hold up over time? Those are all valid concerns, and we plan to help you decide for yourself what's truly more important when choosing your own baby monitor.

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Best baby monitors for family travel


What to Look for in a Baby Monitor

We've learned a long time ago that selecting a baby monitor is a lot more delicate than choosing your next personal smart device. In fact, getting the latest baby monitoring technology might not even work in tandem with your home set up or preferences. If you feel like you're missing some factors or criteria on your checklist, then we have a refresher for you below!


Quality Video and Sound

There are three categories of baby monitors that you'll find in the market:

  • Audio only baby monitors
  • Audio and video baby monitors
  • Health tracking baby monitors

Baby monitors with video and audio offer extra useful features for monitoring babies. You can even arrange multiple cameras if you have more than one child to observe. Look for HD audio and video quality, particularly in video monitors, which should offer sharp and clear imagery capture and video feed. Features like infrared or night vision are also desirable.


Sound Quality and Sensitivity

Much like video and on-screen displays, clear audio quality is an important factor when choosing your baby monitor. You can also look for value-added features such as sound-activated notification lights or two-way communication support. Also, ensure that the baby monitor has sufficient range to monitor the area where you need consistent coverage.

Further, some monitors have built-in sensors that can account for the room's temperature and humidity, which can aid you in monitoring your baby's comfort and safety.


Battery Life

Long battery life should be another key priority when choosing the best monitor for your baby. It adds flexibility to your usage and becomes even more indispensable during emergencies. For peace of mind, you can look for baby monitors that can be powered by both batteries and AC.



Whether it's a standard video baby monitor or the more advanced and connected Wi-Fi monitor, there's no reason why you should settle for a piece of equipment that is difficult to access or control.

For example, don't settle for a Wi-Fi baby monitor without a compatible mobile app that has a user-friendly interface as well as support for HD camera feed. Meanwhile, for video baby monitors, you can aim for a camera with dynamic mounting options to give your setup more flexibility. In general, consider your lifestyle or existing home set up to find an ideal fit.


baby travel essentials - best baby monitors

How to Choose a Baby Monitor

If you're still unsure what type of baby monitor is best for your baby or home set up, then consider the following:


Video or Audio

Choosing between video and audio-only baby monitors strictly depends on your needs and preferences. Audio monitors are simpler to use and set up, while also typically less expensive. They also have longer battery life and come with reduced privacy risks in the absence of video components.

Video monitors will allow you to see your child in real-time, which adds peace of mind. They may also come with night vision and sensors for low-light situations. Some kits can also be controlled remotely to zoom or switch angles.


Wi-Fi or Radio

Wi-Fi monitors are sought after for their remote access capabilities, especially if you are looking to arrange for your Smart Home setup. However, it's internet dependent, which means it's really only as reliable as your internet connectivity.

Radio baby monitors are simpler and more stable since they provide a direct and continuous link between the parent unit and the baby unit. While radio has limited range compared to smart baby monitors, it is essentially perfect if you don't need remote access or your home has limited Wi-Fi coverage.


Lullabies and White Noise

Lullabies are melodies and songs that could be soothing for your kid. White noise, on the other hand, works like a background noise that drowns distracting sounds that may interfere with your baby's sleep. These features are not necessarily up against each other, and some parents even use both in different scenarios. It's best if you can experiment with different sounds until you find the ones fit for your baby's preference or sleeping pattern.


Price Range

A Wi-Fi connected baby monitor is naturally more expensive than its counterpart. But you might not even need it. Audio-only baby monitors and radio baby monitors might have simpler features, but they still excel over video monitors in certain situations.


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best baby monitors - Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor and Floor Stand


Best Overall Baby Monitor: Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor and Floor Stand

The Wi-Fi powered Nanit Smart Baby Monitor is a state-of-the-art baby monitor and health equipment that will give you continuous peace of mind when it comes to the condition of your baby, as long as you have uninterrupted access to the internet. We love it because it's simple, intuitive and takes little to no time to set up at home.

Monitor type: Wi-Fi, smart
Resolution: 1080p
Compatibility: iOS, Android, Alexa
Mounting: Wall mount, floor stand, tabletop
Mobile app: Yes


Nanit Smart Baby Monitor Pros:

  • Wide-angle lens camera with 1080p playback
  • FREE breathing band
  • Two-factor authentication (app)
  • Cloud storage
  • Supports multiple users
  • Real-time alerts on movement, sound, temperature or humidity tracking
  • Nature sounds and white noise and sound activation


Nanit Smart Baby Monitor Cons:

  • Expensive
  • Limited insights after FREE 1-year subscription plan
  • No built-in lullaby themes


best baby monitors - Eufy SpaceView

Runner Up Overall Baby Monitor: Eufy SpaceView

The Eufy SpaceView is one of the most affordable local video baby monitors in the market. It's a great alternative to the Nanit Pro Smart Monitor if you prefer a video monitoring system that isn't reliant on an internet connection.

Monitor type: Non-Wi-Fi, radio
Resolution: 720p
Compatibility: N/A
Mounting: Wall mount, tabletop
Mobile app: No


Eufy SpaceView Pros:

  • Built-in display
  • Wide-angle lens camera with 1.5x and 2x zoom
  • Night vision
  • Lullaby, white noise package
  • Two-way audio support


Eufy SpaceView Cons:

  • Limited to 720p (max) resolution
  • No movement alert


Best baby monitors - Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro

Best Non-Wi-Fi Baby Monitor: Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro

The Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro is an excellent local video baby monitor that is easy to set up and operate. It also allows for other installation options should you need something more specific for your baby's crib or room set up. The only glaring downside we noticed is that the device does not support white noise or lullaby activation.

Monitor type: Non-Wi-Fi, radio
Resolution: 720p
Compatibility: N/A
Mounting: Tabletop, wall mount, ceiling
Mobile app: No


Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro Pros:

  • Vivid built-in display
  • Supports pan, tilt and zoom
  • Interchangeable zoom lens with up to 6x zoom
  • No app or Wi-Fi support
  • Supports up to four cameras
  • Two-way audio support


Infant Optics DXR-8 Pro Cons:

  • Limited to 720p (max) resolution
  • Limited range
  • No lullaby or white noise package
  • Non-universal charging port


Best baby monitors - Owlet Dream Duo 2

Best Health Baby Monitor: Owlet Dream Duo 2

The Owlet Dream Duo 2 is one of the best Wi-Fi baby monitors we've tested. We especially love the intuitive app interface where you can easily monitor your baby's vital signs and the condition around them via the device's built-in sensors. Syncing the device, however, wasn't intuitive because Owlet 2 required the router to be reverted back to 2.4 GHz for initial setup.

Monitor type: Wi-Fi, smart
Resolution: 1080p
Compatibility: iOS, Android
Mounting: Wall mount, tabletop
Mobile app: Yes


Owlet Dream Duo 2 Pros:

  • 1080p video and playback
  • 4x pinch-to-zoom and night vision
  • Comes with Smart Sock that tracks baby’s heart rate, movements, oxygen level and temperature
  • Two-way audio support


Owlet Dream Duo 2 Cons:

  • Outdated 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network (also required for set up)
  • No lullaby or white noise package


Best baby monitors - Arenti Video Baby Monitor

Best Baby Monitor with Color Display: Arenti Video Baby Monitor

The colored display on the Arenti Video Baby Monitor is a welcome improvement that bests even some of the best baby monitors in its class. There's also a local recording feature that takes full advantage of Arenti's excellent camera and HD display. But even with that, what we loved the most from this unit is its added layer of security via its motion sensors and humidity tracker.

Monitor type: Wi-Fi, smart
Resolution: 1080p
Compatibility: iOS, Android
Mounting: Wall mount
Mobile app: Yes


Arenti Video Baby Monitor Pros:

  • 1080p video with 4x Zoom
  • Cry and sound detection, motion, and danger detection
  • Temperature and humidity tracking
  • Supports FAT32 SD card for video recording


Arenti Video Baby Monitor Cons:

  • Reported app connectivity issues


Best baby monitors - Kidsneed Baby Monitor


Best Budget Baby Monitor: Kidsneed Baby Monitor

The Kidsneed Baby Monitor is a great budget-friendly option for those looking for a non-Wi-Fi baby monitor. This unit is easy to set up and doesn't require app pairing or an additional control system to operate. The two-way audio returns crisp sounds, although there is a noticeable delay in the exchange.

Monitor type: Non-Wi-Fi
Resolution: 720p
Compatibility: N/A
Mounting: Wall mount
Mobile app: No


Kidsneed Baby Monitor Pros:

  • Low light sensor
  • Black and white night vision
  • Two-way walk support


Kidsneed Baby Monitor Cons:

  • Minor delay when using two-way talk


Best baby monitors -  Lollipop Cam

Best Runner Up Budget Baby Monitor: Lollipop Cam

The Lollipop Cam is pocket-friendly and cost-efficient baby monitor that you can use at home or take with your through your travels. Some features are locked via subscription, although the standard one you'll need for basic monitoring are all accessible through the complementary mobile app.

Monitor type: Wi-Fi, smart
Resolution: 1080p
Compatibility: Android, iOS
Mounting: Wrap
Mobile app: Yes


Lollipop Cam Pros:

  • 1080p playback
  • Smart Detection (cry, motion, noise)
  • Includes lullabies and white noise options
  • Two-way audio support


Lollipop Cam Cons:

  • Subscription required to unlock all features
  • Temperature and humidity tracking are sold separately


Best baby monitors - VTech DM221


Best Audio-only Baby Monitor: VTech DM221

The VTech DM221 is convincingly the best audio-only baby monitors we've tested. It had consistently clear output and a surprisingly good range for a compact analog device. Meanwhile, we also liked that the parent unit runs on Ni-MH battery or AC power for added versatility.

Monitor type: Audio-only, radio
Resolution: N/A
Compatibility: N/A
Mounting: Tabletop
Mobile app: No


VTech DM221 Pros:

  • Coverage up to 1,000 ft.
  • Support for a second parent unit
  • Two-way audio support


VTech DM221 Cons:

  • Audio-only device


What Kind of Baby Monitor is Best?

Having different styles of baby monitors in the market allows for better personalization at home. If you have reliable internet access, then a smart baby monitor should make for an excellent choice, especially if you are building toward a smart-integrated home.

Meanwhile, if you only basic audio or video monitoring, or are struggling to get continuous internet connectivity in certain parts of your home, then a non-Wi-Fi device will be a more reliable option for uninterrupted baby sleep monitoring


Which Is the Best Crib Monitor: Owlet or Nanit?

We generally think smart baby monitors are the way to go and find that Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor is one of the barometers we can look to when it comes to Wi-Fi enabled monitors. The Owlet Dream Duo 2 is also an excellent choice, particularly if you are after its accompanying Smart Sock monitoring system.


Choosing the Best Baby Monitor for Your Home

Creating the ideal sleep environment for your infant is not an easy task on its own, which is why choosing the right baby monitor for your home will go a long way in building habits that are conducive to your child's rest and safety.

On that note, remember that baby monitors will always have their own set of limitations and advantages. Therefore, it's up to you to carefully weigh in your options and find the most suitable arrangement that can consistently aid your baby in finding sound and uninterrupted sleep.

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