Must-Have Baby Travel Essentials: Essential Picks!

Planning a trip soon? It's important to pack your baby's travel necessities to provide them comfort and safety throughout the duration of your trip.

Finding the correct baby gear will help you have peace of mind for a more relaxed and pleasurable trip with your little ones.

Here is a comprehensive baby packing list to have a smooth trip with them.

Baby travel essentials


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Final Travel Note


Baby Travel Essentials for Sleeping

Providing a cozy and secure resting environment for your baby while traveling can help them sleep faster. Having quality sleep can give them a good mood and minimise fussiness while on the trip.

Pack your baby travel essentials beforehand in a carry-on luggage. Creating a baby packing checklist will help you to make sure that you will not leave anything important.

Cute teddy bear and baby essentials


Blackout Crip Canopy

Having a blackout crip canopy can induce your kids to sleep during the daytime or in bright hotel rooms. It helps to create a dark and pleasant resting place by filtering out light and distractions.

There are some accommodations that offer cribs and pack n plays for guests to use if they are traveling with a baby.


Baby Travel Tent

Having a baby travel tent while you are on the plane or on the road can provide your child with a comfortable position to sleep and rest. Most travel tents are made up of mesh which is lightweight and easy to pack.


Baby Monitor

With the use of a baby monitor, it allows you to keep an eye on your little one when you are not in the room. Baby monitors commonly come with a camera and microphone so you will either be able to see or hear your baby.


White Noise Machine

On the other hand, a white noise machine provides soothing sounds that can calm your child and put them to sleep. The machine can block out disturbing background noises for your babies when they are having a nap.

White Noise Machine helps get your baby to sleep and keep your baby asleep throughout the duration of your trip. You can place it in the hotel room or where the baby sleeps. It is useful especially when they get disturbed easily due to loud noises.


Baby Travel Essentials for Getting Around

Luggage Stroller

TernX at Las Vegas Airport waiting to board

When traveling with your little one, getting a luggage stroller that is lightweight and compact is a great option for you and your family.

It is easy to fold and unfold and offers features such as storage compartments for your baby's necessities, a sun canopy to block direct sunlight, and a reclining seat for comfort.

You can also use a luggage stroller as an everyday stroller when you run errands.


Baby Carrier

This item is helpful for hands-free mobility when taking your child on a trip. It is easier to move around when your secure your baby in a baby carrier. This allows you to keep your baby close to you and frees your hand up for activities.


Travel Car Seat

When traveling, a travel car seat is a great lightweight option to keep your child secure. Choose an infant car seat or seats that are lightweight and compact to carry around.

Also, for older kids, there are foldable car seats that are easy to store and great for travel.


Baby Blanket

Bringing a baby blanket is recommended to help keep them cozy and comfortable while on a trip. Opt for blankets that are soft and breathable to induce quality sleep for your little ones. You can also use it as a nursing cover when feeding.


Baby Travel Essentials for Eating

Diaper bag with baby food


When traveling, bringing a child's pacifier comes in handy, especially during takeoffs and landings on planes.

The sucking action of the pacifier helps regulate the ear pressure which opens up the eustachian tube and equalizes the pressure in the ears. Additionally, it also helps soothe and calm your baby.


Portable Breast Pump

If you are expressing breastmilk regularly, bringing a portable breast pump is very helpful when traveling. This way you can maintain your pumping schedule and express sufficient milk for your child.

Look for compact and lightweight options that are easy to carry and use.


Nursing Cover

A nursing cover provides privacy and comfort while breastfeeding in public. It also provides a more secluded environment for the baby, minimizing the exposure of the baby to distraction while nursing.

Keep enough room for your baby to breathe properly while nursing to allow air to circulate.


Portable Travel High Chair

Baby in travel high chair

Having a portable high chair provides your baby with a convenient seating option during meal times rather than sitting on your lap. It also keeps your child secure and promotes a sense of inclusion as your baby sits with everyone at the table.


Sippy Cup

This type of cup is a spill-proof drinking container designed for your little ones who are learning how to drink from a cup without spilling.

It can help your kids drink on their own without the issue of spilling the contents everywhere.


Spill Proof Snack Cup

This type of container is designed to minimize spillage and mess. It contains a tight-fitting lid that is sealed when closed. It also offers a slot with a restricted opening, therefore, restricting the likelihood of spillage.


Multi-Compartment Snack Container

Pack extra snacks for the plane

A multi-compartment snack container is a versatile accessory for organizing a variety of snacks in separate compartments.

It will keep everything organised to avoid mixing them altogether.


Snacks and Baby Pouches

Don't forget to pack snacks and food pouches to keep the little ones full and happy. These baby food pouches are easy to pack in your carry-on luggage and doesn't take up too much space.

A go-to when you are busy traveling with a baby in case they are feeling hungry and looking for something to eat.



If you are traveling with formula, make sure you pack enough formula to last for the whole duration of your trip. This is a good idea because you may not be able to buy the same formula at your vacation destination.

It will also sustain the needs of your baby even if you are away from home.


Bottles and Cleaning Tablet

Bottles are essential for feeding your baby formula. Keep them sterilized and clean using a cleaning tablet that you can dissolve in water. It is important to rinse it thoroughly before your baby's next use to remove any residues.

You can also use a bottle brush cleaner with the cleaning tablet. The soft bristles can reach and brush the edges inside the bottle.


Baby Travel Essentials for Health and Safety

Medical Kit

Travel Medical First Aid Kit

Does your little one easily get sick or have flu when you are on vacation? Having a baby medical kit is essential for their health and safety. Make sure to include your child's medications in your first aid kit. Band-aids and antiseptics are a good addition in case of accidents or cut in the family while on the trip.


Nasal Aspirator

A nasal aspirator helps remove mucus in your child's nose. This can help improve congestion and promote breathing. Bringing one is handy during travel as it is very helpful especially when your child has a cold.


Baby Travel Essentials for Changing

Extra Clothes

It is a good idea to pack extra baby clothes for your family trip. Your little ones have a tendency to create mess, whether it's spills, diaper blowouts, or unexpected accidents.

Extra baby clothes when traveling

Having an extra set of baby clothes on hand ensures that you can quickly change your baby into fresh and clean outfits whenever needed.

Also, pack a set of clothes for yourself too. It is common that baby can get air sick or car sick and end up vomiting all over you.



Make sure you pack enough diapers for your trip as it can be tricky buying diapers whilst on vacation. Even though you may find the same brand of diapers, the sizing and thickness of the diapers may differ especially when you are visiting a tropical country.


Baby Wipes

Baby wipes come in handy for cleaning high-touch areas, diaper changes, and wiping baby's face and hands clean. Opt for hypoallergenic wipes designed for sensitive skin to avoid allergies and rashes.


Rash Cream

It is important to bring along diaper rash cream to prevent your baby from developing diaper rash. It can help soothe and provide relief to the skin.


Wet Bags

Wet bags are waterproof bags designed to store soiled diapers, dirty clothes, or wet items while on the go. They are a convenient solution for containing any mess or preventing odors until you can properly dispose of or wash the items.

It is recommended that you bring extra bags and place them in your diaper bag for emergency situations. Better prepared than stressed-out.


Baby Travel Essentials for Entertainment

Books and Toys

Consider packing a few of your child's favorite books and toys to keep them entertained while on the trip. These can keep them entertained and occupied for a period of time on the plane.



An iPad or tablet with your child's favorite show can be a useful tool to keep your child entertained during long journeys.

Understand that it is acceptable to have screen time on the plane to keep them engaged and not bored.


Kid Headphones

little boy with kids headphones

Choosing child-friendly headphones is a great idea as they are generally built with volume limitations to protect their eardrums from excessive or loud sounds. They are also designed to be adjustable and provide a secure fit on children's heads.

It is also helpful to prevent them from being irritated in case there is too much noise on the plane.


Baby Travel Essentials for Shower

Baby Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Don't forget to pack your baby's toothbrush and toothpaste. Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles to prevent wounding your baby's gums. As for toothpaste, you can opt for fluoride-free toothpaste. It can keep their mouth fresh and promote good dental health in the long run.


Baby toiletries

This includes baby lotion, shampoo, and baby body wash. You can either bring travel-size toiletries or transfer the liquids into travel-size bottles.

It will be easier for you to bring some instead of looking for them at the stores in your travel destination and to make sure that you have them with you. Especially if your baby has sensitive skin which requires specific products for their bathing needs.


Portable Bath

A portable bath allows you to give your baby a quick shower or bath easily when traveling. You can choose from foldable baths to inflatable baths. Pick one that works for you.

It will freshen them up and have a comfortable feeling.


Final Travel Note

When you create a packing list for your little ones that include baby carriers and baby travel gear, it will help you provide a comfortable trip for them.

This article regarding different baby essentials allows parents to determine the stuff that they need to pack to ensure that everything will be fine for their children.

Remember to travel light and just bring other baby travel essentials to make sure that they are safe and comfortable throughout the duration of your trip.


Happy journeys!