Top 4 Best Silicone Snack Cups

In case no one hasn't told you yet, a snack cup is not just an excellent and affordable training equipment for babies, it's also considered a travel essential by many parents. Many families have a snack cup penciled in on their packing list because of its portability and effectiveness in encouraging self-feeding habits on kids—even when on the go.

If you know a toddler, it's only a matter of time before the next time they mess up their food. So, until they learn not to, it might serve you well to consider your options. More specifically, your intuitive but practical way of limiting their mess and your work in the process.

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What is a Silicone Snack Cup?

A silicone snack cup is designed for toddlers and their cute, little hands so that they can enjoy their food in a convenient and mostly mess-free manner. The container typically boasts an easy grip, spill-proof build, BPA-free materials and is still ultimately good at keeping food securely inside. It's a must have if you have young children, especially when you're traveling with them.


What is the Benefit of using a Silicone Snack Cup?

Like most feeding products for children, snack cups are portable. As in something that you can slide easily inside or out of your diaper bag whenever your child is feeling a little antsy. In virtually all cases, the food container is distinguishable by two small handles or soft silicone flaps that allow for easier grip.

Since kids who use a snack cup are often still in the process of honing their motor skills, the container itself is spill-proof, which requires little to no adult supervision. As a standard today, the cup is typically made of food-grade silicone and other non-toxic materials.


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Here are Our Top Picks for Silicone Snack Cups

Best Stainless Still + Silicone Snack Cup: Munchkin Snack+

The Munchkin Snack+ is our pick for the best snack cup with a stainless steel base. The silicone top flaps and soft opening are thoughtfully designed for toddlers so they can self-feed and practice their motor skills without making too much mess. Parents will also love this as it's dishwasher safe and easily fits standard cup holders in cars, seats and strollers.

Material: Stainless steel, silicone.
Dishwasher safe: Yes.
What we like about it: Lightweight and durable. Perfect for traveling and on-the-go.


Best Overall Silicone Snack Cup: Brave JusticeKidsCo Snack Attack

Brave JusticeKidsCo Snack Attack is made of 100% silicone and is also top rack dishwasher safe. But more importantly, it's BPA/Phthalate/Latex-free! It also doesn't hurt that it comes in two packs, which means you'll have an alternative or spare by default. Silicone is remarkably sturdy, so this little container will do just fine indoors or elsewhere.

Material: Silicone.
Dishwasher safe: Yes.
What we like about it: Excellent for indoors or on-the-go use. Wide handles and solid grip.


Best Budget Silicone Snack Cup: Boon SNUG Lid with Snack Cup

Boon SNUG Lid with Snack Cup is our budget pick for snack catchers. It's easy to use on its own, though the lids are also flexible enough that you might find yourself using them as cover for other cups. The package comes with a pair of stackable cups and multipurpose lids for all-around food handling and storage.

Material: Silicone.
Dishwasher safe: Yes.
What we like about it: The lids are definitely worth it because you can still use them as cover whenever your child is eager to bring a bigger snack container.


Best Silicone Snack Cup with Two Handles: mushie Silicone Snack Cup

The mushie Silicone Snack Cup has this funky looking soft opening that allows easy access but also effectively prevents accidental spill even on the move. The handles appear a little tight but they still offer a solid grip and a smooth surface.

Material: Silicone.
Dishwasher safe: Yes.
What we like about it: BPA/PVC/phthalate-free food grade silicone. Easy to wash with dishwasher or manually with soapy water.


What Age Do Babies Use a Snack Cup?

The age at which babies use a snack cup varies depending on their progress or interest in self-feeding. Generally, babies may start using a snack cup when they have begun to develop a knack for solid foods and improved hand-eye movements.


What to Put in Baby Snack Cups?

You should only consider putting age-appropriate finger foods in your baby's snack cup.

For starters, you can choose solid foods that are easy to grasp and digest. From then on, you can add more variety like whole-grain foods and homemade treats depending on your child's progress.


How Do I Teach My Baby to Use a Snack Cup?

Babies often learn by watching. Thus, you can model the behavior and let them catch on. This includes holding a snack cup and picking up snacks and placing them in the snack container.

Eventually, you can reinforce behaviors by encouraging self-feeding feeding during mealtime or snack time by simply leaving the training cup within reach. You can also praise their behavior to motivate them to continue their habit or keep trying.


Are Munchkin Snack Cups Microwave Safe?

Munchkin Snack Cups come in different varieties and materials, so it's recommended to check specific instructions or caution statements from the product manufacturer and the microwave itself to guarantee safety.

For example, only certain stainless steel is recommended for microwave use. Silicone, meanwhile, is generally safe.


Find the Best Silicone Snack Cups for Your Next Vacation

Silicone training cups are perfect companions for babies who are still developing self-feeding habits. You might also find them especially useful when on the road, where toddlers are occasionally left to their own devices. Having a snack cup within their or your reach will give them easy access to goodies, which can help alleviate their anxiety or boredom.

A snack cup can even outlast its initial application, since as a container, it can retain its practical purpose past the self-feeding training phase. Even as they grow up, you can have kids bring the cup to any of your travels to give them a little bit of responsibility on looking after themselves. Not to mention that they'll surely love the idea of keeping their favorite snacks close.

With that said, just remember to check care instructions provided by the manufacturer in order to get the best experience and mileage from any of your toddler's equipment.

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