The Best Diaper Bag For Twins, According To A Mom Of Twins

Our experience traveling with twins initially didn't always go according to our plans—though not for lack of trying. We knew there would be unique challenges and have made our best efforts to curb most of them.

For the most part, we managed to ensure our kids were comfortable and excited for each ensuing trip. But that's just half of the battle. From our side, we're constantly struggling to keep things together—literally.

Our backpack diaper bag back then was often exploding with our stuff. By the end of our trips, we usually don't have enough space to fit everything we need, and some we found along the way. Until we came across the TernX Travel Diaper Bag.

 Travel diaper bag for twin

TernX Diaper Bag for Twins is So Lightweight That Even with All the Baby Essentials, It Doesn't Feel Heavy

Apart from its beautiful design, TernX diaper bag made an impression on us because of how light it feels. As it turned out, the kit, which fits up to 23L of baby essentials, was remarkably just a shade under two pounds—basically a carton of milk.

While it's tempting to simply go for an extra-large diaper bag, we found that TernX has more than enough room as it is for travel essentials. And ultimately, that's the main reason we were looking to upgrade anyway. We wanted the extra storage space but not to compromise our mobility.

It is the Best Nappy Bag for Twins Due to The Versatility of the Backpack

When it comes to design, few are as versatile as TernX diaper bag. In fact, depending on the nature of our trip we've used the bag with a single interior compartment or multiple partitions. This smart design alone improved our efficiency in organizing our luggage.

Additionally, we love that we can comfortably carry TernX both as a backpack (or shoulder bag) and as a tote. The padded straps are also a subtle but huge improvement from our previous diaper bags, which are made even better by TernX's excellent weight distribution.

When it comes to access, everything is simple and practical thanks to the bag's clamshell design, similar to what most hard-shell luggage uses. Basically, the bag can be zipped open to an even 50/50 split—like a bookbag you open from the top. This makes everything accessible all at once no matter if it's a baby gear, spare clothes, changing pad or toys. With that said, check out our tips on what to pack in your diaper bag backpack to maximize your storage space.

And of course, don't worry about several items getting mixed up since you can use multiple pockets and partitions to store them. Now if you have two babies, that also means you can organize better to ensure each child has their respective supplies.

Best Diaper Bag for Twins That Doesn't Scream Diaper Bag

When we say we immediately loved TernX's design, we mean both mom and dad. The unisex diaper bag backpack is a real charmer, not only because of its neutral colors but also its simple and stylish frame.

It's no surprise that it's one of the best diaper bags today due to its sleek design that successfully melds style and comfort, which makes the bag look less utilitarian than any of the diaper bags we've tried prior. The bag has had plenty of mileage with us since we've found it to be just as practical in the day-to-day.

Even outside of day trips, TernX has been our go-to for casual trips to the mall or local park. And it doesn't matter who carries it! It's a well-rounded travel bag in more ways than one. Plus, it's made with water-resistant recycled PET, which protects it from stains and any accidental mess.

TernX Travel Diaper Bag RFID Secure Pocket

Its RFID Compartment Makes it a Good Diaper Bag for Twins When Traveling

The RFID-blocking compartments of TernX protect your digital and banking information from RFID skimming wherever you go. This patented anti-theft technology is usually lined with a sheet of copper alloy to block the electromagnetic signals that RFID scanners emit. With TernX, you get this added layer of security for free.

It's also worth noting that TernX is hardly new in the game as they have previously been recognized by iF Design for their carry-on luggage stroller's innovative design.

What to Consider When Buying a Diaper Bag for Your Twins

While a large bag is an upgrade on its own, there are more things to consider when switching to a new diaper bag. Especially if you are raising twins.

Space – apart from the space you need to accommodate your baby's essentials, it's worth looking out for different storage ideas offered by the luggage. Some diaper bags including TernX have a few options built-in, so you can freely switch to your preferred style as needed.

Functionality and features – it's wise to make a thorough checklist of what you wish to carry in your bag, as well as your personal preferences and priorities. Do you simply need more space? What about style and comfort?

For us, we bought a TernX diaper bag because it gave us more storage room and we were impressed with the quality of its design. It's also given us more versatile and mobile options, including a hands-free and easy access setup when the bag is clipped to a stroller.

Additionally, we purchased at a time when the kids were being potty-trained. So, the multiple partitions did help us organize the diapers, wipes, bottles and changing mat in a practical and hygienic way. The internal cell phone pocket and the RFID compartment also made us more convinced that this is a diaper bag that we can take on our travels and casual strolls all the same.


The Perfect Diaper Bag for Parents Who Are Traveling with Twins

Ultimately, we found so much value in our purchase of TernX diaper bag not just for our twins, but also for ourselves.

Most diaper bags aren't made for twins, and those made for that purpose are sometimes held back by their design and limited features. With TernX, we found the perfect balance and the ideal diaper bag for all our family needs.

For best practice, we encourage you to narrow down your options to the diaper bags that clearly answer your immediate concerns. Sometimes, that's truly the only way to find the best matching product. Meanwhile, if you care to learn more about the TernX diaper bag, you may check out its complete list of features and availability on its official website.



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