How to Sleep with Baby in Hotel Room

Staying in hotel rooms used to be all about lazy mornings in comfy beds, having a staycation from time to time, room service for your meals, and trips to the in-house spa. But as a parent, staying in a hotel with a baby takes some preparation.

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Also, write down a list of your Baby Travel Essentials as this will help with a more comfortable stay at the hotel for you and your baby.

This article will provide you with a quick guide on what to consider, things that you can bring to provide a comfortable sleeping area for everyone.

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Pick the Right Room

Choose a Suite if Possible

Selecting the right room for your baby can give them a good night's sleep.

Booking a suite room is ideal for a family because a suite is more spacious and provides a separate area for you to rest and watch tv after your baby falls asleep.

Compare that to a deluxe room, once your baby falls asleep and the light is off, the whole room will be dark. Parents will have to be quiet from then on which is inconvenient should you want to chit chat as a couple or even just watch tv and chill.

Other options would be to look for short-term apartment rentals or Airbnb style accommodations. From our own experience, we have found one-bedroom apartments to work well with one baby. Once you have two children, a two-bedroom layout will be more preferable. The reason for this is so that you have an extra area that is usable when your baby is asleep.

We made the mistake of booking a deluxe room and ended up hiding in the toilet after the baby sleeps as we did not want to turn the light on in the room and wake our baby up.
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Request for a Baby Cot and Accessories

Most hotels and accommodations are baby friendly and provide baby cots. Make sure you call up beforehand to request a hotel's crib. This way, you can travel light, and housekeeping will prepare your baby's area ready for your arrival.

In fact, nowadays many hotels even provide high chairs and baby milk warmer as well.


Bring Your Equipment

Preparing your baby's travel essentials in advance can ensure a stress-free journey and a pleasant stay in your hotel room.

Ideally, bringing your own equipment is best because your baby will be familiar with their own bedding.

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The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends infants to sleep in their own space to reduce the risk of sleep-related infant death. For example, using a crib, bassinet or portable play yard with a firm surface. You can set it up on the left side or right side of your bed depending on your preference and the space in your room.

Therefore bringing your own travel bed gives you peace of mind knowing you have the correct bed set up for your little one.

Having a surface without incline provides a safe environment for your little one and allows healthy blood flow while having a restful sleep.

In addition to that, choosing the best sleep position for your baby is vital. Ensure your little one is placed on their back to sleep as this reduces the risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Make sure the bassinet or cot is clear from clothing, toys or pillows. Sometimes, there are situations where babies might suffocate while sleeping due to objects left in their bassinet or when co-sleeping. [1]

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Sound machine

This equipment can set the mood of your baby and put them to sleep. However, it is important to place the sound machine approximately 7 feet (200cm) away from your little one. This is a distance safe enough to avoid any auditory problems that may occur due to long exposure.

Ensure the sound machine's volume is at a safe level and prevent any hazardous sound pressure levels that can cause damage to your baby's hearing. [2]

Baby sleeping in hotel bed with bunny 


This is a must-have for your baby's bedtime routine. The blanket acts as a familiar item for your baby and it acts as a trigger for sleep. It can be used on the plane, or in the stroller to keep them warm while napping. You can also use the blanket as a nursing cover if you are breastfeeding.

When your baby is comfortable in their sleeping positions, they will eventually fall asleep comfortably.


Create a Visual Barrier Between You and Your Child

A visual barrier between you and your child while in the same room is also recommended to provide their own personal space.

By creating the barrier, your baby will not get distracted easily. This will allow them to fall asleep without too much difficulty.

One simple way to create their own sleeping nook is by using a Slumberpod. The Slumberpod provides a personal and private sleeping area for your little one.


Stick to Your Daily Routine

Having a routine can keep you organized while on a trip. Staying to your daily routine will help your baby adjust to the new environment. For example, if there is a change in time zone and it is time for your baby to go to sleep, follow your normal bedtime routine. This will help your baby understand it is sleep time.

Trouble having your baby sleep through the night? Click here to check out some downloadable bedtime routine for your little one.


Set the Hotel Room Temperature

Prior to putting your child to sleep, set the heating or cooling to an ambient and comfortable temperature. Having a comfortable environment will assist your baby to fall asleep quicker.

They can sleep soundly without feeling too cold or too hot once you set the room temperature to your preference.


Use Blackout Curtains

Get prepared and bring blackout curtains with you on your vacation. The blackout curtains can help block out unnecessary light from the windows. Many accommodations do not offer blackout curtains which can cause your baby to wake up early due to light entering the room.


Bring Your Own Bedding

Consider bringing your baby's bedding and familiar items. This way you can create a more comfortable environment for them. It will put them at ease and make it feel like the new place is your home away from home.

Adding this item to your packing list can benefit your little one to have a relaxing stay in the hotel room.

Dad and baby bonding


Final Thoughts on How to Sleep with a Baby in a Hotel Room

We have found that when traveling with a baby, choosing the right accommodation for the family is important to ensure everyone gets enough sleep during the vacation. Apartment-style layouts or hotel suites worked well for us.

It is also important to have a dedicated sleeping area for your baby. A separate area with a firm, flat mattress to provide a safe sleeping space and comfortable sleep positions and sleep posture for your child. This will help your baby sleep comfortably in your hotel room.

Work out what are the items that will help your baby sleep and pack that for your vacation.

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[1] McGarvey C et al. An 8 year study of risk factors for SIDS: bed-sharing versus non-bed-sharing. Arch Dis Child. (2006)

[2] Hugh S et al. Infant Sleep Machines and Hazardous Sound Pressure Levels. Pediatrics. (2014)





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