How to Keep Kids Entertained on a Plane

It's safe to say we've all witnessed a child throwing a tantrum at some point in our lives. Traveling with kids should be an Olympic sport because parents who do it all deserve medals as athletes of the highest caliber. Anyone who has traveled with children knows that it can present challenges and be exhausting at times. Frankly, those who say otherwise must be superhuman and that’s why we created the TernX Carry On luggage stroller to help simplify family travel. 

Here are some tips and numerous ways to keep your child entertained while you are actually on the plane. Peace out!

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Bring fun and quirky toys

The first thing that every parent should have in mind is to bring their kid's favorite stuffed toy. It not only helps them chill but also acts as an all-important comforter. I mean who can resist a cute owl plushie? Other toys such as a Buckle Toy is one that works wonder because of their versatility. Great for keeping kids occupied while activating a toddler's motor and cognitive skills. It can easily also become their no.1 toy.


Coloring workbooks

Keep your child's creative juices flowing with coloring. It's actually great for adults too. The different shapes, landscapes, animals, and superheroes keep them both busy and focused. Make sure that the coloring books are their personal choices as it helps to heighten their excitement. Coloring and workbooks are definitely a must-have to help travel with kids stess-free. Provide an activity that piques curiosity and interest. Start with word puzzles, themed books, hidden pictures, and other learning booklets. Some examples include Maisy Goes on a Plane: A Maisy First Experiences Book is an amazing travel picture book that is helpful for the little ones. Buckle up because it is an enjoyable read especially for kids who are having their first flight.

If your little ones absolutely love to read, here are 7 great travel books for kids that are sure to stimulate let their minds, wander and color their imagination.


Digital games

Love it or hate it, technology is here to stay! Make it your friend (within reason) with kids are so technologically advanced these days. Some will prefer to play Super Mario, Minecraft, Captain Todd, Animal Crossing, Kingdom Hearts, etc. than good old fashion toys that we're all used to.

Kids using tablets at the airport

As with all things, there are pros and cons; digital tablets are way efficient and lighter than adding a bulk of toys in your carry bags. It's not new to us that gadgets also have negative effects on our children, especially at the early stage. Too much exposure to screen radiation can have a huge effect on a kid's health. It can lead to eye irritation, headaches, the blurry vision among others. That's why it is important to limit their screen time and provide other activities. When entertaining children, variety is key so be sure not to rule this one out completely. To supplement digital games, here are 30 of the best travel games for kids to play on planes, trains, and automobiles!


Paper crafts

Paper crafts

Pouring all your creativity on paper is definitely a fun activity to do on a plane. Origami started in Japan in the 17th century and became wildly popular everywhere in the mid-1900s. Most parents love bringing an origami kit to an airport since it doesn't take lots of space. There's a helpful origami site that guides you to different origami ideas that you and your kids will surely enjoy. 


Movie marathon

Watching a movie with kids on a plane is the easiest way to cope with boredom. There are a lot of kid-friendly shows on Netflix available right now. Make sure to download everything before flying with kids. Colleen Lanin of Travel Mamas listed down the best travel movies for your family to enjoy. Movies like Finding Nemo, The Sound of Music, Ratatouille, among others. Just ensure it's something they will enjoy and appeals to them.


Yummy snacks

Don't forget to include healthy snacks that take forever to eat such as pretzels, animal crackers, raisins, grapes, mini muffins, and many more. Snacks can be purchased at airports and or onboard but will never be as healthy as those you prepare yourself. It's important to bear in mind to prepare snacks prior to your family trip. Tip: choose snacks that don't make so much mess and don't need refrigeration for a long time.


Find it games

This is definitely one of our kid's favorites which keeps them busy for hours on end. Where's Waldo (known outside North America as Where's Wally?) and I Spy are great mind tweezers to enjoy and kill time too. Giving them exciting prizes will motivate them to focus more on the given activities.



Reusable stickers

Stickers are always fun and entertaining wherever you are. It is lightweight and flat which is easy to pack especially when you are traveling with young ones. Choose themes that they like whether it's animals, flowers, or any Disney characters—stickers are tested and proven to keep kids entertained on very long flights. There are also reusable stickers book which allows kids if peek and reuse over and over again which is a bonus for all.


Keeping entertained

We have had plenty of learnings and been through a mountain of challenges, all the exhaustion, the sleepless nights, the fear of flying with kids, and more... For these reasons we wrote The Travel Book: A Guide To Traveling With Kids for you to share our experiences, to minimize all the stress and anxiety we went through whilst traveling with kids. In this downloadable ebook, we cover:


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Safe travels!






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