Tired of Juggling Kids and Carry On Luggage

When you travel with your children, consider bringing only the essentials. Traveling with alot of things can get you preoccupied and busy carrying them around instead of just relaxing and attending to the needs of your baby.

Be more strategic when packing your stuff. 

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Enjoy Your Family Travel and Breeze Through the Airport with Your Kids


Kids Can Become Overtired and Confused When Traveling Internationally

Preparing a multi-purpose bag for your kids is a great option. You may consider getting a suitcase stroller which is perfect for your travel.

Your child can use their stroller once they arrive at their destination and at the same time a suitcase to also pack some of their stuff.

Getting quality products is a great investment because you can experience the value of your money and can be used again by your future kids or other people once your child has already outgrown theirs.

For families traveling frequently, getting a Tern-X carry-on is a great idea. Its been named by TIME Magazine as one of the best inventions of the year and is the best stroller to travel with. It is durable and can be transformed into a suitcase for easier use.

Many airlines allow passengers to bring strollers with them as long as it is within the dimensions provided by the company.

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Planning the Trip

Pick the Seats That Work for Your Family

When you choose your seats, decide whether you want to purchase a seat for your infant or have them on your lap throughout your trip.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) states the safest place for your child under 2 is the car seat. However, do what works for your family during travel.

Another factor to consider is budget. If you are flying on a budget, keeping your child on your lap is an option.

Second, your child’s preference. If your child isn't great in a car seat normally, you may want to skip the car seat and have your child on your lap.

They may like it more if they are sitting on their parent's lap instead of being separated by the extra seat.

Lastly, the travel time. If you are flying for just a few hours, getting an additional seat can be quite pricy.

For example, an hour's flight to your travel destination is a short period for you and your kids. If you are on long-haul flights, it is more comfortable for you and your kid to book another seat. This will allow your child to sleep longer as well as provide you with more space having your own seat.


Choosing the Flight That Works with Your Child's Sleeping Time

If your kids aren't a great sleeper, go for the day flight. This will keep them awake throughout the trip. Bring toys for the plane ride to keep them entertained.

On the other hand, if you have a long haul flight, choosing a night flight can help you and your kids sleep and rest throughout the flight. If possible, pick the quickest and most direct flight even though it may cost more.

Preventing jet lag caused by long-haul flights and time zone changes can help everybody enjoy the trip more. Your little ones will be able to fall asleep faster after a long day of outing.

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Packing for The Trip

Only pack what you need. Be strategic with what you bring as your carry-on to keep your hands free if your child needs extra help.

If you are flying with multiple children it is helpful to prepare their own bag for easy access and make sure that they have everything that they need.


Packing the Carry On

What to Pack in Your Carry On for Long Flights with Kids

If you are traveling with breastmilk, make sure you pack all your pumping necessities in your bag including extra milk bottles.

Pack an extra set of clothes for you and your baby just in case of emergency situations whereby clothes get soiled. Packing diaper pants is a great idea for easy diaper changes.

Additionally, bring their favorite toy or blanket. Pack a few new toys to keep them entertained while on the plane. Extra snacks is also a must!

Also, having a medical kit in your diaper bag backpack, especially if you are with your kids, can aid your headaches and jetlag.

Older kids can have their own bags to keep everything organized.


Prepare for Going Through Security

Make sure everything is packed based on the rules and regulations before going through airport security.

Be mindful of the fluids that you are bringing in your carry-on luggage because most airlines prohibit aerosols and liquids of more than 100mls.

However, if you are bringing breastmilk, you aren't restricted to the 100mls.
Also, organize and pack fluids together. Separate your documents and electronics in different bags to avoid any spillage from the liquids.

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Consider Bringing an Inflatable Airplane Bed

When traveling with young children, selecting a middle or window seat allows you the flexibility to use toddler airplane beds.

Additionally, a window seat enables your child to gaze out the window. It is also an excellent area if you plan to use inflatable leg rests. A toddler airlplane bed gives your kids a useable and pleasant space to rest.

Make sure you have everything you need for air travel before you go for a stress-free and joyful journey.


Bring a Carry On Stroller Onboard

Most airlines allow passengers to bring strollers as carry-on luggage as long as they fit carry on dimensions. However, make sure you double check with your airlines as every airline have their own policy.

carry on luggage stroller that fits in overhead compartment

Having a carry on stroller with you is handy at the airport. Traveling in general is tiring, so minimize the chance of your child getting overtired. A stroller is a great space for small children to rest and stay comfortable especially when you experience flight delays or when they are exhausted from walking.

Furthermore, having your travel stroller with you at all times ensures that you minimize the possibility of your stroller getting damaged in transit.


Make Space for Toys in Your Carry On Bags

Bringing toys and a few books for your little ones can help them stay entertained and distracted during long-haul flights. There is less chance of them getting bored on the plane.

Small to medium-sized toys are preferable so that you can just put them in your carry-on baggage without any hassle.

You can also download some of your kid's favorite shows on your iPad to keep them entertained while on the flight. Some screentime on the plane is ok.

little boy in plane watching ipad with headphones


Kids Headphones

Headphones help block out the ambient noise on the plane, which can be quite loud and potentially overwhelming for children. This creates a more peaceful and comfortable environment for them to relax or sleep during the flight.

They can also enjoy watching their favorite shows on the plane. Sometimes they will even fall asleep halfway through the show. Hence, having comfortable headphones that fit them will keep them comfortable even when they are asleep.


Don't Forget a Change of Clothes for Both of You

It is good to have an extra set of clothes in case your baby vomits on you or does explosive poo that soils their clothes and probably yours. Having that extra clothes allows you to change their clothing anytime on the plane in case they need it.

airplane tray table


Bring Your Own Antibacterial Cleaning Supplies for Airplane Seats and High Touch Areas

A lot of items in the plane are considered high-touch areas. An example of this is your seatbelts and food tray.

You can use antibacterial wet wipes, sanitizers, and alcohol to clean these areas. It will help prevent you and your young kids from being sick and getting germs.

This precautionary measure keeps everyone healthy throughout your vacation.


Bring Snacks

Bringing extra snacks for your kids to enjoy while on your flight can keep them full. Biscuits, sandwiches, fruits, and vegetable sticks are some easy snacks you can bring with you on your flight.

Place them in a multi-compartment snack box or anti-spill containers for easy access.

Children can get hungry from time to time so having extra food on board keeps them happy.


Only Bring What You Can Manage as Carry On

If you are tired of juggling kids and carry-on luggage just remember to only bring the things that you and your child need. This is because attending to your child can be challenging if you are lugging along loads of bags and carry on.

Have only your essentials in the carry-on. Extra stuff can be packed in your check-in luggage.

In line with this, it may be easiest to check your children's car seats together with your checked luggage to lessen the burden of carrying it in the aircraft.

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Enjoy Your Family Travel and Breeze Through the Airport with Your Kids 

The comfort and safety of your family are your number one priority whenever you travel with them. Being prepared and making sure that you bring your child essentials can prevent them from experiencing jet lag and tantrums.

Before pre-boarding and take off, double check all your bags if you have them. You do not want to have missing baggage once you arrived at your destination. You can read here to learn about traveling with carry on only.

Have the best time and enjoy every moment of your vacation.


Stay well, be well and stay social.





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