28 of the Best Activities for Kids in Florida

Florida, the sunshine state of United States. A place where the sun shines majestically, the sands are as white as powder, the palm trees are graceful swaying, the sea is as blue as the sky, and the adventures are worth every plane ticket, hotel accommodation, and moment.

Florida is a place where outdoor adventures, family-friendly activities, educational tours, and underwater entertainment is abundant. It is a vacation destination where both parents and kids can enjoy a long bath in the sun while sipping ice-cold freshly squeezed fruit juices. For an ultimate kid travel experience (and yours) put Florida on your list!


The Best Activities for Kids in Florida
If you are looking for a getaway that will bring new memories and different kinds of bonds, Florida is the place to be. Hence, pack that luggage, organise that diaper bag and book that ticket; it's time for your family to explore the wonders of the Sunshine State. Check out our tips on the ultimate guide to fun and practical kids luggage and safety tips when traveling with kids.


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Enjoy Exploring Florida


Fun Things to Do in Florida with Kids

1. Best Water Parks and Theme Parks in Florida

Walt Disney Florida

Walt Disney Florida needs no introduction. When you say Walt Disney, it is understood that it is one place on Earth that exudes a one-of-a-kind experience for kids. If you want to spark your kid's imagination and bring those cartoons to life, Walt Disney is a must. Also, parents will feel nostalgic and will revisit childhood memories.

Walt Disney Florida offers 27,000 acres of pure entertainment and fun. With four theme parks, two water parks, and some camping and entertainment venues, one day is not enough to explore it. Hence, have a blast in Walt Disney, Florida, and get ready to be amused with all the cunning live entertainment and adventure, not to mention the themed restaurants you and your kids will love. Disney World is the top amusement park to go to in Florida with kids.



Legoland Florida

Of course! Kids love Legos! I mean who doesn't? Legoland is another kind of adventure your kids would love to have the first-hand experience. From fun rides, theme parks, and legos everywhere, who wouldn't have a blast?

Legoland has several fun-themed sections such as Star Wars, Merlin, and Ninjago all wrapped in one area. Also, witness your kids' eyes glow as they see statues and attractions made of Legos. Definitely a feast for your child's wandering mind. Legoland has one of the best kid entertainment in Florida.


Angell and Phelps Chocolate Factory

If you have a full day-out trip ahead of you, make your first stop at the Angell And Phelps Chocolate Factory for free chocolate tasting and free energy for you and your kids. The sweets will definitely suffice all the energy you will need exploring the Sunshine State.


Sloan's Ghost Hunt

Do you want some even more thrilling adventure? Sloan's Ghost Hunt is like no other. It is Key West's most haunting but alluring destination. Your kid's curiosity will spark upon seeing some ghost-hunting equipment while venturing into the scary world of Sloan's.

Also, if your children are into spooky stuff, the tour includes membership to Ghost Hunt Society that gives you access to see scary strange collections and collectible haunted artifacts. Sloan's Ghost Hunt is a unique travel destination that will leave a mark on your children's memories.


Universal Studios Orlando

If your kids are movie lovers, they will surely love to visit Universal Studios Orlando. The place offers exclusive viewing of world-renowned children's films such as Despicable Me, and Dr. Seuss, Minion Mayhem.

Apart from film viewings, various rides, restaurants, and movie studios are just there waiting for visitors. This gargantuan-themed park also houses Explore Hogsmeade, a city in the movie Harry Potter that your kids will have a blast exploring. While you're at it, you can enjoy a sip of Butterbeer and indulge in Honeydukes treats, and let your kids wander in joy land. Thus, visit Orlando's Universal Studios and enjoy a day of pure fun.


2. Unique Kid-Friendly Museums in Florida

Salvador Dali Museum

Salvador Dali Museum

It's not your typical children's museum, but, if you want to introduce your kids to the concept of surrealism and spark their creative minds, bring them to the Salvador Dali Museum. Salvador Dali is a famous surrealist painter that depicts human's inner desires through grotesque objects and perspective paintings.

Surrealist is a concept that triggers the most imaginative minds. The museum houses Dali's sculptures, paintings, sketches, and book illustrations in their original form. Also, one of Dali's famous paintings The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory is hung waiting for new faces to astonish and lure.


Mote Marine Laboratory

Mote Marine Laboratory is a world-class laboratory and aquarium in the United States that educates children about the nature of marine ecosystems. Your kids will have fun while learning a lot about science. Moreover, your kids will go out of the museum as nature-conscious individuals.

In Mote Marine Laboratory, they instill in their little visitors the importance of preserving the health of our planet. Your kids' minds will be opened to the concept of pollution, coral bleaching, plastic disposal, and other key issues that diminish the well-being of our planet.


Orlando Science Center Observatory

If you've had enough of the underwater and caves, take a flight to the Orlando Science Center Observatory and educate your kids about the bottomless possibilities of the vast universe. Your kids will love to learn about the world beyond our atmosphere and see a glimpse of the universe through the lens of the most powerful telescopes in the world.

Also, spark the inner archaeologist in your kid and let them get dirty and dig for some dinosaur fossils. After, bring them to one of the Observatory's theatres and entertain them with informative shows about the universe.


History of Diving Museum

The History of Diving Museum offers a little different educational tour. It is situated in Islamorada where the diving culture is rampant. Your kids will learn all about how diving started and see some actual artifacts, photographs, and documents that concur with the history of diving.

Also, if you're lucky, the museum hosts several events every year such as Deep Sea Trick or Treat. So, if you want your kids to experience a different kind of Halloween evening, plan your trip during Halloween and let them wander in the "seascapades" of diving.


The Ringling Museum Florida

The Ringling Museum

The Ringling Museum is the museum of all museums. Ca' D'Zan is located here along with The Historic Asolo Theatre. Also, if you want to feed on some art, the Museum of Art exhibits unique art pieces that will induce some culture and new ideas for your children.

The Circus Museum is another spectacular spot for your kids to enjoy. They will be amazed by the fantastical and mystical culture of entertainment many moons ago. Then, let them experience first-hand by fitting into a clown car, doing fake tiger taming, and walking on top of a trapeze. The Ringling Museum is colored in bright beaming palettes with so many details of oddities here and there. And, of course, a live circus performance is definitely a part of the whole diverse package!


Fury Water Adventures

Fury Water Adventures is another option for more water time. It is a perfect place for families to enjoy the outdoors under the sultry sun. There are several family-friendly activities you can mix and match in Fury Water Adventures.

Let your kids feel the rush of the jet ski tour or ride a banana raft. If you want to go all-out, go parasailing or learn how to balance on a stand-up paddleboard. If your kids are fearless, let them try the waterslides while you paddle through the mangroves or enjoy boat rides and sightseeing. After, you and your family can relax by the beach and listen to some live island music. Fury Water Adventure is one of the best when it comes to water park adventure.


3. Florida Top Kid-Friendly Beaches and National Parks

Dry Tortugas National Park

In the Key West, lies one of the most unique national parks that offer one of the most incomparable adventures, the Dry Tortugas National Park. It is both a recreational and educational family vacation destination that exhibits voguish attractions and gigantic eye-catching structures.

Families can enjoy a day-out around the national park and visit Fort Jefferson, where the largest masonry structure in all the Western Hemisphere is located. Then, let your kids dive into the teal-blue water. It is a safe snorkeling and swimming spot for kids since the water is shallow and near the shore. After, educate your children at Junior Ranger Program so they can learn about history and nature.

At night, your family can enjoy camping on the island where the stars are flaunting their twinkling lights behind the boastful image of the moon. So, if you want an adventure away from the hustles and the bustles of the city, bring your kids to this cunning island and delve into the world of nature.


Kelly Park

Kelly Park is designed for entertainment for both adults and kids. It is a natural abode surrounded by hot springs and streams. There's nothing like the adrenaline your kids will feel inner tubing down the beautiful stream of Kelly Park. Additionally, your kids will love to explore and meet new friends at their theme playground.

Also, if you want to just enjoy a laid-back afternoon, your family can have a picnic around the park while enjoying the sights of Kelly Park's natural beauty. At night, visitors camp under the stars whilst roasting some marshmallows in their comfy socks.



As the name suggests, Clearwater Beach has the clearest water. The crystal clear water of this beach sparks like diamonds under the sun. It is a haven for families who would love to spend a day at the beach. Conveniently, if you're craving some seafood goodness, Pier 60 is just around downtown where restaurants fill every stomach with sinful indulging Mediterranean cuisines.

Additionally, your children can spend the whole building sandcastles while you sunbathe with your Pina Colada. Clearwater Beach offers one of the best family day-out in Florida. Hence, if you want to just simply bond and relax, rent a cabana and umbrella and put on those sunglasses, and enjoy Florida's most kid-friendly beach.


Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is best for a kind of family vacation away from big crowds and loud noises. If you want an actual island escapade, Anna Maria Island is the go-to destination. Your kids will fully appreciate the cunning appeal of white sand beaches and a beautiful sunset.

Additionally, Anna Maria Island has various restaurants to indulge in and shops for souvenirs. Your family can lounge by the shore all day and build sandcastles. After, maybe take a side trip to the Island Players Community Theatre and enjoy a film. If lounging is becoming too much, do a little bit of gallivanting on the water with kayaks, snorkels, boat tours, or paddleboards. The choice is yours. Anna Maria Island got the whole tropical experience package.


Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach

Prime beach time you say? Panama City Beach flaunts its beautiful shade of white sand and has all the convenience of the city while accentuating the beauty of its blue-hued beaches and calm shorelines. Panama City Beach is a long stretch of sandy beach surrounded by clear waters.

If you're tired of soaking under the sun, you can take a tour by boat and see the city from an ocean-side perspective. After, you can go shopping for some souvenirs at Pier Park and pamper yourself with some massages and good food. Here are 3 little-known tips to saving money on a beach vacation.


4. Best Wildlife Parks to go with Kids in Florida

Dolphin Connection

Dolphins are one of the attractions in Florida that allow kids and guests to interact and connect with marine mammals. At Dolphin Connection your kids will love to play with the cute and friendly dolphins while submerging in various water activities that will make your kid's hearts full.

The Dolphin Discovery is a water adventure wherein kids taller than 54 inches can hug, kiss, play, and get to know dolphins. They are taught how to care for these lovely creatures in the beautiful lagoon. Lastly, if your kids are six years old and above, you can register them to the Trainer for a Day. It is a three-hour program where kids are taught how to take care of mammals and have hands-on experience.


Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park Flamingos

Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park

Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park is one of the most ideal destinations if you want your kids to venture and learn how manatees act in their natural habitat. It is an underwater observatory where refuge animals are housed and cared for.

Also, your children will have the chance to see flamingos, bobcats, black bears, deers, otters, and other creatures you see in Pocahontas. This wildlife park also educates children about the whereabouts of their inhabitants through interactive hands-on activities.


Busch Gardens

If you want to uncover the secrets of Florida's Wildlife while experiencing one of the most thrilling rides of your life, visit Busch Gardens. It is another option for families who want to be entertained and educated at the same time.

Your kids will feel as if they're in Africa at Serengeti Park where African animals roam freely. This reserve takes care of thousands of endangered primates. Then, let your kids witness some of the most beautiful flowers in the world while getting to know the nature of some wild animals.



What could be more exciting to kids than seeing an alligator? Gatorland is an educational park that houses thousands of animals. Alligators, crocodiles, birds, and other reptiles are a few of the animals your kids will see in this adventure park.

Also, Gatorland will teach your kids about the state's iconic animals while learning about other creatures that habituate Gatorland. If your kids aren't afraid of heights, let them see Gatorland from a different perspective. Gatorland has a zipline of 1,200 feet high that passes through the swamps of gators. Lastly, if you're into a more thrilling experience, visit the park at night and watch the crocodiles watch you.


5. The Best Tours in Key West

Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum

To add a little bit of culture to your Florida getaway, visit the house of the Nobel Prize winner and world-renowned author Ernest Hemingway. Teach your kids the power of words. Let them flip through the pages of some old books and appreciate the life before technology.

The house is dominated by at least forty cats roaming around and greeting guests. Your kids can interact and play with their new furry friend while you browse through the gift shop. The guided tour is free; hence, it is one practical destination in Florida.


Old Town Trolley Tours Key West

Key West houses a lot of tourist attractions in Florida. It is quite convenient to explore on foot. But, if you are on a tight schedule or want to see all that there is, hop on an Old Town Trolley Tours and enjoy the ride.

The tours usually take you to twelve different sites such as Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, Southernmost Point, and Mallory Square. On top of that, you get a bargain of free coupons up to 50%, kids under twelve get to ride for free and free admission to Overseas Railroad Museum.


6. Family-Friendly State Parks in Florida

Florida Caverns State Park

Florida Caverns State Park

Another destination full of adventurous educational expeditions is Florida Caverns State Park. This abode will expand your kid's knowledge of geology. They will dive deeper to the core of the Earth. Your kid's questions about caves and their alluring geodes will be answered.

Your family can take a tour around the caves and explore their cunning wonders. Also, your kids will learn about stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, and other elements found in the caves. Nearby, after your tour, you can go to Chipola River or Blue Hole Spring to refresh, hike, and take a water stroll on a kayak.


John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is the first-ever undersea park in the United States. Its extravagant glass-bottom boats highlight the colors of the underworld. A three-hour tour accentuating the blissful and picturesque views under the sea.

Another family-adventure to venture in this topnotch underwater park is to go snorkeling and see in the flesh the famed statue of Christ of the Abyss. Then, let your kids explore the colorful reefs of the surrounding areas.


Blue Springs State Park

Blue Spring State Park is a large go-to destination if you want your family to bond with manatees. Manatees are the mermaids of the sea that come and rest in the vicinity of Blue Springs State Park's 2,600 acres from November to March.

Your kids can enjoy an afternoon slow-pacing around the area with snorkels, or dive deeper and go scuba diving. Also, you can camp, hike, cycle, around the luscious greenery of the park. Blue Springs State Park is sunny all year round; hence, you can go there whenever without having to worry about bad weather.


Sunken Gardens 

Sunken Gardens is a century-old garden that nurses some of the oldest tropical plants in Florida. Also, your kids will render the world pink upon seeing the magnificent color and stance of flamingos while a cascading waterfall fills the background. With over 50,000 different species of tropical plants and flowers and flamingos roaming around standing tall in their beautifully rendered feathers, seeing it in flesh will feel like a fairytale out of a Disney classic fairytale movie.


Florida Aquarium

Florida Aquarium is one of the places in the state that advocates preserving, appreciating, and discovering life under the sea. Your kids will have a blast in their camp programs and evening tide talks where they are taught about the ocean's behavior and the balance of its ecosystem. There are five different learning stations around Florida Aquarium.

They can also help release rehabilitated animals and teach your children the value and freedom and watch some turtles reproduce. Additionally, if you want to stay the night and see the underworld through the color spectrum of the moon, then you can register your kids to the sleepover program and let them spend the night in sleeping bags alongside fishes taking a nap.


Wonderworks Florida


Wonderworks work wonders in educating children with thrilling and fun activities. The building itself projects gilt-edge wonders with its upside-down facade. Your imaginative child will never leave this place upon entering. Wonderworks has Imagination Land intended for kids whose minds always wander outside the norms. Also, humor your kids a little and let them watch comedy science shows. Then, let them try the glow-in-the-dark ropes courses and relax at the 4D motion theatre after.


Enjoy Exploring These Activities for Kids in Florida 

The Sunshine State is one place on Earth where you can enjoy a family getaway whenever, wherever. Your kid's heart will be filled with joy and their minds instilled with knowledge after taking a long winding plunge in the tropical landscape of Florida. For additional tips on how to enjoy vacations with kids check out our article on Family Travel Secrets.


Have a wonderful day wherever you are and safe travels.




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