The Only Travel Diaper Bag I Never Knew I Needed

Years of travel can get you complacent about certain things—like your travel kit. It wasn't until I upgraded to a TernX travel diaper bag backpack that I realized how much my heavy-duty luggage is weighing me down.

Diaper bags are designed to provide comfort and confidence for traveling families. It's exceptionally good for long trips and a game-changer for new moms and dads who are concerned about balancing travel and the security of their kids.

In particular, the TernX diaper bag travel backpack made organizing our baby's items and supplies effortless throughout our travels. Thus, we're able to spend more energy looking after our kids and enjoying the trip ourselves.

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Travel Diaper Bag_TernX Clamshell Opening

TernX Travel Diaper Bag Backpack is Lightweight and Durable

TernX looks and feels like the perfect diaper bag, and we can chalk that up to its lightweight build and spotless design. At just under 2 lbs., it's barely there, and yet immediately gives off an impression that it's all you'll ever need.

It's also worth noting that it's made of an environmentally-friendly fabric using recycled PET polyester. This makes the surface of the bag stain-resistant and water-resistant.

If you're wondering why it's exceptionally lightweight and durable, that's because it's made from 71 carefully recycled plastic bottles. An impressive feat on its own! But more so if you take into account that it can hold up to 23L of baby essentials.


Adjustable and Comfortable Shoulder Straps Make it Easy to Breeze Through Airports

The adjustable shoulder straps of TernX diaper bag are just one of its convenience features, but it sure is notable given how it remains comfy even with frequent travels.

It does a good job of balancing weight on your shoulders so that you don't get burned out from simply walking around. And if you do, there's always the large quick grab handle to help you switch things up and still carry the entire bag with ease.


Travel Diaper Bag_TernX diaper Bbg with various compartments

Removable Internal Shelf for Versatile Packing

This great diaper bag also comes with an internal shelf to help group your stuff when necessary. From our travel experiences, this provides great versatility. For example, you can use the bottom half of the backpack to stash clothes, while the upper can be reserved for food, snacks and other miscellaneous.

Alternatively, you can remove the internal shelf and use storage cubes in the main compartment to better organize your stuff. The cubes or smaller compartments can be used to securely hold your baby's small toys, an extra supply of wipes, diapers and disinfectants among other travel essentials. It's the ultimate diaper bag for a reason!


Best Backpack for Air Travel with Clamshell Opening and Easy Access

Clamshell luggage and bags are excellent for traveling because it allow direct access to your stuff at any time. Plus, the design itself maximizes all the space in your luggage.

When flying, this is even more impactful since kids can be very unpredictable during this period. Therefore, you'd want to be able to quickly access your baby's essentials when the situation calls for it.

Travel Diaper Bag_Ternx Diaper Bag

Unisex Backpack for Both Mom and Dad

The TernX diaper bag backpack effortlessly looks stylish for both mom and dad thanks to its modern and sleek unisex design. Just the perfect baby shower gift!

All things considered, you can bring your diaper backpack to any location and not worry about looking out of place. It adapts to your personal style and preferences, including the way you carry it.


Travel Diaper Bag FAQ

Liking the great quality of the bag so far? Let's explore some common questions regularly asked by moms.


Can You Fly with a Diaper Bag?

Yes you can! Some airlines allow you to bring a diaper bag in addition to your carry on luggage whereas some airlines consider your diaper bag a carry on. So make sure you check with your airlines before flying. You can also read our blog where we wrote about carry on luggage size and requirements for the top 86 airlines.


Travel Diaper Bag_TernX Travel Essentials

How Do You Pack a Baby Diaper Bag for Travel?

One thing that we liked and yet might go underappreciated about the TernX travel diaper bag is its clamshell design. It makes organizing so much easier since you get more visibility and greater access to pretty much all compartments in a single stroke.

But if you want to make packing even more stress-free, we recommend making an all-important checklist including notable departure guidelines. Additionally, we also have more tips on diaper bag organization if you wish to go in depth.


Can You Take a Diaper Bag on a Plane for Free?

Some airlines allow you to bring a diaper bag on top of your carry-on luggage. Additionally, if you have a breast pump in your diaper bag, the bag will not count towards your carry-on luggage allowance since the nursing pump is considered a medical device.

For hassle-free travel, do take time to confirm the airlines' guidelines before making the trip.


Where Do You Put a Diaper Bag on a Plane?

If the carry-on or baby bag is within the allowed dimensions, airlines typically allow them in the overhead compartments. Otherwise, you can also keep the bag under your seat during the trip.


Can I Take Diapers and Wipes on a Plane?

Yes. You can store them in the TernX diaper clutch, or inside the zippered pocket of the diaper bag. For ease of access, we do recommend using the clutch for storing wipes and diapers since you can easily take the clutch or use the stroller straps for a hands-free approach.


Great Diaper Bag for Families Who Love to Travel

The TernX diaper bag holds well both as a travel and casual lightweight carrier. It's a credit to the bag's intuitive design that seamlessly blends function and style to perfection.

While we've thoroughly appreciated the convenience that TernX brings when we're flying or making cross-country trips, we would be remiss to not share how we're equally as impressed and comfortable taking the diaper bag to casual strolls and trips to the local park or mall.

So, if you're looking for dynamic, all-on-one solution for organizing your baby's essentials and personal items, we confidently recommend the TernX travel diaper bag for all your family travel needs and more.

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