11 Toddler Vacation Destinations for Your Next Family Fun

Couples who have recently welcomed a child sometimes get apprehensive about traveling with their toddler. They fall into a state of worry, become intimated and ultimately ignore their wanderlust altogether.

But parenthood should not be taken as a signal to hang up your suitcases or bin your expertly crafted itineraries. Vacationing with a young kid can lead to a lot of fun despite what others may say. Besides, it’s arguably a once in a lifetime experience since childhood is fleeting in many ways.

So, don’t hold out on your vacation plans just yet. In fact, why not take the opportunity to develop a sense of adventure in your little one? If you agree with us about embracing wanderlust as a family, then here are some toddler vacation destinations we handpicked to inspire your next trip. 

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Bahamas_ Toddler friendly vacation

Paradise Island, Bahamas

Everyone loves the Bahamas. Well, most everyone. But kids themselves have a lot to look forward to when visiting our generation’s most celebrated tropical haven. Particularly, Paradise Island.

Imagine what their first beach vacation would be like from a child’s perspective? It’s pure excitement, isn’t it? Everything seems brand new. Majestic, even. Now make it the Bahamas instead of a generic shoreline. It’s postcard-perfect.

Atlantis Paradise Island is one of the Bahamas’ prized hotels. It has stunning beaches, world class dining and a 14-acre Aquaventure water park inspired by its namesake underwater city. The latter of course is a certified family-friendly exhibit that will fuel your child’s love for discovery for years to come.


Why parents love it:

The beaches. The festivities. The food. The ultimate Caribbean experience. Parents will have no problems getting their own fill at Paradise Island. There’s something for everyone, every time.


Why kids love it:

The marine life exhibits and the seemingly infinite novelty of it all from a child’s perspective. It’s a destination that’s made to spark that sense of adventure, which arguably cannot be quelled. 


When to go: 

The best time to visit the Bahamas is also during its busiest from late November to April. It's also worth noting that the islands see particularly large crowds during the holidays and spring break.

If you would like to avoid the peak months, then June or July when the crowds are traditionally thinner. Just be wary that these months predate the hurricane season, so there’s always a chance of rain. But the weather should never be as unpredictable as that in August to October, the perfect months for budget travelers.


Best for:

Beach adventure! Great for various marine activities and year-round festivities.


Punta Mita_ Toddler friendly vacation

Punta Mita, Mexico

Punta Mita boasts activities for families all year round. There are day cruises, zip lines, popular surfing spots and a nice little beach town for shopping and dining.


Why parents love it:

The idyllic Punta Mita has a relaxing atmosphere that is conducive to mental and emotional breaks. And once you’re re-energised, the nightlife isn’t too bad either.


Why kids love it:

There are a lot of activities for kids in Punta Mita and most of these lead them to new experiences or learning new skills. There are also plenty of vibrant sights and sounds around the beach, which is perfect for families who fancy exploration rather than energy-burning activities.


When to go: 

The activities are year-round, but the dry season during November through June are the best months to enjoy the warm weather.


Best for:

Recreational family activities, shopping and dining and just a casual break from general routines.


Hawaii_ Toddler friendly vacation


Hawaii is another tropical destination that never goes out of style, even for families with young kids. In fact, The main four islands in Hawaii (Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island) all have their own memorable experiences to offer for the entire family.

If you have the equipment for it, there are also plenty of stroller friendly hiking trails in Hawaii. It's an activity that will allow parents to have just as much fun as the little kids while exploring the beautiful Hawaiian landscape.


Why parents love it:

Hawaii has a lot of stunning landscapes that are awe-inspiring even for adults. The abundance of family activities and references about the islands also save parents a lot of stress when planning the trip. Hawaii is generally safe and rich in culture, which may factor heavily for couples who are looking to immerse themselves and their child in the local lifestyle.


Why kids love it:

Beach fun and tons of wildlife encounters can make the Hawaii trip unforgettable. There's also the Aulani Disney Resort that will enable your family to explore local culture through a bit of Disney magic. The kids can also bond via Aunty's Beach House, the resort's kid's club.


When to go:

We love our visits from September to November when the weather is generally pleasant and there are fewer tourists. But the most comfortable weather normally hits around March to May just before the busy summer season.


Best for:

Nature-loving families will make the most of the trip for sure! Beach enthusiasts can also expect a lovely stay at almost any time of the year. On balance, there are plenty of things to do in Hawaii both inland and at sea for the whole family.


Costa Rica_ Toddler friendly vacation

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an exciting destination for families who are looking to enjoy the balance between food and dining, cultural immersion, and wildlife experiences.  It's immensely appealing for parents who want to introduce their toddlers to the wonders of nature while having the option to easily retreat to the comforts of family-friendly accommodations and amenities after a day of immersion.


Why Parents Love It:

Costa Rica has plenty of family-friendly resorts and hotels. This means child services and kid-friendly meals will never be a problem during the stay. Additionally, it’s one of the safest and most diverse destinations in South America. Locals are also known to be very accommodating and friendly to visiting tourists.


Why kids love it:

Aside from beautiful beaches, Costa Rica offers exciting wildlife experiences for the family. The children will get revel at the opportunity to see tropical terrains and baby animals will exploring local sanctuaries and zoos.


When to go:

The dry season that runs from April to December is indisputably the best time to visit Costa Rica, since the weather during these months is relatively stable and warm throughout.


Best for:

Families who love to explore the natural environment will find Costa Rica to be an ideal destination to discover South American wildlife.


Singapore_ Toddler friendly vacation


Singapore is known for being one of the safest and cleanest cities in the world, and perhaps the most charming urban destination in Asia.


Why parents love it:

Dining and shopping! But aside from that, adults love the efficient public transportation in Singapore, which makes it easier to get around even with a toddler in tow.


Why kids love it:

There are interactive playground and family attractions everywhere. From malls to hotels and so on. Aside from these fun and interactive activities, Singapore also has a lot of outdoor spaces and entertainment options for kids of all ages.


When to go:

Singapore has a tropical climate that seems most comfortable from February to April, although the activities are truly all year round. But if your main focus is sight-seeing and shopping, then the summer and dry months are of top priority.


Best for:

We find Singapore best suited for families looking for a modern and safe destination with a wide range of family-friendly attractions and amenities.


Bali_ Toddler friendly vacation


Bali is one of the busiest tourist destinations on this list but the travel, logistics and planning can all be worth it if you put enough time to explore the island and its magnificent landscape. Additionally, Balinese culture is renowned for its warmth and hospitality, making it a welcoming vacation hub for families with toddlers.


Why parents love it:

Bali culture is often celebrated for its diversity. From temple visits to traditional dance performances and cultural workshops, Bali can provide a rich and educational experience for culture enthusiasts.


Why kids love it:

Interactive museums and indoor playgrounds are just some of the fun attractions that kids can enjoy in Bali. Depending on your rental location, beach walks and wildlife encounters can add another layer of excitement to.


When to go:

April to September offers a great window to visit Bali. These are the months when the location is generally dry, which gives way to more sightseeing and outdoor activities.


Best for:

Families seeking a tropical destination with a healthy mix of cultural experiences and outdoor activities will likely get the most out of their visit to Bali.


Australia_ Toddler friendly country


Australia is a family-friendly destination known for its safety and well-developed infrastructure, including world-class and easily accessible healthcare facilities. This is especially important for couples who are traveling with their toddlers since amenities don’t always come easy in foreign destinations.

In terms of attractions, Australia is known for its heritage sites and theme parks, giving visitors plenty of opportunities to embrace local culture, encounter wildlife and make unforgettable experiences together. There's also practically a national park to explore in in every region.


Why parents love it:

From the Great Barrier Reef to the Outback, Australia boasts stunning natural landscapes and wonders that even parents look forward to exploring with their young ones.


Why kids love it:

Australia is also known for educational experiences that help kids learn about nature, conservation and indigenous culture in a fun and engaging way. Toddlers will also enjoy many firsts when visiting the country since they’ll have first-hand exposure to many different terrains, urban settings and wildlife that are all staples of Aussie experience.


When to go:

Timing largely depends on the region you want to visit as well the activities you want to try with the family. 


Best for:

It’s best for everyone. But especially for families looking for diverse outdoor adventures without being too far removed from the comforts of family-friendly accommodations and amenities.

Thaildng_ Toddler friendly country


Thailand is one of Asia’s prime destinations thanks to its rich cultural heritage, delicious cuisines and awe-inspiring landscape. It’s also one of the better places to visit for family vacations since the country is fairly developed even in rural areas.

You can also go for a more introspective experience by simply enjoying the views and luxuries afforded by resorts and beach house rentals. Depending on your preferences, you’ll find many ways to explore Thailand alongside your toddler.


Why parents love it:

Restocking essentials is relatively easy in Thailand’s most popular tourist spots. Plus, Thai cuisine is always worth exploring. Additionally, Thailand has diverse cultural footprints, which parents may love even more if they plan to introduce kids to different cultures and traditions.


Why kids love it:

If they get a vote for food, it won’t be a surprise if they love it, too. But generally speaking, kids should enjoy plenty of kid-friendly attractions and colorful festivals when visiting Thailand. The outdoor activities, should your kid meet the requirements, will also cultivate many good memories and interactions for the entire family.


When to go:

The dry season from November to April is the best time to visit Thailand, when you’ll have a comfortable climate that will keep you and your toddler comfortable throughout the trip.


Best for:

An excellent destination to explore culture, food and the outdoors. It’s also one of the more cost-efficient places to visit on this list since Thai accommodation, food and amenities tend to be very affordable and practical.


Maldives_ Toddler friendly country


Travelling to Maldives can be a long and arduous journey depending on where you’re departing from. So, lots of planning to be had! But once you arrive, you are immediately rewarded with a tranquil and beautiful space that has plenty of kid-friendly accommodations and packages.


Why parents love it:

Plenty of ways to have a good time. You can join marine activities or simply retreat to the beach and resort amenities—or do both. Why not? But kidding aside, Maldives packages often paint a picture of a relaxing and worry-free family vacation. You don’t have to overburden yourself to enjoy the moment. Just being there is an experience on its own. And many parents will appreciate that on a personal level.


Why kids love it:

The vibe! Toddlers don’t have any clue what vibe means to them, but they’ll surely love the vibrant colors of Maldives and its pristine atmosphere. Most resorts also have a kid's club, which can make the experience richer and more memorable for your child.


When to go:

The dry season typically runs from November through April. It gets busy towards the latter half of that and during the holidays, but Maldives is just simply better and more comforting when the weather is warm.


Best for:

Families seeking a luxurious and tranquil beach getaway with their young kids. But surely, anyone who values privacy and world-class accommodations will appreciate the immersive and exclusive experiences Maldives has to offer.


Punta Cana_ Toddler friendly country

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is primed with numerous family-friendly resorts that offer amenities tailored to families with young children. Therefore, staying at a resort will likely lead you to a path with the least stress and unpredictability, and more family fun.

For example, you’ll most definitely have access to kid's clubs, babysitting services and activities suitable for toddlers. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to have a galvanizing time with your kids and still sneak in some nightlife in the process.


Why parents love it:

Beautiful beaches. Idyllic town setting. Family-friendly resorts. And still, there’s more to love about Punta Cana. We haven’t even talked about marine activities yet. Simply put, it’s a dreamy tropical destination for a reason, and most couples have a thing or two for that particular setting.


Why kids love it:

There are lots of activities to be had both indoors and outdoors. A complete family vacation in every sense.


When to go:

December to April is the sweet spot for visiting Punta Cana. It’s in line with the dry season, which unlocks many outdoor and beach activities that otherwise would be interrupted by random rainfall during low season.


Best for:

Families with toddlers who are seeking a memorable, relaxing beach vacation. Perfect place to unwind and introduce your little one to the arresting appeal of tropical beaches.


Playa Paraiso_ Toddler friendly country

Playa Paraiso

The luxury Iberostar hotel selections in Playa Paraiso are practically made for families. Children age 12 and under stay free and there’s a kids club to keep those aged 4 to 12, where your children can bond with other toddlers and older kids. There are also plenty of things to do in land and by the sea for the rest of the family, from diving to riding a hot dog boat and more.


Why parents love it:

It’s not as crowded as most island destinations, making it generally peaceful for the entire family. Getting to Playa Paraiso has also become easier via Cancun, which is served by all major international airlines. Then, of course, diving.


Why kids love it:

There are many kid-friendly activities that give kids a whole new experience and perspective. If not, the fine sands of Playa Paraiso are their new stomping grounds.


When to go:

The weather is sunny and most pleasant from late December to April, so that for us is the most convenient period to take children with you. More importantly, the clear skies mean outdoor and marine activities are all on the table, including activities for both adults and the entire family.


Best for:

Beach lovers. Especially those who are looking for a bit of privacy during their vacation.


What country is Best to Visit with a Toddler?

European cities and other modern hubs like Singapore are excellent destinations for a worry-free and comfortable trip for the family. Australia and the US, meanwhile, have plenty of National Parks for tourists to explore. The US is also prominent for amusement parks like the San Diego Zoo and Walt Disney World Resort if you're looking to add variety to your toddler vacations.

If you’re a little more adventurous, then tropical beaches are simply hard to pass up during the summer. It takes a little more effort, but all the hard work immediately pays off once you see your toddler experience their first sunset by the beach.


What is the Best Age to Travel with a Toddler Overseas?

According to an expert, the ideal age for flying with kids is when they are between 3 to 9 months old, and any time after ages 2 or 3. The biggest no-no according to Dr. Mark Waltzman, assistant professor in pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and pediatric emergency room physician at Boston Children’s Hospital, is to travel with an infant since children are most vulnerable at this age.


Is it Okay to Travel with a 2 Year Old?

Yes, it’s okay to travel with a toddler, especially potty trained kids, although challenges can vary depending on where they are in their development. But preparation for toddler vacations will definitely make the trip better.

So, get your prep underway ahead of time. Check flight guidelines and local restrictions, if any, on the amenities and places you wish to visit. The timing of the flight also plays a factor, since interrupting a resting toddler will only invite chaos, and so on and so forth.


Is International Travel with a Toddler Worth it?

Yes! The little things that they experience during these excursions can mean a lot to their development and to your relationship with them. Plus, the stories, photos and memories you get to share together will always be priceless.

We love our early overseas trips with our kids, and while we initially had our own doubts if we can pull the first one off, we’re happy to share that careful preparation did so much for our family vacations. You learn more each time, and the experience, though vastly different, gets easier with every new destination we manage to unlock.

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