Top 10 Instagram Worthy Aussie Bucket List Destinations

Exploring the superlative destinations of the Southern Hemisphere is a year-round series of sun, rain, and a lot of wine-tasting socials. Australia's cunning outback exudes voguish landforms so vast it could almost feel menacing while the coastline is the turf for surf and laidback pina colada lifestyle that will make you just want to sunbathe your day away.

Even the hustles and the bustles in Sydney can't top the city's nightlife and rooftop dine-ins, on top of that Sydney Opera House brings a different kind of luxurious entertainment. If you love sports Melbourne is the place to go as the sporting capital city. Australia dwells between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, a place where the sky meets the towering outback landforms and the ocean aligns waves so perfectly it's dumbfounding.

Australia's bucket list destinations are like no other. Sporadically explore the shoreline and don't be surprised if a joey comes running at you. So pack your bags, book that ticket, read up on the best-ever tips for traveling with babies and why you should travel with your kids, and unleash your family's wanderlust!


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Time to Get Snap Happy


Lucky Bay and Wharton

Lucky Bay Wharton

Start with a little lethargic experience in Western Australia and spend days under a rainbow umbrella sipping some freshly squeezed juice or dip your toes in the comforting waters of Lucky Bay. Sporadically explore the shoreline and don't be surprised if some joey comes running at you. Apart from its vast white sands and tropical flares, Lucky Bay's curving coastline is a perfect walk by the beach experience with your family.

Lucky Bay is a child-friendly Australian bucket list destination that you must cross off this year. Hanging out with kangaroos by the shore with a view of the blending hues of blues of the water and the subtle sky palettes divided by the lush beach grass greens; hours just disappear.

Meanwhile, in Wharton Beach, lies the most luminous water there is, or at least in Australia. Take a plunge or ride a wave in Wharton or walk around barefoot with your sun kissed face. Kids can paddle around the nearby shore or learn how to surf the friendly waves.

Wharton beach is a coastal abode with both the adrenaline of surfing and the relaxing beach-vibe atmosphere. If you are looking for feeling in being two places at once, head down to Esperance. It is one of the best places to visit on the West Coast.


Majestic Uluru

Uluru Ayers Rock

Right on top of the Aussie bucket list is going to the outback and look at the gigantic rock formation colored in fiery tones of terracotta red and rusty orange palettes. It is indeed something alluring to have a glimpse. Incredible how the scenery exudes the rich culture of its indigenous dwellers. Uluru's mystical facade and inviting nature are some of Australia's beloved pearls.

If you want something radical for your kids, camping in the middle of this massive structure under the clear bright sky filled with distant stars is a magical experience for your little ones. Top it with some marshmallows, hot cocoa, and some soft soothing blanket is one bucket list item you and your family need to experience.

Africa may have one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, Uluru comes in strong flaunting a sunset radiating a pure magic fleeting entertainment. The fiery rock amalgamated with nature's constant cycle strikes a superb sunset exhibit.

Uluru is an Ancient place with so many stories to tell its visitors. Uluru Base Walk is something your family will enjoy while getting to know the fantastical rock stationed in the middle of a far-reaching horizontal landmass.

Wake up in Uluru and hop on the camel tour just after the sun rises, then, take your little ones touring water holes in Kata Tjuta or walk the Walpa Gorge. So many things to do in Uluru and so many other parks to explore in Australia that offer the same level of beauty and radiance. Karijini National Park, Daintree National Park, Freycinet National Park to Cradle Mountain, you and your family will never run out of places to go, sceneries to see, and beaches to plunge.


Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park

Kakadu is an untouched grace oozing with the lustrous colors of nature, the arcane image of its hovering rocks, and the enticing sparkling river water. 240 kilometers east of Darwin, is the tropical northern hemisphere of Australia's richest terrain of wetlands, sandstones, thousands of plant species, spirited wildlife, and a threading river. Kakadu encompasses a wide ecosystem living harmoniously in good balance.

If your little ones love the tales of the jungle, Kakadu National Park is one place you can quench your kid's jungle book imagination. Aside from being rich in nature, the culture in Kakadu is ancient and thriving. All over the place is an exhibit of Aboriginal rock painting depicting the one-of-a-kind history that took place in that archival homestead.

Nourlangie, Nanguluwur, and Ubirr are some of the prehistoric tracks in Kakadu National Park which can be viewed on site. A day trip may be a little short to explore this magical abode, so a three-day tour in a historical place threaded by a river is the best way to go.

Flow on the river all the way to Maguk Falls and Gunlom Falls and dive into a pool of clear blue river water, you can almost see clearly what's underneath. Yellow Water Cruises is wildlife entertainment for kids. Touring around the river in broad daylight exhibits various species of plants and wildlife doing their daily mundane wildlife routine. An incredible experience for the family while reconnecting with nature and its extravagant beauty.

The cherry on top of this cunning bucket list destination is looking at a sunset striking the beautiful landscape of Nawurlandja Lookout turning the gray ancient rocks into a dazzling red structure as the moon slowly reveals itself into the night.


Pretty in Pink Hutt Lagoon

Hutt Lagoon

On a cloudless sunny day, Hutt Lagoon exudes a sight like nowhere else in the world. The breathtaking vividly colored in various tones and shades of pink makes it a camera-worthy snap with your little ones. If you have a little girl whose imagination revolves around fairytales, flowers, and dazzling gowns, Pink Lake is a pink dream come true for every little princess out there.

Pink Lake is a five-hour drive from Perth stationed between Perth and Exmouth. A chance for a road trip for your whole family if you are visiting the astonishing city of Perth. Pink Lagoon is one side trip to cross off your ultimate Aussie bucket list after you wander the rustic streets in Perth or its massive local markets from everywhere.

If you're are wondering why, or how is it pink, the answer is in the algae that bloom in the lake producing an immense amount of saline water. Given that this is a natural phenomenon that occurs only during the blooming season of the algae, it's not a year-round destination spot. So, if you are planning to go on a dreamy adventure with your kids, check the blooming cycle of the algae and come in right on time.


Wine Tasting in Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley Wines

Just in case you booked a time-off family duties and decided to go on a mini-social getaway, Yarra Valley hosts one of the most fanciful wine-tasting experiences you can have in Australia. Yarra Valley is a wine region with over 300 wineries with specialties in sparkling varieties and pinot noir.

The artisan wine crafted in this region goes in the cellar after cellar, door after door of wine delicacies. While wineries are everywhere giving you sip after sip of well-crafted wines, free tastings of dairy, chocolates, and brewery will cleanse your palate. The rustic appeal and the boundless grape plantation in Yarra Valley oozes an ideal getaway to unwind before going back to your daily routine.


Coastal Dream in Byron Bay

Byron Bay

Byron Bay is a coastal town living in a tropical dream with palettes of ocean blues, rustic white, and yellow flowers on the road. Byron Bay is a bucket list destination for vegans and vegetarians. The contrast of its calming stretch of the shoreline and the lustrous atmosphere of its rainforest radiates a sultry ambiance.

Apart from its magnetic coastal facade, rolling green hills houses picture villages where families can stroll on a sunny afternoon. While on the other side of the town resides a rich rainforest filled with exotic lives and waterfalls that flows soothing cold water. The town of Bangalow is a perfect spot for a lunch and roam around local boutique shops for some takeaways. Then, to end the day, you can head out to Bexhill Quarry and plunge your feet into the aqua blue pool will make it all worth the road trip. Take note that the water's pH level is not recommended for swimming; hence, only your feet are allowed to dive in.


Top Cafe's in Byron Bay 

  • Folk Café
  • Pressed Pantry
  • Combi
  • Bay Leaf
  • The Farm
  • The Top Shop
  • The General Store

The town practices a sustainable economy and a lot of local BnBs offer amenities and services like no hotels can deliver.


Top AirBnBs in Byron Bay 

  • Bask and Stow
  • Elements
  • The Bower
  • The Atlantic
  • Raes on Wategos
  • Byron Beach Abodes

Byron Bay, as part of the lifeblood coastal town, surfing is always present. Surfing in Byron Bay is another kind of experience your kids can try while in town. Byron Bay is an ideal surf spot for beginners to learn. With its beginner-friendly waves and top-notch surfing instructors, your little ones might catch their first wave at Byron Bay.


Byron Bay Water Activities 

  • Visit Hippi Mecca Nimbin
  • Sea Kayaking in Open Water
  • Go to the Easterly Point and Have a Sight of the Cape Byron Lighthouse
  • Tandem Skydive
  • Sail the Waters and Go Deck Whale Watching
  • Go Scuba Diving with PADI
  • Snorkel With Turtles
  • Checkout Broken Head Nature Reserve
  • Go Shopping During the Weekend Market

Byron Bay has diverse packages that can cater to families. It is one of the best places to visit when you're in Australia with so many leisure things to do, healthy cafes to choose from, and excellent local AirBnB services.


Paradise Moreton Island

Moreton Island

Moreton Island is situated on the Queensland Coast seventy-five-minute ferry boat away from Brisbane. Moreton is a dreamy luscious island swarming with vigorous wildlife, cunning coastal shores, and an untouched nature oozing with rich and vivid colors.

In this piece of paradise, the Tangalooma shipwreck is a must-see for every diver. On the brighter note, if you want to see it on top view, a helicopter ride around Moreton Island will make your family vacation even more exciting. Apart from its luxurious offers, dolphin feeding and camping are highly encouraged on the island. Just bring your tents, your smiles, and a fun mood!


Charming Arnhem Land

Arnhem Land

Within the Northern Territory of Australia, Arnhem Land lies with its inviting quaint city filled with historical landmarks, brick and stone houses, and sloping brick alleys. Arnhem Land is a protected indigenous land making it quite hard to enter. You can't spontaneously enter the land of Arnhem without a permit which takes about ten days to complete.

Give it at least ten days before you book your Arnhem Land getaway with your family and be one of the few to have a glimpse of their ancient Aboriginal culture, rich nature, pristine shorelines, and immense tropical bush that envelopes this ancient land.

Going for a trip in Arnhem Land is an ideal road-trip long stop for Turtle Beach and Maccassan Beach awaits you and your family to dive in. Little Bondi Beach on the Gove Peninsula is also worth the trip. Then, head to Bawaka and fall in love with its people and vibe.

A trip to Arnhem Land requires an adventurous soul. having this trip with your family may not be ideal if you have a baby or a toddler on board. But, if you are traveling with some restless seven-year-olds, Arnhem Land will be the road trip of a lifetime for your kids.


Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach

Another dreamy coastal location in Australia is the voguish coastal scape of Whitehaven Beach. There's no other blue in Australia that radiates the kind of blue Whitehaven Beach has. Contrasting with its white powdery sands, this shoreline destination can be another perfect tropical Australia bucket list you can check off your list.

You can take a catamaran with your family and sail away from the great barrier reef of Queensland. Enjoy the sights of the coral reef underneath the clear waters or relax by the shore with your family. Staying in the main beach area can be a bit crowded, so, if you want to enjoy a view with a few people to share it with, head to Hill Inlet and look for Betty's Beach. You can enjoy your tropical dreams with your family while savoring Whitsundays' stunning hidden gems. Betty's Beach is what exactly what paradise looks like.

If you take a seaplane over Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef, an incredible aerial view of Whitehaven Beach exudes a grotesque pattern only nature can create. The breath taking hues of marine blues and turquoise are showing off how the environment showcases its extravagant beauty in extravagant ways. Heart Reef is one of the painstakingly beautiful sights your eyes will see when on the seaplane. Top it off with some alluring flashing beauty of the sunset in Whitehaven beach and your thirst for beauty will be quenched.


Charms of Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon

Another majestic Australian ultimate bucket list is Kings Canyon. A towering mountain reflecting in the motionless waters is something you don't get to see every day. Kings Canyon is situated within the vicinity of Watarrka National Park which is located in the Northern Territory of Australia. If you came from Uluru, you can drive all the way to Kings Canyon. It is a six-hour fun drive with your family where you can head on to Alice Springs with just an extra hour and a half road trip.

If you didn't bring a car, a coach transfer is available to bring your family from one spot to another. The soaring sandstone wall that serves as a home to over 600 wildlife is what Kings Canyon an essential ecosystem.


Time to Get Snap Happy

Australia is a continent that has it all. Boundless outbacks, stretching shorelines, bluest waters, cultured urban hearth, and thriving Aboriginal history and culture. The Sydney Harbour, Great Ocean Raod, Blue Mountains, Rottnest Island are only a few worth mentioning. Australia is home to many wildlife and world heritage destinations worth a number in your ultimate bucket list.

It's time to plan that trip. Read up on The Ultimate Guide to Fun and Practical Kids Luggage and our guide to flying with a stroller. So pack your bags and round up the family and unleash your wanderlust.


Stay well, be well and stay social





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