10 Tips for Keeping Kids Safe When Traveling

Traveling with kids is all about fun and spontaneous encounters until well, kids become kids aka something goes wrong. Keeping your kids safe during your family vacation is crucial. Travel safety is a non-negotiable no matter how near or far your destination is. Young children are bound to do something drastic and surprising. Kids are by nature curious and fearless, they would do things that spark their minds especially when you embark on eye-opening trips that spark their curiosity. When traveling with kids, there will be some occurrences that might surprise you. As parents who love to go on an adventure with their children, having a safe mindful presence during your vacation will save you from all the hassle. It is always a good idea to be prepared for whatever might come your way so we made a list of tips to keep your kids safe when traveling.

Table of Contents

1. Safety Tattoos for Kids

2. Pack a Proofing Safety Kit

3. Disinfect to Prevent Stomach Bugs

4. Protection from Insects

5. Prevent Sunburn

6. Pack a Complete First-Aid Kit

7. Car Seat Safety

8. Ultra-Compact Luggage Stroller Hybrid

9. Pool and Water Safety

10. Keeping Kids Safe After Dark

Safety Tattoos for Kids

Safety contact ID tattoos for kids are great for taking the kids out and about without the worry of losing them in the crowd. These temporary non-toxic tattoos are customizable and easy to stick onto your kid's skin. You can print your name and your number on the tattoo and save your worry in case your child gets lost in the crowd. Safety tattoos are ideal and provide that extra assurance that you can be contacted in the event that your kids do get lost!

Another amazing benefit of these safety temporary tattoos for kids is you get to print special conditions of your kids' people should know about. You can print words like, "I have Autism", "Non-Verbal", "Epileptic", and Alert!- I am diabetic". Simple things like this can make a stressful situation a little bit better. So, for every parent who wants to keep their child safe at all costs, safety tattoos must be on your travel safety list.

Pack a Proofing Safety Kit

Baby proofing or kid proofing your hotel room as you arrive will make your home away from home safer. Hotel rooms will feel like you are within the comforts of your home if you know no sharp edges, loose cords, or any hazardous items that can potentially cause accidents. Having a proofing safety kit ready will help you avoid mishaps before they occur. For private short-term rental accommodation, keep an eye out for "danger zones" and signs like under the sinks, chemicals within the bathroom, and sharp objects in the pantry that must be addressed upon your arrival. Kids tend to grab medicines especially the ones that are colorful and tiny. So if you store medicines in your kit that can potentially harm your child, it is ideal to tape the edges.

Disinfect to Prevent Stomach Bugs

One of the most annoying things that ruin a vacation is a stomach bug! There you are enjoying your afternoon by the shores of Italy and your little one complains about a bad stomach. Wherever we are, there will be germs that can give your child's stomach an ache. To ensure they are armed against these germs, cleaning, sanitizing, or disinfecting the travel items your child often touches will keep stomach bugs away!

Even inside your hotel rooms, it is ideal to make sure everything is disinfected especially the ones that are often used or touched. Doorknob and remote control are the most common items inside the hotel room that are used all the time, thus, it is best to wipe them off as often as you can. Additionally, it is important not to let your child drink tap water and op for bottled water instead.

Protection from Insects

Insects can irritate your children's skin and cause severe reactions. Mosquitoes and other bugs thrive in tropical locations so it is always ideal to prepare for them before they become a problem during your vacation.

There are many insect repellent sprays and lotions you can arm your kids with that are pesticide-free and organic. Some even have calming and aromatic scents such as eucalyptus, soybean oil, cedar bark, peppermint, rosemary, and citronella. These scents are effective in keeping harmful bugs away from your kid's sensitive skin. Make sure to choose the one that is non-toxic and can repel various common bugs around. Our personal favorite for the kids are the bands such as Para Kito that can be worn around the wrist or ankle. These easy-to-adjust bands come with refillable diffusion pellets and have velcro fittings that work for both kids and grown-ups. Whether strolling through a forest or snoozing on a sunbed make sure your family are protected.

Prevent Sunburn

Although sunburns are normal body reactions when exposed to the sun for a prolonged amount of time without protection, they can harm your child and cause major discomfort. It is very likely for your whole family to bathe under the sun when on vacation, especially on a beach vacation. Your kids won't be able to resist the crystal waters of Florida or the fun pools on top of a cruise ship. So, to keep your child protected against the scorching heat of the sun, bring as much UPF 50+ rating lotion wherever you go and make sure your child gets enough of it. Rash guards are also best in keeping your child protected from the sun when hanging out by the sea.

Brim hats are also a must for kids and an effective travel item that will protect your child's face and neck from direct sunlight. Choose a bright color, it'll come in handy if you are in a pool of kids! If you and your little ones are planning on an adventure in a tropical country, sunscreen with strong SPF and brim hats will have your kids enjoying the outdoors all day whilst minimizing the chance of any sunburns.

Pack a Complete First-Aid Kit

There will be times that accidents happen despite all planning, prevention, and preparation. Children can get sick with the simplest encounters. Nausea and motion sickness are common during a flight or at sea. Some kids are also not equipped to eat any kind of food other than what they are used to eating. So, to remedy the problem as soon as possible, it pays to pack a complete first-aid kit and have it ready with you at all times. Some must-haves include:

  • For stomach pain relief - antacids

  • For fever - pain reliever for children

  • Benadryl - in case of allergy

  • Aloe vera or sunburn relief cream

  • Anti-itch spray or lotion in case of rash or bug bite

  • Travel First Aid Kit with antiseptic and bandages

Car Seat Safety

For safety reasons, car seats are required for families going on a road trip. Traveling was made a breeze when some airlines started to allow parents to bring car seats with them on the plane, and some even offered it for free! So, if your family travel plans involve long drives, car seats are a must to ensure the safety of your child.

Some car rental companies offer car seats or booster seats, while some don't. So, to avoid any hiccups of not having a car seat on arrival, it is best to either bring one along with you or book a car seat in advance. Depending on the age of your child and who is traveling with you, there are specific car seats for a specific age.

Apart from the convenience, if your airline allows you to have a car seat with you on the plane, it means your child can see better and you need not have to carry your child the whole flight. You will have the chance to sit, rest, and sleep properly while your little one does the same in his or her own seat. Another useful tip, to avoid any airport setbacks, check the airline's car seat guidelines.

Ultra-Compact Luggage Stroller Hybrid

Another factor that will make your family travel experience a breeze and safe is an ultra-compact luggage stroller hybrid that will get your child and his or her belongings from one place to another in one piece. The upcoming TernX Carry On is the world's first luggage stroller that meets international standards. The best luggage that converts into your everyday stroller. What could be more perfect than this? Having both in one compact travel item.

A stroller will give you room to rest your arms from carrying your bags, your kids' bags, and your kids. It is durable, easy to maneuver, and strategically sized to fit all airplane overhead bins! Designed with German polycarbonate and aerospace aluminium, the TernX Carry On is engineered to last. Hop on a bus, catch the train, jump in a taxi, cruise away on a ship, or fly to the other side of the world! it's ready to go from your very first step.

Pool and Water Safety

Water hazards are one of the most common injuries for kids who enjoy plunging into the pool. Water safety tricks are the key to keeping your kids away from hurting themselves. Beach resorts, hotel pools, and other entertainment areas where water is present can be quite dangerous for kids who are always on the loose. If your children enjoy playing around the pool with other kids, it is important to have them wear non-slip water shoes as it will significantly reduce the chances of your child slipping on a slippery floor.

Kids can get very excited when they see water and overestimate their swimming abilities. They and also underestimate the depth of the pool itself. If your child is learning how to swim please ensure they have floaties on to prevent any panic attacks just in case they are thrown off balance.

Additionally, if you are staying in a hotel where your kids can access the pool, never let them go by themselves. Some may try to sneak out and go by themselves, and it will be the last thing you would want to happen. So, make sure you set the rules and stick to them. Some resort pools do have lifeguards on duty and this is a bonus, but please keep in mind they have the whole pool to supervise and won't be keeping an eye on your little one all the time.

Keeping Kids Safe After Dark

Losing your kids in broad daylight can be less alarming than losing them after dark. It is scary for you and even scarier for kids! To make sure your kids are in plain sight or easy to spot in the dark, make them glow! Glow lights, glow necklaces, glow bracelets, or even flashlights will give your kids a little bit of security when in the dark and lost. You will also be able to spot them easily if you give them specific colors of glow lights to wear.

Dressing up your kids in bright colors is another smart way to make sure they are visible at night. Light-colored shirts, probably some neon hat, and a glowing pair of shoes will do. Additionally, reflective strips taped on their back are another trick that enhances their visibility at night.

Other Tips for Keeping Kids Safe

  • Before your long-awaited vacation, have your kids visit their pediatrician for the last time to ensure they are all good to take the trip.

  • You will need to bring your child's immunization card just in case you need them.

  • Check for a reliable doctor at your destination so you have someone ready just in case your child gets sick.

  • If you have a budget for travel insurance, you might want to consider buying one.

  • Make sure your kids' hands are clean before and after eating. Bring sanitizer anywhere you go.

  • When you are at your destination or just hanging out by the beach, point out dangerous areas to your kids and ask them never to go near them.

  • Choose bright and attractive clothing for your kids when traveling. It will be easier to see them when you are in the middle of New York Times Square.

  • Take a photo of your kids before you leave your hotel. It will come on handy just in case your child gets lost in the zoo. You will be able to have something to show the staff what your kid is wearing and what he/she looks like.

  • Make sure to remind your kids never to touch or come near a wild animal when you are exploring a zoo or a national park.

  • Follow rules and safety guidelines of national parks especially about bear safety and food security.

  • Arm your kids with safety gears when you go biking or doing something that might scrape or wound them.

  • Discuss the concept of "stranger danger" to your kids. It is important that your kids know the harm of talking or going with someone they don't know.

  • Teach your kids what to do when they get lost.

Traveling with your kids is a great way to improve your bond and have fun as a family. That is why you should travel with kids. We hope this article will give you a headstart in keeping your toddler safe during your family holiday. If you want to travel the world with your little ones, one thing that will give you the best experiences is knowing your loved ones are safe while having the time of your lives.

Stay well, be well and stay social