Why Compact Stroller for Travel is the Way to Go

Traveling with kids takes some planning and preparation. Sometimes, it can feel overwhelming thinking about all the things to pack with you, especially when it comes to fitting all your baby essentials in the suitcase. This is where compact strollers come in handy.

Compact travel strollers make it easy to travel, whether you're traveling by car or plane. The stroller folds small enough to fit within the carry-on restriction which is typically 115cm or 45 linear inches.

Having your stroller with you at all times offers a whole level of comfort and saves you time. You have the peace of mind of knowing your child and belongings are safe by your side at all times. Your compact travel stroller works well as an everyday stroller too.

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Why Choose a Compact Stroller?

Here are some of the reasons why switching to a compact stroller is a great option.

Takes Up Minimal Space

Traveling with kids often feels like you're packing the whole house with you. From carry-on bags to your check-in baggage, car seat, and strollers, often we do not have enough hands to manage the mountain of baggage.

But worry no more because getting a compact stroller takes up minimal space. It is smaller compared to the traditional strollers.

Storing your compact stroller is easy. Regardless of where you take it, it only takes up minimal space in the trunk of your car or your apartment.

Carry On Luggage Size and Fits in the Overhead Compartment of the Plane

Compact strollers are specifically made to be more lightweight. Manufacturers ensure that you are able to bring it on board the plane and have it with you at all times. The travel stroller fits within carry-on restrictions and stores in the overhead compartment easily. This will minimize your travel stroller from being mishandled and damaged while in transit.

Unfortunately, many parents who check in their strollers are unaware of this until they retrieve their stroller at baggage claim. Some don't even realize their strollers are damaged until arriving at the hotel.

In addition to that, you don't have to worry about your travel stroller being lost along the way from checking in your stroller.

At many airports, especially whilst traveling internationally, even after you gate check your stroller, you will have to retrieve your stroller at baggage claim, sometimes at the oversize carousel. On a side note, an umbrella stroller will never be allowed on board and always need to be gate checked or checked in.

If you have connecting domestic flights, more than likely you will have to pick up your luggage and clear customs before getting on your international flight. In this instance, there is a possibility of missing your flight from all the waiting as oversize baggage is often the last to be delivered.

The best thing is when you have your compact stroller with you, there's no need to wait at baggage claim with your tired kids.

Mom disembarking plane with TernX Carry On luggage stroller 

Lightweight and Easy to Lift In and Out of Car

If you are an on-the-go mom, getting a lightweight stroller that is easy to carry around can be a lifesaver. You can easily lift your compact stroller in and out of the car as required without any hassle.


Travel Stroller Available When Needed

When you have your travel stroller with you as carry on, you are able to use it during transit or layovers. This can save you from getting a sore back and sore arms from carrying your baby for long periods of time.

Bringing your travel stroller with you also gives your child a familiar environment to nap in when needed. The stroller seat reclines to provide a comfortable space and a smooth ride for your child. Little convenience like this makes traveling with little ones just that bit easier.

Perfect City Stroller for Crowded Area

A compact stroller allows you to easily navigate busy streets and tight spaces. Your little one can enjoy the view when you roam around the city. Also, it is easier to get on and off busy trains or subways when you have a compact stroller.


Features to Look For in a Compact Stroller


The size of compact strollers is smaller compared to traditional strollers in order to fit within carry-on restrictions. They won't have all the bells and whistles of a traditional stroller but they still provide enough space for your baby to relax and seat comfortably.

There are also compact umbrella strollers available on the market but do bear in mind that due to the fold, umbrella strollers are often long even after they are collapsed, so most airlines do not allow them to be brought onto the plane.
Even though compact strollers are small, you can get some that are car seat compatible.

Storage Basket

In case you are planning to get a compact stroller, expect the storage basket space to be compromised. This is because the purpose of a compact stroller is to be small and take up the least amount of space. Hence, the fold of the stroller takes up the space of the storage basket.

Saying that there are travel strollers that offer great storage space for your baby's essentials.

Additional Storage Space

Traveling with kids often means bringing more stuff than usual. Think diaper bag, comforter, and toys. Choosing a compact stroller with additional storage is always a great idea especially when you're traveling.

To date, only the TernX carry on stroller that offers a separate storage area for your belongings. All your storage remains in the luggage even when the stroller is collapsed.

Reclining Seat

Choosing a stroller with a reclining seat allows your little one to sleep comfortably whenever they need to nap. On another note, you can also find travel strollers that offer an upright position which gives your curious one a great view whenever they are awake.

Safety Features

When your baby is securely fastened in their seat stroller using a 5-point harness, it will provide you with a sense of assurance no matter where you are. This is one of the top safety features necessary to look for. There are ride on suitcases in the market today that provides convenience for parents but not safety for the child.

Furthermore, having brakes on your device is a must. This gives you the opportunity to stop the stroller whenever needed. Unfortunately, ride on suitcases do not come with these simple features. So from our point of view, they are not the safest choice.

Sun Canopy

The size of the sun canopy is an important factor to consider when you purchase your travel stroller. This is because many parents prefer to travel in warmer weather with their little ones. So having the ability to protect your baby against the hot sun is desirable.

A large sun canopy also provides privacy and screening whenever your baby is asleep in the seat. All in all, an important feature of a travel stroller.

Lightweight suitcase stroller best stroller for flying with large UPF 50+ Canopy

TernX Carry On: Best Compact Stroller to Travel With

The TernX Carry On is a carry on luggage that transforms into a stroller in seconds. It complies with carry on size recommendations for the majority of the airlines, which is a maximum size of 115 centimeters or 45 linear inches.

This lightweight travel stroller offers a separate storage compartment that can be accessed anytime, even in stroller mode, which gives you about 18L of room to store your baby essentials. It also offers a decent size storage basket.

This travel stroller offers two seating positions, an upright mode for when your child is awake and curious, and a recline position for nap time.

Additionally, the TernX Carry On has safety features like a five-point harness with shoulder strap and brakes which ensure that your little one is safe and secured while using this compact stroller. It has also been rigorously tested and meets multiple international stroller standards.

This gives you peace of mind that TernX puts safety first.

TernX the best stroller for flying 

Is a Compact Stroller Better Than a Ride On Suitcase?

Yes, a compact stroller is definitely a better choice than a ride-on suitcase. A compact travel stroller is useful particularly when your little one is tired. They can have a nap while being pushed in the stroller.

You can also secure your baby with a five-point harness while the ride-on suitcases do not offer this type of security strap.

Many parents also end up needing to carry the ride-on suitcase around because their little one is tired from flying and not interested in riding on the suitcase. This then becomes an additional item you will have to be in charge of during your trip. Not ideal, especially when traveling with littlies.


Are Ride On Suitcases Allowed on Planes?

Yes, ride on suitcases are allowed on planes as long as they comply with carry-on restrictions. Make sure you check your airline's policy prior to flying.

To save you time from searching the web, we have created a summary of 86 airlines' carry on size requirements. Read here.

Bring a Compact Stroller to Simplify Your Travel

TernX is on a mission to simplify travel. With the Ternx Carry On, you get a carry on luggage that turns into a stroller in a matter of seconds. A 2 in 1 multi-use product that can be brought onto the plane as carry on and fits within the overhead compartment.

Say goodbye to mountains of bags and damaged strollers from checking in your stroller. Equip yourself with a compact stroller for travel and jet off with your loved ones.

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